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BlacktipH Fishing brings you some of the most exciting fishing videos on the web. Our host, Josh Jorgensen, is an extreme angler who has an adrenaline seeking appetite for monster fish! Whether it's catching monster fish from the beach, from a kayak or from a boat, Josh pushes the limits of big game fishing. Our content has been featured on Discovery, National Geographic, Today Show and many more!



14:05Deep Sea Alabama Fishing
Deep Sea Alabama Fishing意见 112K天 前
0:09Bizarre Baits that Work #Shorts
10:43Who will Catch the Biggest Shark?
0:12This Shark Went Crazy! #Shorts
This Shark Went Crazy! #Shorts意见 625K7 天 前
8:01Wade Fishing for SHARKS
Wade Fishing for SHARKS意见 204K14 天 前
0:05Goliath Grouper High Five #Shorts
11:26This Tuna was MASSIVE!!
This Tuna was MASSIVE!!意见 532K21 天 前
0:50This Fish is a Dinosaur! #Shorts
0:30Catching Crabs at the Dock #Shorts
9:26Giant Bahamas Black Grouper
Giant Bahamas Black Grouper意见 217K个月 前
0:11Playing with Dangerous Sharks #Shorts
0:24We Got Bait! #Shorts
We Got Bait! #Shorts意见 6M个月 前
0:14Dolphin Attacked by Marlin #Shorts
0:35Fishing with Bare Hooks #Shorts
Fishing with Bare Hooks #Shorts意见 1.8M个月 前
0:10Hand Feeding Giant Fish #Shorts
Hand Feeding Giant Fish #Shorts意见 1.3M个月 前
0:18Hooking Fish in Record Time #Shorts
0:10Huge Goliath Topwater Eat #Shorts
0:16Caught a Baby Sailfish #Shorts
9:48Shark Fishing with Nelk - Got a Rolex
0:18Bigger Fish Eats my Fish #Shorts
0:34Bird Caught Under Ice #Shorts
Bird Caught Under Ice #Shorts意见 873K个月 前
0:48Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts
8:14GIANT African Pompano - Clean & Cook
0:49Catching Fish with Watermelon #Shorts
8:49MASSIVE African Pompano & Amberjacks
0:13Walking my Pet Shark #Shorts
Walking my Pet Shark #Shorts意见 12M2 个月 前


  • If I could catch em and go home and cook them for dinner it would be eelic

  • Hello I come from Vietnam

  • I use to catch them all the time. Could never find them on the coast of Alabama but could on the coast of South Carolina.

  • Innocent Fish😭😭😭

  • Dolphin?

  • Thats not a dolphin. Or you are making fun of us.

  • Man... it has to suck to be that fish. It got attacked by a blue marlin which had bad injures, which can also suffer. Yet gets caught by a pro fisherman the next😆

  • Covid people


  • Man I'm all for keeping fish that I've caught ; but not that size. It has to at least be 50 years old. Really you should have thorn it back.

  • George floyd the fish.

  • 😅😆😇

  • And yo punk ass just killed it

  • Do people eat these?

  • Disgusting

  • 가장 잔인한 동물 인간 ㅠㅠ

  • This is not a dolphin.

  • All that cruellty.. If there are enough plants to eat, why kill animals if you don't need to? What else is that but cruellty and evil?

  • Not sand fleas.

  • Did yall even kill him yet bruv just gonna let him suffocate

  • They're kind of cute! 😁🥰🤷‍♀️

  • Saludos desde buenos Aires Argentina siempre vemos tus videos

  • *sits down* “She weighs 150 kilograms and fires 200 dol-“

  • 😱☹️☹️😤😠

  • Why

  • Kasian

  • Bet he caught that on a dock demon

  • 2:09 best seat ever the invisible chair 😳😂😂

  • I see this fish first time, beautiful.

  • If that was caught in Japan it would be worth millions.

  • Oh by the way save me that 4th of July black Tiph hat!!

  • Humans always good at the unnecessary go vegan

  • Hi Josh it's me. I've been busy making sound recordings of frogs insects lightening lions roaring and wasps. Someone I don't like can't stand the wasps and toad sounds. I took and I videoed our 17 year locusts that have come out in my state. Talk to you soon. The laughing shark Janine Draper

  • They are so cute

  • Dolphin cant be eaten right?

  • Oh ok

  • That’s not a dolphin is a big fish ?????

  • 9:41 I hear voices 😏

  • Wow

  • Anyone knows whats e reel brand ( Silver ) 1:36s.. TIA…

  • COK gak di pangan ae sikil e

  • これリョウショウセン魚っていうめちゃくちゃ幻級に珍しい魚だよ! まぁ嘘なんだけど

  • Talangka 😂

  • but why?

  • That's how it goes sometimes after all it's there turf 🙂

  • That was nasty. Omg!! There's sand fleas!! Smh sumn else for me to run from. 😂

  • Humans are the most dangerous animal on the planet it’s a fact

  • Well, that explains baby mirelurks.

  • Man will kill and screw up everything

  • Ngl those things are kinda adorable

  • Bull dolphins are the big males, cow dolphins are the females, as my crazy aussie charter captain told me in the Florida keys

  • My fish/ocean fear is really kickin in

  • W

  • Man: Grabs fish Fish: Aight sir, imma need you to unhand me right now

  • I’ve caught a pin fish in 2 seconds with a fishbite

  • i will use that as a bait for the big fish. it such a waste he just throw those thing away. smh

  • Number 3, you guys were incredibly dumb getting that far into the surf with a shark that close. There are far safer alternatives to the way y’all did that. Many shark attacks happen in the depth y’all were at.

  • Why would you ever wrap the leader wire around your hand? Mako or any large fish, that’s just an incredibly dumb move. If he did break his finger, he’s lucky that’s the only lesson he learned that day. I’ve heard lots of true stories of guys losing fingers all together.

  • I counted it was 3 seconds from the bait touched the water to when the rod bent

  • Too gory too much violence I will never do this but I will teach you how to eat this fish after you cook it!

  • This a dolphin 🐬m?

  • “We have this huge crab” and this little net 🤔

  • How did you get it in the boat 🤔

  • He's got googly eyes

  • SAND CRABS The sand fleas are really little flies

  • Didn't even get a glimpse of it! 😲😲😲

  • Annnnd he had to go and kill it

  • アジアでよく見るその包丁キレすぎないかね

  • You're eating good tonight

  • 6:25...they don't know what the hell they have! 😆

  • anyone have a link to his first video he mentioned?

  • Good for bass and Brits.

  • はえぇ...鮮やかな手際...

  • Alguém brazil

  • Yo it’s the fish from club pengun

  • It's too pretty to eat

  • They look like hermit crabs

  • Yeah but he just keeps catching the same little fish over & over. Poor little guy sees that hook hit the water and thinks "please be something I can eat this time. Damn, I got the hook again!" Stop messing with the little dude!