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If you like extreme lasers and incredibly high voltages in a convenient short video format, this is the channel for you! This is where I'll be posting my short clips and smaller projects that never made it into a full video on my main channel.


0:09eating a cookie cooled to -196 °C
eating a cookie cooled to -196 °C意见 53K19 小时 前
0:23have you ever seen a yellow laser?
0:28look at my cool luna moth
look at my cool luna moth意见 275K7 天 前
0:26high energy helical xenon lamp
high energy helical xenon lamp意见 376K14 天 前
0:31magic super absorbent polymer
0:23100,000 volt fire extinguisher
100,000 volt fire extinguisher意见 710K14 天 前
0:37when insulators become conductors
0:33peanut butter glows in the dark!?
0:25ferrofluid and electromagnets
ferrofluid and electromagnets意见 304K21 天 前
0:25car parts can be used to make this??
0:25have you ever seen a cyan laser?
0:32this lamp makes you colorblind
0:23what does a million volts look like?
0:39Is it the volts or amps that kill?
0:15which laser is the strongest? #shorts


  • D Find the word that I think

  • This dude looking nefarious. Like an electric Vampire.

  • imagine getting burned in the eye with that laser

  • Diapers have this in them i believe

  • Is the joke that you gave him a 86 dollar bill since it Doesn’t exist

  • How MTW Dew is made

  • Where can I buy one?

  • Nice light saber you got

  • When you don't say "pretty cool, right?" I don't know the video has ended

  • hi jordie elnino. what are you doing on youtube?

  • Yo u finna look like my friend here

  • Pink

  • The meow

  • CGI looking flames

  • My man has an invisible lightsaber

  • Why no one put this in electronics

  • 0:04 POV you are the chicken with peanut sauce I had a short while ago at a Vietnamese restaurant

  • Who else thought light saber

  • Put your hand in the invisible one

  • can you give me a lasers

  • SNO2

  • Its so funny even the electrons laugh

  • Me before:😊is not hurt us Me now:😞is going to hurt us

  • Im actually colourblind and knew every colour


  • could i can buy ur invicible for 50k dollars

  • I love you but I’m so very much mad at you.


  • What happens when you take it out? Does it turn back yellow or does it stay green?

  • I guessed the red one though, at least I was visibly correct

  • That cookie is pretty cool.

  • Preti cool right Yes

  • This is what they use to make that fake show in fake winter now

  • Me belike every day😅

  • I've seen this lamp used for an experimental photo exhibition where you were given a flashlight to reveal the colors on the otherwise monochromatic yellow images

  • This mans electricity bill is gunna be six figures

  • Because yellow is average wavelength of the bandwidth of visible light? 5550 Ä?

  • Sponge

  • Nah this thing just has a yellow kyber crystal


  • Best trick question ever

  • Pretty cooool right

  • Cameraman: main i.mnot die Me: ...

  • The movement of electricity in spiral shape tube is lit.

  • u didnt show that laser though

  • That is... dangerous hope u be careful!

  • Me: if I see that I'm taking out my channeling trident

  • Ayo, how many amps tho?

  • Why do these look familiar..? *visits memory archive* OH YEAH

  • These are the best shorts on all of youtube. Never rang the bell faster

  • It's look like Rick and Morty when Rick shoot the teleport

  • He forgor to say pretty cool, right?

  • Oh my god so cool

  • can lasers burn ur pp

  • Take a shower…

  • Have you showed a girl!

  • Okay I like this

  • You sound like a damn special

  • Your teeth bro

  • Where do I get one

  • Kind of looks like a small symbiote

  • Aquamarine is my favorite color and this color kinda reminds me of it hmmmm I wonder YO AMAZON HERE I COME

  • And some say to this day that he is still doing my math homework

  • is it possible for laser to be short and not extend like lightsabers

  • ARE YOU JUST GOING TO SKIP OVER THE STREAM OF ELECTRICITY GOING THROUGH A GLASS SPIRAL??? Is there a long version of that? That’s the coolest shit I’ve ever seen.

  • Why does this looks like it was taken back on 2007

  • this laser have 50 fps 2 fossil cells 8 turbines 100 kilagrams and a metal from the city in africa from a man named charles hutson) that’s what you sound like bro

  • Why does it siund like afton screaming in fnafucn's old man consequences ending

  • Light saber but laser

  • Why do you look so scary

  • mathematician here, you didn't need to state that it's cookie time. it's a given because in our reality it is always cookie time. like, g = -9.81 m/s² and it's cookie time. these are things we always know

  • I want that

  • Cool air to a liquid state and see if your lungs can respire by inhaling the liquid air

  • Does it hurt humans

  • I have that invisible laser beam

  • You can actually kinda see which colors the markers are by seeing how dark it is. So the marker which is darker has like a more blue, green, or violet spectrum