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3:35Best Coast - Master of My Own Mind
4:15Ashley McBryde - Never Will
Ashley McBryde - Never Will意见 16K3 天 前
1:48Goodbye Donald Trump
Goodbye Donald Trump意见 4.2M3 天 前
4:25Foo Fighters - Waiting on a War
3:37Foo Fighters - No Son of Mine
Foo Fighters - No Son of Mine意见 165K9 天 前
10:13Trump is Almost Gone
Trump is Almost Gone意见 2.5M9 天 前
5:40Freddie the Stoner Cheers Us Up
4:02JP Saxe - A Little Bit Yours
JP Saxe - A Little Bit Yours意见 20K11 天 前
1:11This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
14:55Wait - Donald Trump is Unfit to Serve!?
1:47This Year in Unnecessary Censorship
2:45Masking Questions - Holiday Edition
1:212020 As Seen on TV Gift Guide
2020 As Seen on TV Gift Guide意见 123K个月 前
1:39Fauci on a Couchi
Fauci on a Couchi意见 339K个月 前
10:00:37Ten Hours of People Touching Each Other
6:36Proof the Chanucorn is Real!
Proof the Chanucorn is Real!意见 20K个月 前
3:30Sabrina Claudio - Warm December
3:26Tones And I - Fly Away
Tones And I - Fly Away意见 60K个月 前


  • He has massive ears

  • Love her, but the pups are totally killing it!

  • The fact that directioners roast the boys better than the haters 😭😭

  • "Do you know any bad words" 20Yo me in fear of this going to be telecasted : Stupid,lame,idiot,rascal ...ah thats it

  • When Bellatrix Lestrange programs a smart speaker 👀

  • One of the funniest things I've seen in months! (Italy) Goodbye Donald Duck!

  • Now comes the hard part: cleaning up that mess.

  • Dana, how many how many hours did you work yesterday? 36, I think... I can’t remember anymore. It’s hard to see my watch. This woman is so cool. She’s beautiful, smart and has a tremendous work ethic. CNN got sooo lucky. Especially when she covers the balls. But, there were no balls. In Washington? I could have told her that. Texas

  • When you realize that Josh is the voice of BB-8 in Robot Chicken....

  • I wasn't expecting this. This is awesome!

  • This is why I hate jimmy now

  • Lame brain

  • Oh my fuckin god. Lets put the USA on the moon and the intelligence on earth would raise 50%. Unbelievable!!

  • This guy has nothing to say. Old bullshit. No facts.

  • Sure happy for the start of the end.

  • Murph Really shouldn't have let him leave.

  • Jimmy needs to be careful, ANTIFA is coming.

  • "Can you name a book?" My mind automatically says: Harry Potter


  • I think this is scripted for entertainment purpose.

  • Love yourself Relay2575

  • When taxes skyrocket and bad things happen with China I don’t want want to hear a single liberal complain.

  • "see you next year" is just sad to hear when we rewatch this.. ;(

  • Was that Scott Bradlee on the keys?

  • Hmm...kinda boring. This music doesn't invoke any emotion

  • Class well done

  • The resonant volcano neurochemically comb because bay commonly walk circa a brown uganda. terrible, obscene fir

  • Wow... such a low level of content. Even for a liberal like myself, I puked in my mouth a little. Good job Jimmy! You proved me right again.

  • I don’t care if you don’t like Trump the utter disrespect

  • I love that gree t shirt boy

  • Wtf! Go back to school 😂

  • What did he do that made y’all be snowflakes?

  • I used my dads name to get out of speeding tickets. (He was a police officer)

  • Please take Jimmy Kimble off the air

  • Nice. Could you add in a scene with the bust of Winston Churchill :-)

  • That felt so damn good to watch!!!

  • Cocaine is a helluva drug

  • Good ridance to bad rubbish!

  • Cant wait until gasoline is at an ALL time high. Housing market crashed..MILLIONS with out jobs. Way to go Joe!!! Shut down those pipelines..Canada is now suing the U.S. Good job President!👍

  • 2:15 Huh im from South Africa

  • Jimmy Kimmel you suckk

  • Trump is a small man true , and he's getting smaller and smaller with each day that passes .

  • small mind also....

  • J.K Simmons and Alejandro González Iñárritu both won thanks to Guillermo's ball

  • This is horrible. Greetings from Chile, a condiment

  • No one: The star wars characters in the comment section: hello there

  • Lmaooooo I’m crying this is hilarious lol

  • Now i want to go there, just so I can show off that I can atleast name countries!

  • At 2:24 is that the same guys from the 50 cent best rapper episode?

  • This is horrible, Greetings from Chile. a spicy condiment

  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • great Video, so please you all stay safe from Corona :)

  • Biden signs an Executive Order to wear mask in Federal Buildings and then proceeds to wear no mask..what an idiot..

  • Anyone remember my personal favorite nickname for him, “Fuckface Von Clownstick”?

  • Great fitting song for crooked Trump

  • “South africER”

  • This was so funny when it first came out and now it's painful to watch 🤣

  • John Oliver really is a genius.

  • “ is this person with you or is she stealing the animal” says it every time”

  • That's right George Washington

  • Do you know north korea? Yes! Sure! I love kim jong un! Do you know south korea? Um...where?..

  • Would be funny, after all this, if Baron grows up to be a Democrat, because of how his dads presidency was a mess 🤔 Hope he does become a Democrat. He already dont like to be the center of attention.

  • I can't believe people are this stupid, greetings from Antartica, a country in Asia.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 bye bye

  • why is sheldon acting like a regular person?

  • Unsubscribed, No trump No jimmy

  • Prisoner-elect is my favorite.

  • Kimmel fan from south india kerela

  • Jimmy will turn into the creepiest old man very soon

  • No one can bless or save America anymore, it's time for China to lead the universe 😉

  • The ending is epic.

  • 2.6million views, is that how much people dont have cable?

  • Jimmy and joe biden have a secret love affair.

  • Thank you Jimmy Kimmel and writers for helping us get through the long night of Trump 1.0. They say, "it is darkest before the dawn." Still don't know who 'they' is, but, I'm going to be listening to them more closely henceforth.

  • You don’t feel lonely without the crazy tweets of Donald? I feel bored 😑

  • 👏🏾👏🏿👏🏽👏🏼👏🏻👏 Rufus!!! Well done!!

  • Оh no americans

  • 100% Best video ever p.s. F Trump

  • Gone with Selfish NEGATIVE behaviour 'YOU'RE FIRED TRUMP" DUMP THE TRUMP INCOMING PEACE TO ALL and Tranquility and LOVE to this Wonderful World

  • Yuba County? I thought it was called yuba City.