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Extra LazarBeam content thats too scuffed for my main channel


7:34Worlds Most INSANE Videos
Worlds Most INSANE Videos意见 3.2M7 天 前
5:50Fortnite Squid Games (insane)
Fortnite Squid Games (insane)意见 2.7M7 天 前
8:04Insanely Realistic Minecraft (wow)
8:09DONT GET ANXIOUS Challenge
DONT GET ANXIOUS Challenge意见 1M14 天 前
11:40ARIANA GRANDE EVENT (very cool)
ARIANA GRANDE EVENT (very cool)意见 2.5M2 个月 前
9:22my girlfriends kill record
my girlfriends kill record意见 2M8 个月 前
3:32lazarbeam cuts his mullet
lazarbeam cuts his mullet意见 3.1M8 个月 前
7:39lazarbeam vs nephew
lazarbeam vs nephew意见 6M8 个月 前
24:29lazarbeam plays rust (very weird)
lazarbeam plays rust (very weird)意见 2.5M9 个月 前
3:15youtube striked lazarbeam :(
4:16lazarbeam finds a HACKER
lazarbeam finds a HACKER意见 3.1M2 年 前


  • 9:07 Lazarbeam is simp confirmed!

  • 6:20 so thats South African parks for ya😂😂

  • I accidentally did the sideways glitch before

  • Theres ghost on 4.31

  • Nice GrandTheftAuto ViceCity shirt mate.

  • That Nether looks like Mustafar in Star Wars with that cool as lava

  • Lol he like fortnite squid game (INSANE)

  • Why’s he blue

  • i find out rainbows where circles whe i was 7

  • Can we just appreciate how much time Lazar puts into his videos?

  • This reminds me of the og Reddit vids, post more of these they were insanely entertaining

  • Cannibalism is legal in America You have to have concent and you can't kill them

  • Bruh there is no “s” on the end on squid game 😥😞🤭

    • ,,with these cheeks i dont think im gunna win```ayoo lazar thats kinda gay

  • I am freinds with bodhi at lakes grammer

  • on the slime one if you pause it at the begging, there's a creeper in a mine cart

  • :(

  • simply fucking awesome

  • WhisP

  • Your blue Dabudi daub di

  • If firefighter u go punch the fire because ur a “firefighter”

  • But if you have hot sauce water will make it worse and in a fire water makes it better it makes no sense

    • here when the likes are exactly 150 000 likes

  • The moment he said HOLY SH!T 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • No offense but someone needs to tell Lazar that orcas have never killed a human and when they were chasi.h the boat they were playing not atacking

  • Ur sisters out here makin raid shadow legends ads

  • He's the second coming of the Taskman... my God have mercy on our souls 🙏

  • What's the map code please

  • how can a robot do a back flip but I cant💀

  • sus

  • I thought this video was going to be shorter

  • I laughed the holl time

  • Thanks 😄

  • to let you know i am a big big fan and if you reply i would be happy

  • I live in Florida so alligators are regular things

  • This game is still being played!??

  • 3:12 five more minutes

  • He sis he said look at that thing jiggle

  • If minecraft isn't supposed to have circles then why are the shadows circles?

  • Bean

  • Mommy said I could era Xbox

  • How many sus can I eat rrom this

  • If you liked this video you might like this one, give it a watch

  • America actually thought that Australia has pet tigers cuz Australia has crazy things going on

  • Frieza seeing that kid goku: YOU M-

  • Am also boreeeed

  • when you actually wake up

  • You never learnt that rainbows are complete circles in science

  • here when the likes are exactly 150 000 likes

  • Lazer:hope no one was down there Me:little timmy fell Timmy:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Lazer:he's capturing a alligator Me:that's pure Florida man right there

  • Hi

  • the second volcano is in iceland

  • U gained 100k subs in 3 hrs. That's the power of meme lord☃️

  • Yo Lazar I love your vids. I have a game recommendation: Ark, its a survival based game that includes dinosaurs its a really fun game and I would love to see you play it!

  • F i have watched every single clip on here on reddit i am just angry

  • Not to make you sad but most of the videos where the bot is athletic are proven deep fakes

  • The abusive patch advisably bury because turkey roughly walk amidst a statuesque middle. nasty, cruel glass

  • It’s not vbucks it’s all the money dominator drive has spent on fortnite your botskinator 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


  • Lazar have yo seen CODE LAZAR by endigo (Its good)

  • 5:46 Hawaii cuz i live there but the footage is from like the 2020 eruptions

  • Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • fall guys reminds me of squid game

  • Lazarbeam playing road96? I know I wanna see it

  • At this point second channel videos are better then the main ones given they aren’t just reaction stuff

  • falls off the ladder and into love

  • Anti boredom for lazar bear or next content

  • I love how critikal had a long and epic final squid game battle but lazarbeam just kills his opponent with 2 shots

  • The volcano in the video has been erupting since March of 2021 it is October 19 2021

  • I am Russia 🇷🇺 Ian going to nuke the town boy

  • FBI it’s duez nuts boys

  • This is so cool

  • its every time lazarbeam sees balls

  • Am I the only one who caught the hidden wake up message?? I really hope now.. lazar I see whats happening in Australia mate and it breaks our hearts over in Canada.

  • i woke up when ever u said “you’ve been asleep for a long time”

  • what did he say