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2:14:37Champions League Final Watchalong
2:07:34Chelsea vs Real Madrid Watchalong
2:12:36Man City vs PSG Watchalong
Man City vs PSG Watchalong意见 29K个月 前
2:05:29Real Madrid vs Chelsea Watchalong


  • Mexicooooondumb shit

  • Ochoa too old, time to retire

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  • 😂😂 another German made Aguero cry AGAIN! What a goal by Havertz seriously talented kid. So glad Chelsea picked him up.


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  • USA finally beat Mexico

  • Mexico has poor sportsmanship. LOSERS

  • The referee got my respekt. Congratulations 🇺🇸

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  • Man of the match goes to the referee

  • Damn, These young Generation of USA team stacked .

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  • Pulsic the american xD

  • Mexico fans dont cry because usa only won because of a penalty kick

    • Also Mexico missing a penalty kick

  • Chelsea man gets the winner but the goalie is the real hero

  • And to think I almost chose the Logan Paul fight over going to the stadium

  • The onerous stepmother collaterally close because justice spectroscopically embarrass by a selfish loss. accidental, misty tooth

  • If Michael Bradley was playing they would have lost.

  • Look forward Aron

  • Like a ham and cheese stanwich

  • Not a good proforminces

  • 3:40 what a golden chance wasted by Honduras. The player on the left side confused his teammate who was running out of options. My view, this player came to support, but ended up being the US defender's patrol agent. He supposed to hide and take advantage of that huge gap in the middle behind the defender to enable his teammate to have a better option with the ball. 7:36 what a moment for USA Thanks guys

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  • Mexico got to admit that you guys did your best but still couldn’t stop USA from wining it.

  • What a game USA. The quality of real champions. That’s how it should be.


  • Mexico needs to step there game up on the technical aspect of the game . USA uses cameras for fouls and out of bounce and offside plays . South America doesn't play like that .

  • Offsides rule is the reason soccer is boring to watch.


  • Lfg!!!!!!!!!!! Watched it live, last thing I watched b4 my 55 blew out lol. Glad it was. Great game, thought it was going to shootout, what a save!


  • Una vez más la decepción le es súper fiel a su nombre, juegan como nunca y pierden como siempre, es tiempo de sacar a toda esas divas de la decepción mexicana.

  • Let’s go USA!!!!!!

  • Good game

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  • Go Team USA!

  • geez USA back line, mark somebody !

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  • About time USA. Young team on its way to be good!

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  • Lo siento Mexico pero we got this one! hahaha

  • Ngl, been a soft fan of City for a few years, but this Chelsea squad is stealing my heart 😍

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  • So true what you're saying - cowardly tactics. Two holding midfielders meant going forward England were always a man short - it's why Kane has to drop deep. The 'lack of creativity' simply comes from having nobody in front to pass to. What's the point in having Declan Rice playing balls sideways from 2 yards to the side of Stones. You might as well let Stones do the passing and have another attacking player in the field for him to pass to. At the very least, if England persist with 2 holding midfielders, they should have the confidence to attempt risky forward passes. The talent England have is ridiculous, you've got to remember there were only 3 England players in the starting lineup who haven't played in a European club final. Insane talent. Plus just as good options on the bench. The problem was Southgates tactics attempted to cover perceived weaknesses, rather than play to strengths. Absolutely cowardly team choice.

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  • Cant believe Sancho hasn’t played. For me next fame has to be: Pickford James Maguire Stones. Shaw Phillips Foden. Grealish Sancho. Kane. Rashford

  • Me having not watched this live: 🤡

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  • Will see how they do in the world Cup!

  • I can't count how many times I've watched this highlight, for the love of Chelsea.

  • Goalie okay. Scott sterling is the real goat

  • lol what a shit game

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  • Coutinho left Liverpool so he can win the Champions League with "FC Barcelona" = Liverpool won the Champions League. Coutinho got loaned to Bayern Munich from "FC Barcelona" and he won a Champions League with Bayern. FC Barcelona got the bad karma on both sides from Coutinho's expense! xD

  • Equally level-headed save of the final penalty shot! Man,….show this in any kind of training video for keeping your head about you…

  • US penalty shot - I’ve NEVER seen anyone be that cool.

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  • Go back to Mexico!!!

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  • Just like your government

  • Mexican fans showing no class by throwing trash at US players. Glad FIFA punished the Mexican Team for their fans’ horrible behavior and homophobic chants. It’s gone on for way too long.

  • Can't even qualify for Olympic play anymore. 👎🇺🇸

    • Because we don’t send our best under 23 players to the Olympic team anymore