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©《老郭有新番 第一季》
©《同一屋檐下 第一季》



  • 45:14 00后路过 这剧09年拍的 那年我7岁 比那帮小朋友还小

  • 中国没有草食男草食女,不过演化出了三和大神的新物种.

  • 救命啊啊啊哈哈哈哈 好尴尬啊啊啊啊啊 好磕啊哈哈哈哈我真的 tmd骗三十的老姐姐谈恋爱真的天理不容

  • Ah can't wait!

  • Well that was uncalled for youku.. we need a funny reel after that

  • 這開家庭會議的場合,旁邊拿抹布一直左擦右擦的打掃婦人是咋的

  • 两人喝酒的画面太美了,服化道牛

  • This kinda remind me of the untamed

  • Mắt và tai lão Ôn có thể nhìn và nghe từ xa vậy

  • ah yes! the episode that i decide unequivocally didn't happen, no you can't convince me otherwise, this didn't happen. it didn't happen!!!! i will not be taking arguments. it didn't happen. canon ends on episode 34 and the rest is optional, thank you! :)))

  • Uncouth Behaviour this is not acceptable go to your own Office Please

  • 37分30秒,龚俊的美手啊

  • 到这一集为止,只要温靠近阿絮他都会后退,下一集就不会了。

  • That spiny thing he was doing with the pen annoys me my sixth grade teacher always used to do that

  • Nice

  • 老温实在太好看了

  • 太喜歡龔俊

  • Tarefa difícil para o A-Xu descobrir os segredos do coração de WKX. Esse Dorama é 💯

  • 孙浩真的挺适合当演员的,但是说话怎么感觉气息喘呢嘻嘻

  • This song suits so well and really makes me cry whenever listen to it. 😭

  • I cant wait the reaction f auntie maid when the times come she will find Out Feng ping is a billionaire 😂😂😂

  • 這百貨經理:一代梟雄,老烏

  • 最後一句好像是:看過之後 你就不會再愛我了!

  • Yall just woke up and choose violence against our souls

  • he is letting his inner female out😂😂

  • Idiot husband vs Idiot Grandmaster, fighting over Zhou ZiShu. 😂

  • 庶吵悉籽娆男闺蜜一工

  • Really just came at us like that..😢

  • Aaahh he acts so spoiled, so adorable ah~ 😍 Happy birthday Zhang Zhehan! You breathed life into our favorite characters and give us joy! Hope the universe keep giving you such joy too 🎉💕

  • Jaja bi se chino pero ame la escena

  • 演的太假了怎麼可能砍不到莫怀陽

  • whitch ep plz

  • 莫師父好狠毒的心

  • Bên cạnh chu tử thư lại có thuộc hạ chung thành như vậy

  • This is reminding me is Strong Woman Do Bon Son(idk if I spelled that correct) where the syco criminal has cameras in the police station

  • Wen Ke Xing T__T

  • English sub everyone??

  • Where can i get this story with eng sub

  • 大汉江山就犹如半瓶半瓶的矿泉水 哈哈哈哈

  • Happy Birthday Zhang Zhehan 💕🎂🎂🎂🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Ô người VN đâu hết rồi

  • Wtf that not even a joke would you like to be put on a room with your phobia like I don’t care if it was a “joke” get him out he is banging on the door like let him out the duck is wrong with humanity theses days if I see anything happen again like this I will not step down I won’t stop at nothing to protect the boys don’t try me.

  • So he dated both sister 😂 Xuanji and linglong 😂

  • Pls eng sub on all episode..

  • Qual é o nome

  • Happy birthday Zhang Zhe Han! Thank you for existing! A beautiful person and amazing actor ❤❤❤

  • 再见周子舒,你好张哲瀚

  • Thank you Youko for having this wonderful drama.

  • I don't have English sub😭

  • Is this the ending ? 😐

  • Olá! Gostaria muito que os dramas tivessem legenda em português acho que eu e todos os brasileiros que ficamos super fãns dos dramas apresentados no canal...

  • Happy birthday Zhang Zhehan

  • Lloroooo

  • 生日快乐阿絮!!!

  • 老龔真的是傻白甜

  • 好美啊。以前居然不知道没去过。遗憾。