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  • Hermosos lugares

  • cock//roach//cheenese

  • xi jin ping is pooh Three kingdoms is korean novel The great wall is copied korean architecture Guan yu is korean not a chinese god Does xijinping know you use youtube?

    • Xinnie the poop 이게 시진핑임

  • Mongolia could not dominate only korea But china was surrender first

  • 真的被美哭了,太美太美了

  • 很美!手工的工艺好有耐心,只是没见到标题中的爱人。

  • 一个非常非凡的女人 ❤

  • Your grandma's laugh warms my heart ❤

  • Tus videos son arte me encantan! ❤️🇲🇽

  • 以为要做意面,原来是番茄锅,美味

  • Persik

  • คุณสวย น่ารัก. บ้านของคุณน่าอยู่

  • เครือCP

  • Which fruit?

  • 김치를 삶고 있는 저 빡대가리들의 김치르 보십시오

  • Wow l Like the your plinting l Love this👍❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕

  • すごく丁寧で器用です。一枚一枚花びらを再現する手間をおしまない。その心が美しい

  • 平板無法留言!這台可以!

  • 子柒,我被管制發文!因守門員想要索電子信箱及電話我不給!我不想再給!廣告超多!煩!

  • hardworking princess ♥️🥀

  • 姜是个好东西

  • Wow a lot of work went into that food but it looks amazing looks really good to eat I love mushroom meals

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  • I lovee yoouuuu

  • Duck blood? What the fucking hell no

  • 나가뒤져 중국아

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  • Good Veregood

  • Oke kaka🙂🖒

  • Bagus banget guysssssss

  • Someone give her an award for most talented woman on the planet. Please!

  • get the fuck up Chinese

  • Beautiful Chinese "Hanfu"

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  • Her grandma must have taught her . I adore the oma

  • lovely

  • She is a modern version of the plum blossom fairy. Thank you for making this fantasy into reality and brought it to our eyes. So much hard work behind it and you can tell she truly enjoyed every moment.

  • Liziqi iam sruthika i always love to watch your videos

  • wow, she really has ten miles of peach blossom in her backyard. It must be so beautiful in person.

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  • Andaiii tempat gw ad yg kyk gitu🙂

  • Her childhood was very productive.

  • She is amazing!

  • Love grandma

  • Amazing lady😇🥰

  • Tiên cảnh

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  • Is there any behind the scenes of her videos? Feels like i'm watching a movie that everything seems perfect.

  • That well be your forever memory of your Gma beautiful... I wish I knew my grand parents.

  • Yo, the music feels so familiar. What is it?

  • Muhtesem videolar,izlemeye doyamiuorum

  • The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) denied on December 1 that Chinese media reports that "Chinese kimchi has become an international standard." The controversy over kimchi international standards has not ended. Chinese people are causing controversy again as they broadcast kimchi. They say that Paochai in China is older than Kimchi. Therefore, the Chinese people are using the logic that Paochai is the ancestor of kimchi. It still introduces kimchi recipe as a recipe for Paochai. We can see the tearful efforts to make kimchi a child of Paochai. Koreans are naturally annoyed.

  • Eres Linda

  • 코로나 차이나~ ㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋ

  • princess in heaven's kingdom :)

  • Butiful

  • 영국 공영 BBC 방송이 최근 중국 언론의 '김치 국제 표준' 관련 오보에 대한 한국의 반박 사례를 조명했다. 30일(현지시간) BBC 방송은 '김치, 한중 문화 갈등을 발효하다' 제목의 기사를 통해 "중국이 한국 전통 음식인 김치의 제조법을 국제적으로 인정받았다는 '오보'(false report)에 한국이 퇴짜를 놨다"고 전했다. BBC는 그러면서 "김치 산업에 영향을 줬다는 일부 중국 언론의 보도에 한국이 반박하고 나섰다"면서 "이는 한국과 중국 간 가장 최근에 발생한 문화적 갈등"이라 전했다. 앞서 중국 관영 매체인 환구시보는 자국의 김치 제조법이 국제표준화기구(ISO) 표준에 맞춰 제정됐다면서, 김치 종주국인 한국이 굴욕당했으며 한국 매체들은 분노하고 있다고 전해 논란을 일으켰다. 그러나 이번 국제 표준에 인가된 것은 피클에 가까운 중국 쓰촨성의 염장 채소로, 한국 전통의 김치와는 다르다. 다만 중국에서는 두 음식을 똑같이 '파오차이'(paochai)로 부른다. 중국 언론의 보도에 한국 농림축산식품부는 "파오차이에 관한 국제 표준 제정과 우리나라 김치는 전혀 관련이 없다"며 설명자료를 내고 적극 반박한 바 있다. BBC 방송은 한국 김치의 재료와 김장문화를 소개하면서 중국의 김치와는 다르다고 설명했다. 방송은 "김치는 '파오차이'라는 이름으로 중국에서 공급되고 있지만, 같은 이름으로 불리는 또 다른 중국 고유의 음식이 있다"면서 "ISO 문서는 이번 식품 규격이 '김치에 적용되지 않는다'고 적시했음에도 일부 중국 언론은 이와 다르게 보도했다"고 지적했다. 이어 방송은 한국 내 김치 수요가 많아 중국에서 김치를 만들어 수입하고 있다면서 이와 대조적으로 한국의 김치는 중국의 엄격한 규제에 막혀 수출되지 못하고 있다고 전했다.

  • So Beautiful. Best wishes, Lord-Jesus-Christ com

  • The British public BBC recently shed light on Korea's rebuttal to misinformation on the Chinese media's "Kimchi International Standard." On the 30th (local time), the BBC said in an article titled "Kimchi Enforces the Cultural Conflict between Korea and China," "Korea has rejected false reports that China has been internationally recognized for its method of making kimchi, a traditional Korean food." The BBC said, "South Korea has refuted some Chinese media reports that it has affected the kimchi industry," adding, "This is the latest cultural conflict between South Korea and China." Earlier, China's state-run media, Global Times, caused controversy by saying that its kimchi manufacturing law was enacted in accordance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard, and that Korea, the host country of Kimchi, was humiliated and Korean media were angry. However, it is the salt vegetables of Sichuan Province, China, which are close to pickles, which are different from traditional Korean kimchi. However, in China, the two foods are called "paochai". According to Chinese media reports, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Korea actively refuted the report, saying, "The establishment of international standards on Paochai and Korean kimchi are not related at all." The BBC introduced Korean kimchi ingredients and kimchi culture, explaining that it is different from Chinese kimchi. "Kimchi is supplied in China under the name of 'Paochai,' but there is another unique Chinese food called the same name," the broadcaster said. "Some Chinese media reported differently, even though the ISO document stated that the food standard was not applied to kimchi." The broadcast then said that Korean kimchi is being imported from China due to high demand for kimchi in Korea, and in contrast, Korean kimchi is not being exported due to China's strict regulations.

  • She spoils us too much, I hope she's still getting enough rest and enjoying her life with her grandma

  • She is very talented and amazing woman.. and beautiful place 🥰❤

  • 很漂亮

  • She should really have a PhD in living the Chinese life. I think she is a gold mine of knowledge that will be lost in the trend of development.

  • Lida

  • So Beautiful. Best wishes, Lord-Jesus-Christ com

  • osmanthus nuts lotus powder look soo good!

  • Gracias por traducir,adoro ver como ama a su abuela!!!! Sos hermosa Liziqui!!!!! 😍😍❤❤🇦🇷

  • Some youtubers are posting reaction videos about lizqi's work. I feel bad about it. I love lizqi. Reaction videos are like stealing the content and hardwork of other people. I.hope lizqi send them copyright claim

  • Recently I have been seeing reaction videos about this. I feel kinda bad. I love lizqi. I really dont like reaction videos because it was like stealing other peoples content and hardwork just to gain views and popularity. I hope lizqi finds out and give them a copyright claim.

  • Her spice cabinet! Such a sustainable and ecofriendly way of living. Lets be honest, this is the life we wanted to live

  • She not only looks like a Princess, but she is a Princess!!!

  • So Beautiful. Best wishes, Lord-Jesus-Christ com

  • Really so creative intelligent ,❤️❤️❤️ love from india

  • Wow, she is the best grandmother carer you can get!

  • Вы очень хорошо готовите !у Вас всегда разные еда👍 Я бы была рада на учиться У Вас Спасибо!!!!

  • She's so wonderful .. out of this world 🥰

  • The way she takes care of her grandma.. She should be the youth's role model and not the kardashians

  • nice

  • U r a natural Earth queen..