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Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism.

We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.

Currently we make one animation video per month. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get notified when a new one comes out.


- We do the videos with After Effects and Illustrator.


15:50Can YOU Fix Climate Change?
Can YOU Fix Climate Change?意见 8M个月 前
12:48How To Terraform Venus (Quickly)
12:15What If You Fall into a Black Hole?
10:40Worst Nuclear Accidents in History
8:41What if We Nuke the Moon?
What if We Nuke the Moon?意见 13M10 个月 前
13:58Can You Upload Your Mind & Live Forever?
1:24The 12,021 Human Era Calendar


  • Loving the dalek as a type 3 civilization

  • could we store information like black holes do or in a simular way or is that inpossible? like instead of a hard drive its like a mini black hole

  • Hitler: ahh yes in my next life I will not shoo- myself and do this

  • When *Thanos* found this video AVENGERS ENDGAME + INFINITY WAR were shooted ...

  • Would love an update video covering the UK's attempt to build one.

  • Distrust for the government isn't in and of itself unhealthy. Its actually necessary for a free society to preserve itself. These conspiracy theories prove to ultimately undermine this healthy distrust by reducing the credibility of skeptics as a whole.

  • True, I guess condoms are unique to us 4:10

  • this is the most highly theoretical page I have seen in a while, but I love it

  • how do people find out all these galaxies? how do they know what our galaxy looks likes?

  • Hey ferb! i know what are we gonna do today

  • This video basically satisfied everyone, no matter how they think you should perform (not counting people denying our impact on the planet)

  • "we are observing 0 galactic civilizations". No, we are observing that there are no easily visible galactic civilization hundreds of thousands of years ago. The information that we receive from even or closest stars and planest are from so long ago, that any guess as to how life is living in space NOW, is an educated guess at the very most, and impossible at the very least. Thats considering the idea that we havent already come in contact with alien life. With new information coming to light from the public declassifications from the CIA, its becoming abundently clear what we are capable of, and how very far we have yet to go. To believe that a simple looksy through a telescope can determine the validity of ET life, is simply pessimistic and overestimating the technological abilities of humans.

  • The universe is so old that all the other civilizations have died off. The newer civilizations have not yet reached a point were space travel or long range communication exists for them yet, hence we're in aware of them and there unaware of us. Some life is still in an archaic form and has not developed into what we know as civilization. Radio waves that come from outside our galaxy ware to far away and will take to long for us to receive in our lifetime. Furthermore radio wave generated by us haven't been around that long and are not close to reaching anyone else looking for such evidence of life outside there own planet.

  • Like the tardis at the start :)

  • Me who knows nothing about economy or politics: *hmmmm, interesting*

  • I think aleins tampered with our dna making us evolve quicker, either that or a monkey ate shrooms

  • I know what i want as a pet. That bird that's telling me my brains are really not that good at visualizing that stuff.

  • They lowkey spray barium and aluminum in chemtrails. Or Ba/Al. Notice anything about that…?

  • greenhouse gas emissions from cows are not adding more greenhouse gas to the atmosphere. They make the gases from the grass they eat, and the grass they eat took the gases from the atmosphere in the first place, it's a cycle.

  • Well sorry to burst your bubble but I walked out side this morning and noticed some very strange clouds. Oh that’s right they were chemtrails.

  • Cadê as legendas em português desse vídeo 😩 eu preciso ver ele


  • 4. What if episode 4

  • I never knew a fictional dinosaur character like Barney would actually end up being historically accurate.

  • ta chido el video

  • Kurzgesagt

  • Another day, another reason to hate Facebook.

  • I love your videos. Thank you so much for creating such amazing content (:

  • Soooo CNlinks!, which means no clue about media production. Cant hear narrator properly, as the background music is more important that what he is saying.

  • For me, its not that i dont have time for friends or smth its more that they donthave time/ want to meet up a few years back i had 10 really close friends, today i dont feel like I have one. I mean I do have some good friends at school but my best friends kinda turned against me. For Example one is just ghosting me and it kills me inside that someone i was really close to for years, just doesnt like me anymore and pretends like he doesnt have time. Tbh I dont know how to deal with this since it has only started with covid. Everytime I ask to hang out they just say no and I always see others hang out in groups and do lots of things together and I think to myself: What happened? I have lots of friends dont I...

  • :)

  • on a speck of dust, suspended on a sunbeam. carl sagan.

  • I used to be a fan, but after seeing this masterpiece i a whole turbine

  • i know ill be a siencetest when i grow up

  • kurzgesagt okdjkfnkvjsifjdbfiplfn dfjne bnfj jfjfj joab

  • ok

  • This is so sad 😥 I didn't even knew this before you made this video, thank you

  • I don't think it would work when you die cuz you have no soul anymore lol, yes you saved your memories but if you installed that chip into another body, that won't be you anymore. He or she got your memory, but it wouldn't be you who's conscious. You're dead. That's a completely new person, the only difference is, it got your memory lol.

  • The firsr 3 min seemed like a waste of time

  • 21M views wow I feel unsafe now

  • Life, uh...finds a way

  • 0:43 Anyone else see it? Its a dragonball reference.

  • Who else is waiting to get imune

  • I love how pokemon are listed as Aliens, LOL. Mew in this video and Magnemite in paradox 1 video.

  • Waiting for November 3rd 😀

  • :)


  • It may be dumb but did anyone else see the Swordfish from Cowboy BeBop @9:06

  • Easy answer to the title: tell the US that there’s oil here

  • if you think you are unlucky just think about all the people that scrolled past this video but did not click on it

  • Imagine if someone invents and builds a house-sized teleporter and accidentally punches coordinates to the sun's core. Biggest bruh moment in history.

  • This is why I’m trying to find some sort of energy that will replace most today so we don’t have to pollute the earth and fucking live in hell

  • 44 did i Just Saw the deathstar of star wars

  • This is how many years your mom will live 👇

  • This is one of the videos I have to come back to because I can't get enough.

  • thanks...will try it out rn

  • How can we see a black hole 17 billion light years away if the universe is only 13 billion years old? wouldn't we have to wait another 4 billion years to detect it?

  • I’d like to remind ppl who believe in homeopathy that they are inadvertently drinking poopoo water on the daily 😩

  • "Bedrock is unbreakable" I've been told lies all along..

  • This video : *exists All those 19 million + people who already watched thus : *same*

  • 0:17, DHMIS EP 4!!!

  • Halfway through this, I just want to stop and comment on the amazing music these videos have. I would love a purchasable soundtrack.

  • Did anyone observe there were no kurzegast birdies in this one😅? Atleast very less....during the explanation.

  • Would you ever do a video explaining the holocene calendar? I saw the years written on your calendars and it confused me, then I found out about something called the holocene calendar. I don't entirely understand how or why this is a thing, but maybe it would make a good video to explain?

  • :)

  • It didn’t sound dark to me. Its beautiful.

  • Rgqokhuw wnam I am yet again

  • I'm not living in EU and I won't leave my opinion here, but I want to say huge thanks to Kurzgesagt for telling how it became whole together and how it goes now (not fully explained) for the most part.

  • I doubt humans would survive either, if that type of asteroid hits Earth again.

  • 아 한국어 자막 언제 달리냐고!!

  • 2:12 Squid Game....

  • Joe Biden is so far in Outerspace.. Black Holes close up and implode when they see Joe coming..! (BLACK HOLES DONT WANNA BE SNIFFED..!!!)

  • I Absolutely adore feathery and soft dinosaurs! People say it makes them less intimidating and less impressive, but you wouldn't say that to a Lion, or a Bear, or a Gorilla, or a Shark, or most other creatures on the planet. Also the thought of cuddling with a raptor is perhaps even more tantalizing than cuddling with something equally as cool and modern like a Lion or a gorilla.

  • I'd like to stay away from terms like "we will never know" and "we can never do ____" because so many things we thought were impossible have been achieved and we may have to change forms (digitize, spiritualize or whatever the new term may be in a future version of humanity) but we cannot prove this to be true nor false. It makes for a great definitive video to the public, but I for one will not accept the "we can never" mindset because science keeps pushing. We will continue until we literally destroy ourselves or we reach what we think now is the end of the lifetime of the universe

  • Vegan Gains: >:(

  • what was the reason to evolve like this tho? why other animals didnt evolve like humans?

  • Squid game 2:12

  • Even with scifi tech we cant? Maybe you haven't read all the scifi things written. In these books, we can do anything, including think to see dimensions we shouldn't be able to perceive.

  • Don’t underestimate nature Costasiella kuroshimae looks like a Pokémon… it’s a adorable sea slug.