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I am Joel!\n\nI am a filmmaker! I make shorts and features and post them all on this channel!\n\nTHE PROMISE:\nIf you make a movie (a feature length film, 40+ minutes) and send it to me, I will watch it. \n\nMaking movies is so possible nowadays, all my features cost anywhere from $0-$500. I see my promise to watch people's movies as a nice form of encouragement. There are so many systems and roadblocks (and lies) in place that keep us unambitious and apathetic in the medium, and I hope the promise that a filmmaker will watch and care about your hard work can be that little push some may need to create something bigger.\n\nI also encourage people to make short films and lots of them! Short films are great grounds for fun and experimentation, and you get better and better at filmmaking every time you make a short. Because shorts are so much easier to make, I can't promise to watch everyone's shorts.\n\nConsider supporting my work on Patreon -


7:19How I Animated This Video
How I Animated This Video意见 702K天 前
3:22What’re y'all doing down there?
4:37Playing an RPG for the second time
2:44Are you okay out there?
Are you okay out there?意见 203K18 天 前
2:35Meet the Man Who Shrunk His Own Penis
2:47Hearing Enemy Music in an RPG
Hearing Enemy Music in an RPG意见 2.3M26 天 前
2:04Get On My Level.
Get On My Level.意见 132K个月 前
1:14The Dawn of Sketch Comedy
The Dawn of Sketch Comedy意见 759K个月 前
5:45Dads Checking Into Their Airbnb
Dads Checking Into Their Airbnb意见 149K个月 前
2:59Fellas Like You
Fellas Like You意见 53K个月 前
2:35Parent Chaperones on School Field Trips
3:08Playing an RPG for the first time
3:01Elton John is not a good astronaut
3:35I feel like such an idiot.
I feel like such an idiot.意见 150K2 个月 前
2:44Meet my 20 year old turtle Happy!
Meet my 20 year old turtle Happy!意见 27K3 个月 前
3:52I'm Sitting This One Out
I'm Sitting This One Out意见 37K3 个月 前
3:21Don't Stand By Me
Don't Stand By Me意见 35K3 个月 前
2:08Scooby-Doo but this happens instead
5:33Am I in the right place?
Am I in the right place?意见 77K3 个月 前
2:25Ralphie, get down from there!
Ralphie, get down from there!意见 188K3 个月 前
2:24I Met a Most Peculiar Man Today
I Met a Most Peculiar Man Today意见 175K4 个月 前
Nametags意见 27K4 个月 前
2:04How bad do you want it?
How bad do you want it?意见 28K4 个月 前
1:16The Giant
The Giant意见 989K4 个月 前
1:49Walking through the Spooky Woods
Walking through the Spooky Woods意见 39K4 个月 前
2:05Colonial Court Summons
Colonial Court Summons意见 26K4 个月 前
13:38Sully 2: Central Park
Sully 2: Central Park意见 5K4 个月 前
1:19he just peed back there
he just peed back there意见 45K4 个月 前
1:59Tucker's Last Stand
Tucker's Last Stand意见 27K5 个月 前
2:15Heads up, this guy is REALLY weird
Heads up, this guy is REALLY weird意见 129K5 个月 前
1:50They hooked up before quarantine!?
2:35Two hot girls on a park bench
Two hot girls on a park bench意见 11K5 个月 前
2:43This is Jeff
This is Jeff意见 50K6 个月 前
2:21Doctor's Orders
Doctor's Orders意见 13K6 个月 前
1:44It's just table talk
It's just table talk意见 9K6 个月 前
1:02The Asteroid Belt
The Asteroid Belt意见 470K6 个月 前
2:58Portrait of Some Guy on Fire
Portrait of Some Guy on Fire意见 47K6 个月 前
1:54Psycho Mode
Psycho Mode意见 8K6 个月 前
5:48The N.A.T.E. Method
The N.A.T.E. Method意见 22K6 个月 前
7:07I got punched in the head in Petco
3:29Oi, Captain!
Oi, Captain!意见 4.9K7 个月 前
1:25Are those your dogs?
Are those your dogs?意见 38K7 个月 前
16:06You're Already a Filmmaker!
You're Already a Filmmaker!意见 10K7 个月 前
1:33:55Pretend That You Love Me
Pretend That You Love Me意见 98K7 个月 前
DEBRIEFING意见 4.5K7 个月 前
2:44The Guy Responsible for Serving Sizes
4:12Joel House
Joel House意见 42K8 个月 前
3:46Joel Haver - Grow [Official Video]
Joel Haver - Grow [Official Video]意见 3.8K8 个月 前
5:19The End of Dating:
The End of Dating:意见 56K8 个月 前
3:44Guys: I miss dating. Dating:
Guys: I miss dating. Dating:意见 210K8 个月 前
3:25Girls: I miss dating. Dating:
Girls: I miss dating. Dating:意见 140K8 个月 前
15:05How I Make a Movie Alone
How I Make a Movie Alone意见 10K9 个月 前
2:05The Day Sunglasses Were Invented (1939)
1:06Comedian Podcast
Comedian Podcast意见 299K9 个月 前
9:43I Made Over 150 Films in One Year
I Made Over 150 Films in One Year意见 2.2K9 个月 前
0:51The Bounty Hunter
The Bounty Hunter意见 638K9 个月 前
0:45The Open Road
The Open Road意见 7K9 个月 前
3:49When you bump into your enemy in public
1:01:07Forget About Everything for Awhile
4:20Dads Checking Into Their Hotel Room
3:44The Petyrs
The Petyrs意见 3.5K10 个月 前
2:59Drunkest Guy at a Party Answers the Door
1:47You're Lucky I'm Horizontal
You're Lucky I'm Horizontal意见 25K10 个月 前
0:21Dirty Distancing (2020)
Dirty Distancing (2020)意见 12K10 个月 前
0:46r/Tinder in a nutshell
r/Tinder in a nutshell意见 62K10 个月 前
3:04Bortuga 2: Moretuga
Bortuga 2: Moretuga意见 1.4K10 个月 前
1:30oh word?
oh word?意见 24K10 个月 前
1:48Cowboy dad runs an errand in a Western


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  • When the bounty hunter has a comfortable standard of living so he only takes jobs when he's running low on funds

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  • Thank you for this! I was wondering if you used some sort of facial recognition software to generate frames from key frames, and it turned out to be mostly right. I love your style, its like the most awkward fever dream. Like the awkwardness of a Tim and Eric skit mixed with the existential dread of a Jack Stauber short. I hope others can use this technique too. It has a lot of potential.

  • In my 13 years of video production, this is the most entertaining tutorial I've ever seen.

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  • We love you too, Joel! Keep creating ❤

  • "a heath bar doesn't show a enemy to you to shows a enemy to them self's" a very deep saying "then oh fuck"

  • Just discovered your channel and I want to say sorry for your loss man, I lost my dad in 2007 to cancer so I know that effect on everyone involved. I see this is a year old but I just wanted to offer my condolences to you.

  • Bringing joy and learnin to all, you rock Joel

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  • one day in the future this will be like "where anime 2 all began" and people will come see the comments

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  • In the “Girls” dating video the girl’s date dodges telling the story behind the Happy New Year hat... this is such a weirdly satisfying payoff

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  • Have you ever thought about using motion capture instead? I think it'd be far easier and allow more physical motion than just small facial movements 🤔

  • Did you watch 'The Liberator' on Netflix? It's art style reminds me of yours!

  • Uncultured Me: It can’t be that hard. Cultured Me: It is extremely hard.

  • You are a truly prolific creator and I'm so glad to see you finally getting your big break. I love your live action and animated stuff. Not only was this video informative, but hilarious and insightful. Seeing your Patreon credits be so long makes me so happy. Can't wait for more ✨

  • keep it up man

  • As someone who is learning to edit on Premiere Pro, this is really Inspiring, Thanks Man :D

  • ngl i was curious as to why the animations looked so funny. its because there's no blinking and no closing of mouths 😆

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  • I had started a small project on flipaclip phone app just for fun like a week ago, thanks so much for sharing!

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  • Very few people would reveal their editing process, let alone on their main channel. Good on you for not hoarding secrets, love your work.

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  • My bestie and I are both bi girls, and we once discussed our ideal woman. After a little thought, we both realized that we wanted to date ourselves, but with bigger boobs. (In case that's confusing: I would date someone like myself, and she would date someone like herself.) Ironically, I went on to date a girl who is pretty much like me, but with smaller boobs. She's wonderful. 😊

  • "Art should be in the hands of everyone and we shouldn't have to break out backs and our wallets and waste our lives to make it..." *Slowly looks over to his bookshelf full of 40k models.*

  • love u 2 man

  • I wish all tutorials were on this level

  • Seeing the transition from your last recording interaction with your Father to the scene with him in the casket hit me with a lot of realizations. My mother is in her 2nd cancer recurrence, and I am in another country separated by the ocean. Around the same time I found out, I broke up with my girlfriend of a few years, since we live together, it's been very difficult for me, and I feel more lonely than I ever have in my whole life. My body has been reacting strangely to the new bundle of stresses that have popped up and I'm in my head more than I would usually, so watching you think in between the conversations and scenes really helped me see some relation and find a connection. I had a short date like one of these this past summer after I broke up with my girlfriend, but we ended up making out a lot sooner and we kind of rushed things fast as my feelings for her grew at a rapid pace... only for me to find that she just wanted to mess around and run. I had that and my long term breakup weighing on me since, and I've been unable to feel any connection like it since. Your production volume is great, and your quality is even better. Believe it or not, I didn't even realize you were the other guy making rotoscoped animations for the past two or three months I've been watching your videos. I have a lot of dreams and visions of art that I want to create, so I think I will use your work as an inspiration to begin.

  • Wow, it's not acting but your natural way of talking? And that voice!

  • Me, watching this knowing I'll probably never do any of this: Cool

  • I didn't know I needed to cry, but you sure showed me. Thank you so much for sharing this. Joel, I sincerely wish you all the best in the world. I have been binge watching your videos since I found your channel, and I never expected to come across something like this. I can feel that progression you only find when someone has put every handful they can scoop from their soul into their art. As a fellow artist, you give me so much inspiration seeing how far you have come in developing your craft, your personal form, and your skills. You have made me laugh so much, and now you have helped me cry, and I'm grateful for that. This movie is beauty and tragedy, hand in hand. I almost wish I had seen it sooner, but I think I needed to see it now. It feels like a privilege peering into your mind and witnessing such raw emotion. Again, thank you, and I look forward to seeing more of what you have yet to create.

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  • Dude this is awesome I've always wondered how you make these

  • While we may be able to copy the way in which you make these, we can never copy your style

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  • I really don't know what to say to express how this made me feel. I just have so much appreciation for you and this work of art. Seeing how you interact, seemingly so genuinely with the people In the film gave me this pang of nostalgia and longing for a past which I have never truely had, and which seems to have been fabricated in my mind more than anything else. The process of dating, meeting someone new, the nervous excitement, growing ever closer, but in some ways too perfect and unrealistic, like a dream. Then coupling that with that coming back to earth moment. The realization of the loneliness brought me way back into my past and memories of my own. In so many ways I can vividly see myself in you, and this life that you bring onto this screen. And that is what I think makes this so special. Those moments of quiet that you spend on the screen on your own. Your emotions are vivid and can nearly be seen on the screen as well. This for me is what an aching heart feels like. full of love waiting to be shared, full of pain needing to be shared, but not really having anyone to go or to share it with Who knew that watching a silly RPG animation video would lead me to this. Thank you Joel for all of this good good stuff. I am so impressed by all your work.

  • This is really cool. I'd love to see if AI could improve or outright automate the entire process.

  • Actually, I kinda like the glitches in the software. Combined with the vhs effect, gives your work this kind of experimental janky tone that just adds to the sketchy experimental nature of improv.

  • I’m blown away by your generosity and support of creators. It seems so rare that an artist on the internet would go out of their way to bring other people into the fold, especially after gaining a (much deserved) following like you have. I think you’re going to be extremely influential to new youtubers in the next few years if this subscriber ball keeps rolling for you and I’m glad that It’s happening for someone who genuinely cares about art and creativity. Thanks so much Joel.

  • HUZZAH!!!!

  • I love the awkwardness of your videos, thank you for sharing this, now i can create worse and worse content everyday <3 love from Brazil

  • Oblivion flashbacks... Those were the days...

  • Me: How do you make this Joel: This is how Me: So Greek that will take days to complete? I see.

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  • Gave it a little try today and it looks really cool. Thanks for the video

  • So that's how he makes animations with such life and a little juj-juju, blublu, flufluuu~ go to 4:40 if u really had no soul to get it

  • All i can really say is wow. This didn't even feel like a film. I felt like I was simply sitting in a few feet away from you watching all of these event unfold. I have a very close relationship to my father and watched your video of you telling your audience that he had passed. My condolences. I can feel the pain and joy that flows through this film in my very bones. It honestly fucked me up a bit. I can feel the raw humanity in this film and I love it. I can't thank you enough for this once in a lifetime experience Joel. I will now and forever be a fan. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

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