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1:00PlayStation VR - Live The Game
PlayStation VR - Live The Game意见 117K12 小时 前
0:45Rainbow Six Siege - Showdown Event | PS4
0:23Fortnite x Balenciaga | PS5, PS4
Fortnite x Balenciaga | PS5, PS4意见 77K12 小时 前
1:19Crisis Wing - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4
1:11TOEM - Accolades Trailer | PS5


  • i hate black people spongebob 4 life

  • Take photos -> smile and ✌️🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Odin shed a TYR when he saw this trailer

  • Evil ad

  • Very nice 👍 so happy 😁

  • we need cratos wings

  • The death of blizzard 🥶/ Activision

  • What was that chest thing at the beginning supposed to be I am confused

  • PS4?? I have the PS6 GET ON MY LEVEL KID 😤🤣🤘

  • I already got the game and beat it

  • You’re fkn joking? Like this is not real yeah?

  • Ishin confirmed for the west?

  • BGM of this game is on another level.

  • This game even for PS4 or only ps5?

  • Hope PS4 version is not trash 🙏

  • This is gonna be sick for my little bros

  • Is nice to have a game where a girl looks like a girl, not as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • For the price of a scalped PS5 you could just buy a gheyming pc lol.

  • uH What does Schwarzer mean in Hebrew? Anyone?

  • ROCKSTAR...cmon this is stupid

  • I'm sorry but did I just see a pair of tylosaurs from Jurassicpark the telltale game also will there be a chaos effect pack

  • wft

  • #2:50 🔥🔥

  • Lo mismo pero con mods de gráficos del GTA SA

  • Stop supporting Blizzard

  • Looks like a cool game!

  • 0:33 Is that a supra !!🤑🤑

  • so glad I somehow skipped Diablo2.. time to get stuck in

  • This was better than the last one.

  • But women will have their legs fully covered...

  • The return of Coyote Bong Water

  • Aside from obviously race swapped Angrboda, I'm still going to play this game to see my man Kratos.

  • "You seem like a calm and reasonable person, Are you calm and reasonable person?", Said Thor. "Well.. are you?" Asked Kratos calmly.

  • So we get a Wushu Warrior class now?


  • I like the concept

  • Este trailer tiene que superar al GTA V de ahora en likes, los juegos se hacen con corazón no por sacar más dinero con vagancia

  • This trailer was fire!

  • Esse jogo é tão cumprido que eu comprei o primeiro no lançamento e ainda estou no episódio 6, sendo que são 15 episódios.

  • People still play this?

  • Corny, but way better than that trash with nippedinthebud in it.


  • It's crazy how society has gone crazy over body dimensions that typically black and brown women are known for and then slapping those body types on their female protagonists who are obviously Asian inspired and aren't known for those features. It's all really interesting.

  • Who want thor to beat kratos Like me

  • Guys im confused, is this a new game or a dlc to the original game?

  • So is it... a rhythm game? I can't tell what this is supposed to be, lol

  • Give spiderman on xbox we give you forza and other games

  • Ont s'en fou du 2 ont veut le nouveau

  • And now Microsoft more user friendly on 9th gen consoles

  • So… is this a free update for people who own the games?

  • Mrs. Puff is the real rock star

  • Calliope?

  • Will I be able to play my old PS5 games on this??

  • but will it be ps4...

  • I have Not ps 5😔😔

  • " I want to loot corpses and sexually assault women "

  • I was 14 when this came out. Now I’m 22

  • This trailer got younger me so hype, still do

  • Electro bc electricity, accent sounds like Kraven the hunter, and venom

  • I need a new pair of socks

  • Psychonauts for us grown folks 🙌🏽

  • GTA V Milked and Getting More Milked

  • They’ve barely promoted this lol

  • My name should already tell you about this trailer


  • Too hard of a game


  • Parasite Eve looks different than I remember.

  • I absolutely LOVE PlayStation VR!!!

  • Vao fazer dublagem portugues?

  • 5:19

  • Pvp at some point would be amazing.


  • Its cuz they dont know how to make anything theres, they have to throw money at all these companies to stay relevant

  • Man I miss darkstalkers 🦇🦇

  • fck! this looks sick!

  • Bruh