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17:5317 Teachers You'll Meet in Every School
11:5012 Types of Students in Study Groups
14:0813 Types of People Getting Vaccinated
16:15Students React to Crazy Fan Theories!
27:1317 Types of Students During Presentations
12:00Welcome To The Titan Academy
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20:0513 Types of Students BACK TO SCHOOL
11:279 Types of Students in Every Music Class
29:03Behind The Scenes of I am a Teacher
19:08I am a Teacher Official Soundtrack
I am a Teacher Official Soundtrack意见 218K5 个月 前
33:24I am a Teacher - Official Short Film
1:30I am a Teacher - Official Trailer
I am a Teacher - Official Trailer意见 1.6M6 个月 前
11:4516 Types Of People Watching Disney+
17:04Top 23 Moments of 2020!
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12:52How People React To Bad Christmas Gifts
12:5913 Types of Mobile Gamers
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9:2112 Ways To Make New Friends in School
13:2113 Types of Among Us Players
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  • De-nice Means very nice

  • Jian hao i think that every sunday is n4t1 or t1t5 than next sunday n4t1 than you know what

  • Only the fans of jianhao who have been watching him for a long time will know 7:42 the guy's face was not blurred earlier but it is now

  • I like mr lakosh he is so funny

  • First one feels like I’m being cringed

  • Don’t break food or step on it, oh god please tell me it’s a fake watermelon.

  • it so funny ha ha ha ha 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • yuh deise its marvel over dc

  • Me getting 100 in my English test Me:yessss!!!! But... Wait... I'm indonesian

  • Jasmine at the end was the funniest. The students are Ben trev jianhoa vincent Terry hakim hamza Kevin and ren iy xiang. Abby jasmine vicky Debbie Denise juilynn cherelynn peshei Tasha Juhi and Nicole

  • When is the next video you said it was on Sunday?

  • Who else from india❤️❤️❤️

  • BTW Crystal was right. My teacher says that dance is a form of music too. He even told that it is in the syllabus of many musical universities like Rabindra Bharati.

  • What does Debbie mean by tofu bear? 7:26

  • 5:43

  • there are! P.E exams, NAPHA.

  • "No" do it yourself

  • 😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Henlo


  • I cried so much that I made my water tastes like salty water😢and now I sound like a lawnmower because of my sniffles 🤧


  • Vicky: I need a ride home mom😅😅

  • Omg, even 辉哥also come already

  • moral of the story never date a girl that I'd like this And this video might be a troll

  • I wish my teachers were like these They were WAY WAY WORSE

  • Are you guys fans of Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2? There are like posters everywhere of them (especially RDR2).

  • 3:59 Red Dead Redemption 2 in the poster behind JianHao (my favorite game).

  • Me just laughing for 10 min 🤣🤣🤣

  • “There’s plenty of sea in the fish right?” What?

  • 3:25 is so funny

  • 4:58 abbey laughing to death 💀


  • Their reaction when madam soot being said vicky is fine 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • If ur not Muslim it’s fine but I wish good luck to ur future and wish u to became Muslim if ur not Muslim :)

  • 7:25 When the teacher gives you a F but the answers to the questions are all correct

  • My teacher is nice.

  • W

  • P

  • Schollioses

  • E

  • S

  • Im still not over him walking on water

  • I’m probably the nervous

  • Im missing Cleverly ;(

  • jianhao is a good singer


  • Why no video

  • Moral of the 'MOVIE' You just need a shade of light , In the darkest time, A hand is always there to pick you up, When you fall down To make you realise that you are the best and you are 'never falling'

  • Can you guys keep saying Mom

  • I hate the uniform


  • why they are not uploading new video

  • I got that on my 100 Devices I am on level 99+ and I’m almost to 100 however are you on

  • 3:33 omg they are doing bts ON dance moves and it's amazing if you all agree like this comment


  • 1:35 every auntie when they carry you one or twice

  • Kai has crush on Crystalbell

  • Bruh! Jasmine looks like Ningning from Aespa. So we got three K-Pop idol lookalikes in this company. Ningning (Aespa) - Jasmine Suga (BTS) - Rainer Rosé (BlackPink) - Liz


  • Wait I am confused did she give birth already or is she really pregenent or putting cloth in stomach

  • Kevin is *G4Y* with RYX.

  • the best character in this video : cleverly kevin everyone

  • Theory: Jianhao's mother is behind the secret organization

  • So emotional 😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Um ok i love it and it good

  • The grumpy teacher is the best especially when she say Philip philp philip I watch this video every day ur videos are fun

  • I think miss Sherly should open her own school

  • Madam soot bang scared me 😱😱😱😱😨😨😨

  • MDM soot Beng's wiki is fake

  • Madam soot Beng's real name was Amander.

  • Wai- wait why is madam soot beng cherlyne's mom and Vicky's mom

  • pls make mr alan aand mrs regna removed in the next vid (after what teachers say vs what they reall mean)

  • nice videos i saw your videos in 2021 and very very nice videos

  • 6:11 ancient ones child

  • 5:18 I see i see this is what happens when you give someone free will to edit their characters