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16:35Would You Do This For $10,000?
Would You Do This For $10,000?意见 1.2M个月 前
14:16My TESLA Controls My Life For 24 Hours!
16:57I Ate A $10,000 Golden Burger
I Ate A $10,000 Golden Burger意见 1.6M个月 前
9:34I'm Moving Away... (not a prank)
I'm Moving Away... (not a prank)意见 707K2 个月 前
10:56Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Desert
10:42If You Beat FaZe Jarvis You Win $10,000
10:19Asking Billionaires For a Free House


  • jarvis destroyed michael lee

  • He took his hands off at 16.11 look at his hands

  • Are Hannah and jarvis even dating?

  • I wonder if Jarvis has actually Ben playing fortnite

  • Yes yes

  • Who is here after Jarvis won a boxing fight 😳🥲🥲

  • Qaaaa.. Wllsldldld “”””””

  • I love the house it’s by the ocean! 👇

  • Hi sheesh

  • Mc Donalds life hack you can end world hunger

  • Go to Mami BOYZ

  • I liked & subed$$$$$$$$

  • Ya Das cookin. Did y’all get so you can box frequently

  • Whne they went into Jarvis room they really thought

  • Ayy

  • This WAS CRAZY!

  • Move to cedar hill

  • Yes you should move

  • Jesus loves you all

  • Jarvis almost caught lacking

  • COOL

  • Nae nae

  • Hi hello

  • He said that painting was Michael Jackson

  • My guy only needed two rounds to put Michael in his place,GGs Jarvis!🥶

  • You guys pay so much money in rent to stay in the multi million dollar homes. By now you guys could've owned a multi million dollar house but You guys must like staying in other people's houses. Only your own houses so much more satisfying than renting someone else's

  • Facts they should do it bruv :D

  • Frazier the gate r lord which we all wish on india I m from india and a big fan of ur Left of it is lord ganesh and right one is loard laxmi

  • Jarvis got 1million dollars

  • It’s a nice house faze kay

  • Move too miami faze house

  • AM from India

  • Bro but his only 18 or 19 idk

  • Hi hello

  • Try Ocean Reef great place to live on Miami around Key Largo. Private island has its own golf course, airport, own sheriff , public safety, Ocean view, and much more. you won't regret it 🙏😎

  • 4:05 it landed in the spot

  • Dang hype house would be pissed seeing this

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  • can i get an apple watch series 6

  • hi

  • yo stay in miami

  • Wtf he predicted midas

  • Florida so nice need to stop liberals from living their put them in shitty California

  • Its sad that im the only person to comment in 2021😢

  • That's not him

  • Honestly would off got a car.

  • U wrong for this one lol

  • I think u did a little to much reaction my g

  • Bro that’s the off brand Justin because its the Justin that tricked the internet

  • Gg

  • The fat pikachus are worth 2thousand

  • You should move it’s lit 🔥

  • get caught in 4

  • Lmao 😂

  • Yoo Frazier’s laugh sounded like luigi in this vid lol just listen

  • Man went from aim botting in fornite to aimbotting irl

    • Yooo Jarvis your insane 😱🥳

  • you guys should move to miami

  • Was this filmed before the fight or after

  • Miami

  • Next next year a faze private Jet 90Million dollars Next next next year the faze rocket ship 450million Next next next next year the faze Country 1billion Next centrie the faze Planet 875billion The next next next centrie the faze UNIVERSE 999DICCILION

  • so sad for faze rug he rented a house in la for three months and now they are thinking moving to miami lmao 😂

  • pls move there

  • Who is here 1 year later 👁

  • It’s a cool house and all but you Gotta make up your mind like how many times are you going to change the faze house

  • Move to Miami the best place ever

  • Love your videos @FaZe Kay!

  • Man where’s bugha

  • Stay in Miami

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  • Move to Miami

  • Nooooooo in LA pls

  • Good Flight jarves.i vote Michael Le

  • Go to Miami

  • Was that Avani when Jarvis was training

  • Guys, i think they should move in do y’all agree?

  • Moveeeeeee

  • He said there’s no evidence but he uploaded this video 😆😆

  • He is not a fan he is a CNlinksr

  • Move to miami