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  • Han So Hee this time please give a facial expression more than °_° with your mouth hanging open

  • I like this one

  • Love you Kim Seonho!!!💚 you are so talented!!! You need to be a global star!!! 💚

  • Ok I Use This on Squirrel Game Season 2 🔺🟥🔴 Season 2 Trailer#03

  • I love how joo-ryung is such a different person from her acting, she looks like such a classy lady but when she was acting she looks like a karen lmao

  • I didn’t like how he toys with her feelings. However, I can see he hasn’t feel for a long time and it’s why that inhabits his communication.

  • I hope Park Hee-soon wins an award for this drama 🥰🥰


  • Yeo jin goo is such a brilliant actor

  • Ağliyomm

  • Damn Gi-Hun is still the main character even in real life lol

  • Who is after Squid game.....

  • I love all of them!!!!💗

  • i have you in my pfp sae-byeok ((not her real name but whatever))

  • One of the best dramas.

  • They enjoy talking to each other. It's so nice watching them again. It's so cute and delightful. It's like they are both happy to be with each other and radiate a positive aura 😍🤞

  • Oh I recognized him he was in OH mu ghost...

  • 3:07 his face

  • SikHye forever 😍

  • And now it's "EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY" for him 😭

  • is very good,i love much

  • ALIII 😍😍😍

  • Can we please talk about how insanely cute they all reacted when they got the flowers? My heart is so full ❤

  • hoyeon i s so super cute

  • I havent watched squid game, but god the actors are so wholesome.

  • 24M in 1week 😱

  • 女主真的太飒了!好酷好喜欢

  • I watched it twice and will watch it again❤️

  • I love him and everything about his acting. Please keep up the good work


  • Should have added Deok Su as well

  • she is like a black widow at marvel

  • where is gi-hun

  • 1:14 ngl but this part really sounds like Hyorin's OST in The Master's Sun😭

    • Ikr. While i was watching this episode, i was thinking the same thing

  • HAHAHA 🥰😂😂

  • i just love the actor of Deok-su, he's such a calm and sweet guy in real life! <3

  • Like this scene

  • This was really Damn good

  • Asians films are good as long as they don't go all ladybo*ish.

  • ホヨンとヘス

  • The best kdrama of all time 💚💚💚

  • I cant believe that Netflix is a fanpage of Saw byeok

  • This scene is so pretty 😍

  • Ali’s smile ITS CUTEEEE😍😍

  • yoomi is so wholesome omg i love her

  • I still can’t believe that Sae byeok is dead😭😢

  • In every song, i wish Jun Wan would suddenly shout "I believe!"......

  • Rowoon looks great in anything ☺

  • I will always root for you Kim Seon Ho nim.. Please do take care and stay strong.. will be waiting for your come back even if its gonna take a decade.. fighting!!! And congratulations for Character of the Year @SDA.. You deserve it.. you are a great actor and a good person so will wait for you... always and always

  • I Really Thought This Was Squid Game Season 2.

  • comments aged like milk

  • Hello! Our SEVENTEEN just released a song titled "Rock with you"... if you are interested, watch the MV thru the link below! Happy listening! Link:

  • Hello! Our SEVENTEEN just released a song titled "Rock with you"... if you are interested, watch the MV thru the link below! Happy listening! Link:


  • I have loved Ji-yeong's actor's past work soooooo much and I was psyched to see her on the show too all of a sudden and to see her paired with my other favorite character sae byeok akakakkakakakajdgdydgshehhshd Soo happy I love her so damn much, her characters and her acting are next level

  • So so so disappointed in him 👋

  • Plss tell me where can i see this drama from?

  • Such a great song I can't get over it

  • Lee Seung gi... I can't wait to watch this show 😁😁😁

  • this vid came out on my bday 😩

  • Loved this drama and all the actors they all seemed to compliment each other. No matter what happened, i will still support the lead Male.

  • its about time some scandal pops in for ksh, with all that spotlight pouring in to his career lately. Isn't it becoming a pattern in Kbiz nowadays: frm kim jung-hyun to ji soo then there's seo ye-ji. I want to throw in soojin of (g)idle in the mix too bcoz I really liked her. So sad.... [(2d 1n fan here! hope the show wont get suspended again bcoz of this)] [(tho it'll be diff without ksh there, afterall, the casts except kjm all started on the show at the same time. It'll probably be hard to adjust drastically)]

  • interesting

  • They inspired me , I want to fall in love again after a long time. Love you Kanghee 🥰

  • Gi-hun ka teh

  • Love you sohee 💜💜

  • Ali smile.. 😳

  • mujin one of the hottest villain 😩

  • I keep forgetting there names lmao

  • Wi ha joon tho-he’s very handsome no doubt.

  • Take me to the restroom💀💀💀

  • It is weird idk how dare these people simp on him despite knowing what he did?

  • Everything will be okay, hong banjang. It will be better soon ~