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0:2942 SKIPS 🤯🤯🤯 | #Shorts
0:13EPIC 😂 | #Shorts
EPIC 😂 | #Shorts意见 23K天 前
0:11WOW 😳 | #Shorts
WOW 😳 | #Shorts意见 69K天 前
0:07SMOOTH 👏
SMOOTH 👏意见 286K11 小时 前
0:15Wait for it ... 😳 | #shorts
0:08Sharp shooter 👏  | #shorts
0:11Oh no 😂🤣 | #shorts
Oh no 😂🤣 | #shorts意见 143K天 前
0:20WOW‼️ | #shorts
WOW‼️ | #shorts意见 28K天 前
0:11The disrespect 😅 | #Shorts
The disrespect 😅 | #Shorts意见 172K7 天 前
0:49This is GOLD 😂 | #shorts
This is GOLD 😂 | #shorts意见 30K7 天 前


  • When I become a grandma I wish I keep living life like this dude

  • 🤣

  • What?!?!!! This is the greatest shot of whatever...

  • It’s sad this generation is that hyped over a fucking upside down water bottle

  • And I’m over here just trying to walk.

  • Because of covid me and my friend group missed the launch but we spent two months building the best damn cardboard boat ever just to sit in a closet to collect dust


  • Imagine him chasing you and he triple jumps to catch you

  • trash the black guy..hé is soooo not cool

  • You didn’t say what Bianca weights?

  • Heeiinn😦

  • All of these people in here judging the mother about stealing the show, being a bad parent. It is her and her child's relationship, not any of yours and theirs. Other people do not have to conform or act a complete certain way just to fit your lifestyle. Anyone in here by any chance grow up without a mother or father? I bet you would rather have one run such as this then to be non existent.

  • Gotta respect it.

  • Can't wait to grow up man..u wait..

  • Human Gimbal

  • Wowzies

  • What the bois playing like his life depends on it 😆

  • This is why education is important 😂

  • Nice backflip.👍

  • Thats so impressive that not even a single thing had fallen or disturbed while they playin.....seems like that nothing happened

  • He's tiring himself out to make it an even match

  • Thats a good neighbour. Cracking throw

  • It's different when being pitch with machine...and a person.

  • ,.,., 90k-1w Never seen something like this, it's a whole new level of doing stuff.

  • Yes if we are doing this is reverse like that

  • Lookin like Barry Sanders. 💪🏽😁

  • ⚰️

  • Omg 😱🙀🤯

  • That's called the Ghetto Olympics the next Ghetto Olympics 2024 will be hosted in Compton California

  • This is trash girls will never be able to compete with guy's in sports. Get over it cupcakes

  • The moment the car pulled up was hilarious af


  • reminds me pf wipe out

  • The way he fall 😂😂😂😂😂

  • That was actually a perfect throw. I know guys who can't throw that good.😄


  • Shoulda stayed put lad and styled it out.

  • Son: Oh my gosh! You hit that like 10miles away!

  • That kid is going for a running cute 😀

  • You are real successfully failed 😅🤣

  • I want

  • This is a group of backbenchers from whole school

  • the cameraman needs recognition

  • Who is this track though? I wanna get on that for real. Yep Bet get set go Eye and I Got that get it kinda funky Kinda flow Let go

  • Super man

  • *pratice*

  • She 😍

  • Madd Nice

  • 😁😁

  • his 2 steps are mine 20 😂😂😂

  • I was actually expecting that to happen

  • I'm in tears!! The sound tho!!

  • He was starting to use Sky Walk but he stopped

  • Doesn't it hurt?

  • Lmao adorable

  • This guy should be in those rush hour type movies

  • I bet they smirked at the taxes she has to pay along with the “free” car

  • Over here in the UK, we would describe this chap as having 'leathered' it. Please dont ask 🤣

  • Take off the clown mask you clowns

  • 👍👍👍😂😂😂

  • 🧟

  • That’s how gravity works lol

  • Why does this feel like the party rogue and barbarian getting some training in between quests?

  • For the last one what if the dude standing accidentally stomped on the 🏐s I cant imagine the pain

  • This is amazing

  • Dude i would do the same

  • That’s why my furniture is all busted

  • If this was real he would have been golfing pro a long time ago!

  • He's doing q new gluch in sm64


  • No matter what you say but this balance needs a good appreciation 👍👍

  • It amazes me how you can have throw the ball 80+mph and with a swing have the ball instantly do a 180 and go 95mph that’s just so cool

  • Girl built like a Idaho spud

  • Holy fucking shit! That's insane! Good shit my man, you are nuts!

  • This brings me immense joy.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • She's gonna be a great survivor during the Zombie apocalypse

  • I wonder how many people got knocked out

  • shes so cute