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2:37CRY MACHO - Macho & Mustangs Featurette
5:57CRY MACHO - A Director's Vision
1:06Dune | Desert Visions Featurette
0:41MALIGNANT - Horror Roots Featurette
2:06Malignant - Official Trailer 2
0:50DC FanDome - Launch Trailer | DC
1:13Reminiscence - The First Kiss Clip
2:32CRY MACHO - Official Trailer
CRY MACHO - Official Trailer意见 7M个月 前
2:36KING RICHARD - Official Trailer
3:28Dune | Official Main Trailer
Dune | Official Main Trailer意见 19M2 个月 前
2:26MALIGNANT - Official Trailer
MALIGNANT - Official Trailer意见 12M2 个月 前
2:25Space Jam: A New Legacy - Trailer 2
8:32In The Heights - First 8 Minutes
In The Heights - First 8 Minutes意见 2.4M3 个月 前
6:20The Bunny & The GOAT | ESPN 30 for 30


  • Very very disappointed, not on the same level as the Sopranos

  • He came to rescue trinity and to make one final choice perhaps , the peace between humans and machines seems not to be everlasting...

  • What if machines stolen John wick car and killed his dog ..... In which matrix we would be living then ...

  • Just seen it, did'nt finish watching. I will stick with the fabulous original thank you. Question: why would you ask what is in the box when your hand is already in it??

  • loved this film so much.

  • Saints of Newark IS Remind me of GOD FATHER Movie

  • I have never watched a trailer as much as I have for this movie, never been more excited.

  • I always wanted to see young Paulie

  • Vera looks like she nailed Livia Soprano! Can't wait!

  • Alternative movie title: John Wick goes to the Matrix!

  • I don't know guys. Looks like we're in for a big disappointment. They can't even replicate the original digital-rain font and animation correctly or create a quality one that doesn't look like it was made using a mobile font generator app. It looks like a run-of-the-mill Netflix action movie to be honest.

  • If you want to see how far the rabbit hole goes, we go live every Tuesday at 9pm. Once you have seen the truth, there is no coming back.

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  • Good to see you again, Mr. Anderson

  • This is the film that's something else

  • finally Dune will get the movie it deserves. The hype I am feeling is unprecedented.

  • Least attractive lead actress I've seen so far

  • Thanks Warner Bros. This is Amazing. You me Hero

  • What it that ugly red cat thing

  • Only hindi dubbed please wating

  • this looks good

  • I hope this doesn't disappoint it looks so good

  • he will be nice

  • Michael playing role of his father..last time o shea Jackson Jr..played his father on straight Outta Compton...there is no Nepotism in Hollywood. 😂

  • This movie is just too funny

  • This looks trash inwas hoping it would pick up right where revolution left off but they're acting as if he has to relearn everything. By the time he realizes his abilities the movie will be over🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Trailer was so good that the movie didnt come to par.

  • Is this what cocaine feels like?

  • Junior ordered the hit on Dickie. Mother`s chunt.

  • 9,5/10

  • watched in imax. mindblowing. never saw so bombastic images before

  • I just hope that new movie is not advertising for drug use)))

  • I’m watching this on October 1 at “3 o clock”

  • duck 0:30

  • That was a lit movie...uff literally worth watching

  • Trinity: Where have you been all these years? Neo: Hunting the bad guys who killed my dog

  • candyman giving out molly

  • psychiatrist is the architect

  • beginning looked like a pixar film

  • From "Let's fight like Demons" to "They fight like demons" lol

  • I came here for Rain Lmao Grandson is friggen amazing

  • He is the meaning of the word "legend".

  • I saw this at the cinema last night.

  • Reeves can go from pretending to be confused half-retarder nice and fluffy guy to a complete monster in about 0.5 seconds.

  • If they killed Dolohov here, Dolohov won't killed Remus.

  • This is John Wick.. 🤐

  • Kb aayegi ye

  • Watching the trailer 69th time, is it a infinite loop?

  • where is Hesch......, where is Carmine dropping little Carmine on his head as a baby... this will be the second movie I will see since Covid the first is Clint Eastwood's new movie.

  • Is this Harry Potter?

  • Waiting for Egybest to add Dune to their list lol

  • Beautiful Jordan 🇯🇴

  • Common Egybest wanna watch Dune ;-;

  • 0:22, that's why Loki and Joker are so relatable.

  • Kinda sad about this one my gramps always said there was gonna be another matrix. We used to always watch it whenever it played on tv. Now its just me 😅🥺

  • Finally not another woke TV series that’s not cringe and looks genuinely enjoyable to watch…

  • Warner Bros needs to understand something.....You don't need to sell me on this, Chase has this one in the bag. I just hope he doesn't act like Nolan or Villeneuve and bash the streaming platform that's helping this movie reach more people

  • Not gonna like reminds me of the Christopher Nolan films 🤦‍♂️

  • Addicted to keeanu reeves movies waiting for this so long he looks young


    • @NOISE oh ok, Well For me it fits (not talking about wap)

    • @SuziHIVE I hate wap

    • You Have a bad song taste

    • Lmao 2021 Song lover, Go back listening to Wap

  • Watched last night & was disappointed tbh.

    • Tony B in this movie?,

  • my still favorite movie😍

  • The first Matrix: Smith: I shot you many time in your chest Neo: you must shot to my head idiot Smith: WTF are you Zombi 😂😂

  • don't what ..🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • 1 Neo + Architect's beard and pencil 2 Neo + Keymaker + Oracle + Seraph + Sati + Kid + Link + Niobe 3 Neo + Asian Rabbit + Librarian + Therapist + Niobe's Brother 4 Neo + Trainman + Merovingian + Agent Smith + Morpheus + Trinity

  • Saw this movie last night. An absolute masterpiece. If you have the opportunity to safely watch this in a cinema, please do so.

  • Looking forward to meet Mr. Anderson again. But where is the latex??😂

  • OK, but when are they going to make Cleaver 2? Now that's the real question.

  • Dejavu ........Glitch in the matrix🐱🐱🐱

  • Like a docta

  • Why do I feel this won't be that gud😬😐

  • why not tv series?

  • To show you what the cancer has become!

  • Will they show Harpo saying "sacre bleu where is me mama!"

  • Aaoooooooooww...

  • I come back to this place when i'm having a bad time just to recall the good times, 2019 was such a good year to me

  • There's probably never been a cast so intimidated by their predecessors as these people are. I hope they make a prequel show with this, please please please

  • Goosepimples osthunnay