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This is the official CNlinks channel of Minecraft. We tell stories about the Minecraft Universe.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence


14:59Minecraft Live 2021: Minecraft Marketplace
34:51Minecraft Live 2021: Community Pre-show
12:27Minecraft Live 2021: The Mob Vote
Minecraft Live 2021: The Mob Vote意见 2.5M19 小时 前
2:15:20[AUDIO DESCRIPTION] Minecraft Live 2021
2:15:26Minecraft Live 2021
Minecraft Live 2021意见 8M19 小时 前
2:15:30[AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE] Minecraft Live 2021
1:37Minecraft Live 2021: Update Highlights
6:25Secrets of Caves & Cliffs Part I
7:45Dev Diaries: Community Collaborations
0:44Minecraft Dungeons: Soon on Steam!
6:10Secrets of Updates That Nearly Broke Us
7:47Secrets of the Features That Got Cut


  • They never talk about pvp

  • I love minecraft

  • Allay

  • Minecraft: makes everyone a creator Me:(evil laugh)

  • Minecraft will do very cool I'm from Minecraft beddrock

  • Is the entity wizard in blockbench only for Minecraft Berock Edition?

  • Me name‘s Agnes

  • Nooooo fail copper golem

  • i hope they add a unique dog like cats in the official game

  • Copper golem

  • Aah 2021 and youtube is still suggesting it c:

  • It's really crazy to think an entire Triple A company can survive off a single game franchise (before Microsoft bought Mojang they were still doing pretty well)

  • How normal people thing hackers work: 0:20 How they actually work: 0:03

  • Wow. Just to see how much the games changed. Just wow.

  • you are so cool Minecraft!

  • Hm

  • I wanted to tell you if you can add challenges that can give you mine coins

  • Épico epic

  • Java's fading, Bedrock is now being the main minecraft version shown by Minecraft :D

  • 5:16 pure youtuber

  • Hi I have an important information

  • Add frog plllsssss

  • Tá ficando muito legal estou ansioso para 1.19

  • I feel bad for jeb man idk

  • I would seriously love and be honored to work or be a creator, I’m a terraformer, landscaper, I love to make custom biomes, I been playing this since it came out, first time was is my public library with kids watching me. I can’t even explain how much I love this game.

  • Please I'll give you my number and the and the what's please go in the woods give me 1.17 please tell me on pt-17 I don't

  • I feel like custom dogs have been needed for a while. Id say having 2x as many types of dogs as cats is fair. There are so many more dog types than cats in the world. Cats only change color and maybe some slight differences. Dogs change color, and shape.

  • I don't have Minecraft 1.7

  • Look at seystem zee models

  • I love minecraft

  • first thing i thought of making is a miny me that I can have as a pet or follower

  • So That Means That We Can Make Our Own Five Night's at freddys or Chuck-E-Cheese's Buildings And Animatronics In Minecraft.

  • 27:18 FUE 🅱🅾🅱ℹ

  • Ya no creo que se agregue y si se agrega seré felis

  • Its work in ps4 ? Pls tell me it work😔

  • Wow!! That looks cool!!!!

  • i leke taiga for the fox

  • I'm trying to change the color but nothing worked

  • Díganme delicado o lo que sea...no superó la perdida del golem...

  • Can you add another color for the dog

  • recommmended *1000*

  • villager news is my childhood.

  • Lobos usiiiiiiiiii ♥️

  • Javabedrock edication edition

  • lol this is cool

  • Goat was spitting fire

  • You should be able to put Fire Fly into glass bottles.

  • Pig turn is like DOOM

  • :) waiting for update in the wild version udptade

  • i love minecraft

  • Can you guys add a chunk border tool in the setting menu on console pls.

  • Can the mob creating tools come out on switch caz i only have minecraft on switch now

  • It is very impressive how they let their imagination fly, it is amazing that they created an incredible game like the creators, all the updates that were made were thanks to the study of mollang to the dessallolladores and many more are amazing

  • Minecraft has died when the minecoins become a thing

  • I feel like, Mud Bricks and Endstone Bricks would go together well.

  • The bee armour XD

  • :0

  • Savanna

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no mob is noooooooooooooooooo mojang jhtybygyr

  • I saw the thumbnail and thought this was a bout the wild update :(

  • Nostalgia

  • "We need physical minecraft" Jeb: proceeds to find out who asked

  • Bruh, if these get added they should make them dance near jukeboxes that are playing music similar to parrots

  • Россияне, ОТЗОВИТЕСЬ!!!!!

  • We need actual dogs in minecraft and leave the wolves wild like what happened with the ocelot and the cats

  • yeahhhh, keep this to bedrock edition.

  • the music was amazing