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0:27if squid game was a sitcom
if squid game was a sitcom意见 644K8 天 前


  • I‘m sorry but this series has become the same shit over and over again. I cannot believe how the content is being recycled every season. We are just watching a psychopath live at this point and committing the same mistakes 1000x.

  • I still haven’t watched squid game yet but got spoilers from the entire world.

  • So who killed Oliver??

  • The Ali actors smile picture 😂😂💀

  • Sad that they all won’t be in season 2

  • sae beyok so cute


  • Love the way she says my name. That kind of british accent so cool

  • 🌹Happy Birthday Kim. 21 October. Have fun and make money sweetheart. Ms Baha🌹God Bless the Family.

  • To be honest, the only thing to see in season 3 was Victoria's performance.

  • Love ain’t dead lol

  • I love Lucifer, he's such a hottie!! I binge watched every season, love love love it!

  • This movie was SO intense, had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and the only thing that could've made it better is seeing Bailey's reactions to it. Thanks Netflix!

  • Someone watch the ending where Joe is in Paris, a woman with a leopard coat is following she’s shown twice in two different camera angles

  • I’ve watched this 6 times.

  • Spoiler warning would be nice next time

  • They forgot the mother's boyfriend and supposedly the old man.

  • I actually really like his smile, something about it just seems so genuinely happy and innocent, it's honestly so sad to see the way he changes by the end, but I just think that makes him seem even more real and interesting of a character

  • Do they die

  • Monica over Joey 10-5!!! So unrealistic!!

  • Look for the douche face! Haha look at you go girl!! Your a media darling. ❤️🙏🥰

  • I'm in love with an adult..

  • I’d let him murder ma pussaay, omg 💀😂💀😂💀


  • I love this 😭❤️

  • Park Hae-soo using hearts on his bingo board is so cute :) Love this cast/show. I wish we would get more content with other cast as well soon : )

  • idk if it’s just me or did lisa lowkey seem left out- i’m not saying this to be rude to the other members it’s just a random thing that i noticed and i’m prob overreacting

  • How is the first one scary?

  • isaac deserved better

  • 2:04 just gonna leave this here

  • Period

  • Insane!!!! Fucking insane.. thats all I can say... bow to the director and cast and bow to the art director and the staff to create the sets.. freaking legends!!! Ufff art director made everything come to life wow

  • And those funny fighting bros, Jun-Ho and In-ho! With so many regular characters dying, it wouldn't last a full season.

  • I’m gonna miss this 😭😭😭 Not me finishing the video and still crying

  • Fucking Steiner, you have no right to talk to the drivers and the engineers in that manner. Who do you think you are? The men you are rudely blaming are experts in their jobs, they have come to this level with hard work. Please let us know, at which technical area are you expert in? You are a person paid for informing the boss only, nothing else.

  • whats with the makeup Dude. come on

  • The ending surprised me, I had no clue that Adele was actually rob.

  • Love Bailey Sarian!!!!!

  • He may not be the best driver of all time. But he's a hero.

  • Baileyyyyy lol you had me rolling the whole time

  • And introducing Ali

  • God's Angel's where watching over you my Friend! 😇. Godbless!

  • where’s Todd

  • Adam: we're gonna find out who's the best GAYmer

  • Random prediction: I bet love didn’t die in that fire and will pop up sometime next season.

  • I honestly think this show can go at least 2 or 3 more seasons. Lots of stories left to tell. I would give this season 10/10 though. Definitely the best season out of the 3.

  • Ok this is kind of iconic

  • I love this guy because he's strong. I love this guy because he's strong. 😍💙

  • You always look glam before the makeup, I love it!!!🍰🔥🥰🌹❤️‍🔥🍪😍

  • I just didn’t like Theo he a fucking home wrecker, she played victim the whole time

  • I have to say I had this family all wrong and I'm sorry for that. Since learning and listening to Paris I really like her and have more respect for her. Kathy is by far my most favorite housewife !!! Yes they are wealthy but her personality is so refreshing to see on tv . I just love her and hope she does another season. I've learned ' never judge a book by its cover '

  • interesting, interesting

  • Is the kelsie one wrong

  • Truly that's an act of God Almighty

  • y'all i can fix him 😖

  • Who's here after season 3rd? Missing Forty so much.

  • How tf is Jake the killer? ????????????????????

  • The vibesssssss