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  • Couldn’t care less about this game. I don’t want anymore universes or IP’s. I just want bloodborne 2.

  • I am more interested in finding patches in this game haha, what will he be this time? A giant?

  • What a bullshit title Thumbs down

    • @Billy_Cross you a salty illiterate boii

    • @Gravel Sorry I don’t read gibberish

    • You a salty boi

    • @Don Lobo agreed. It’s most certainly real gameplay, just didn’t wanna start a war on the comment section lol.

    • @Daniel no it's not fair. Regardless of what the angle is, this is all recorded by the devs playing the game. The only difference from this to raw gameplay is UI and a third person camera locked on to target. Everything else is exactly how the game works. No one would waste time animating all of this if they can simply play the game on the engine and then modify the angle to get cool shots and be done in a fraction of what would take to manually animate this just for the trailer.

  • Like you said, dark souls is more sinister and hopeless, while elden ring is more hopeful

  • if that horse is a spirit it feels like there should be some other mountable spirits in the game lest see :D

  • I'm so glad I got talked into getting DS3 finally because this looks amazing

  • i think u can pick which class u want to play likely to bloodborne origin

  • This literally looks like Dark Souls Online. Which is kool. It just seems like a lot of copy and pasting things with a new coat of paint.

    • It has the same multiplayer functionality as the other dark souls games apart from improvements to accessibility.

  • I wonder if we can do magic only gameplay that viable with mana regen. Like convergence mod with both stamina usage with mana cost.

  • This is going to be a great game

  • I hope they add tiny Easter eggs from dark souls like land marks just like breath of the wild I totally want to see anor Londo again along with fire link shrine and a cave that would be similar to the catacombs from dark souls 1

  • Honestly clicked on this video as it seemed to be the best option and whatdya know it's vaati. Enough said 👍

  • She: "The Tarnished will soon return" Me: you mean the ashen one....

    • @Gravel no matter what they call it. it will always be "The Ashen One" to me :P

    • If those things were at all the same I'd agree with you

  • Spiiriit horse

  • dont imagine you dont see iit

  • This is like sekiro mixed is dark souls

  • My biggest hope is that the combat is more Sekiro than traditional souls. Both because it was so satisfying, but also because the fights LOOKED so much more dramatic and tactical.

    • Don’t get your hopes up. Sekiro’s combat system only exists due to it having a single weapon and animations were fine tuned to work with it. There will be stealth though.

  • i still want a age of fire age of ancients dark souls game i want to look and travel arounf astora or travel caldera in search for adventure ik miyazuki basically said the ip is up for grabs but i dont think anyone can really top ds3

  • this is the world we escaped to in ds3..

  • Thanks mum. Gonna go check out that Ydrissil over there real quick, cheers

  • Yakul might be like Despair in Darksiders 2 cant be summoned in the more indoor areas

  • Just got my Shattered Valkyrie sweater yesterday and I love it

  • I have showed up to every soulsborne game late. I have had every single one of these games spoiled for me before I even knew I was interested in them. This will be my first truly blind FromSoftware experience. This is the only video on the subject I will watch until 7 months from now when I've beaten the game.

  • Who else hated the " stealth system " in sekiro? Dark souls was better, it didnt show you a giant red or yellow exclamation mark to show you you are about to get noticed. I would like the AI to sneak up on me like the shadow douchebag in the forest of dark souls 1. I couldn't get through sekiro, not because it was difficult ( because it wasn't ) but rather because it felt old fashioned like metal gear solid. Please like if you agree. Get this known

  • I have watched this about 5 times now

  • The vibe and tone of your voice somehow goes along the dark souls atmosphere so perfectly that it's really comfortable to listen. Feels like I'm listening to some kind of podcast.

  • mhh im not so sure about the Open World thing .... the gated Level structure is part of the core design that makes FromSoft Games unique and good

  • I can't wait to play elden ring.....

  • sorry im such a child when you said giant dong i laughed like a little kid

  • Elden Ring BETTER fix the terrible hitboxes and godforsaken Camera of sekiro. It's hard to believe they were able to release such a Half Baked piece of crap and largely hide the fact that it was a giant Financial flop because it has some of the worst hitboxes and camera GIMP in modern gaming history. Sekiro was hard for all the wrong reasons and I wouldn't touch Elden ring with a ten-foot pole 💩 *FROMFAIL*

    • @Gravel the scripting is lame but the TERRIBLY BROKEN infrastructure was far far worse...enemies could hit you thru walls and when they completely missed!?!?!?

    • @😒BLM trejurey depourtment🤔 even without playing it I can see how sekiro may be more scripted than there other games

    • @Gravel maybe, but if you like real athletic contests you probably don't theatrical representations of them as much...sekiro is scripted like fake wrestling

    • @😒BLM trejurey depourtment🤔 what if I think they both suck. Will I still like the game?

    • @Gravel you sound like the kind of character who's going to love this game... especially if you love fake wrestling more than the Greco-Roman World Championship

  • You can jump, You can double jump, your HORSE can jump, It can double jump, It can Super Jump! Dark Souls - yeah yeah okay already with your -ing jumping.

  • This seems like dark souls meets breath of the wild and it looks AMAZING Can't wait to play it

  • Reading way too much into this mate, its a trailer with some random gameplay with music and input of generic voicelines from the opening cinematic

    • Fromsofts trailers usually gives tons of info you can't find without really looking at the details of the trailer

  • I hope we don't overhype it

  • Plagiarist.

  • I dont YAWN often ... but when i do its BC somone hasent a clue of what there talking about

    • i yawned after reading your comment

  • It's rune betters good!

  • it would be so cool to have a bit of crafting in it. I always wondered how a game with the smart crafting of the witcher 3 and the incredible combat of darksouls would look like.

  • Does hearing the title "Elden Ring" remind anyone else one of Dark Soul's scrapped names?

  • watch its single player only LMFAO

    • Multiplayer was confirmed ages ago. Also nothing wrong with a good single player game .

    • It's got pvp and coop. Lmao


  • I'm excited, but i hope there's some level of inclusion to sekiro's deflection mechanic. I love dark souls and bloodborne, but the satisfaction I get from successfully deflecting a barrage of attacks will never be matched.

  • will this be related to the souls lore? like will it tie in?

    • Not at all, completely stand alone.

  • Look, I don't care about all of that I just want to know if I can parry everything!?!?!?!?!

  • This will be a Souls version of Zelda breath of the wild XD

  • We need dark souls 4!!!!

  • someone needs to create the matrix already cause I wanna experience this world IN THE FLESH!

  • Does anyone know if Vaati has a link to some of the background music he uses in his videos? Edit: Found the one I was looking for: Only Once More by Lagua Vesa

  • Am I the only one that recognizes the magic art at 9:20 as being the Ringed Knight Straight Sword? Like when you hold the weapon art he holds it up just like that

  • I bet you have to shoot an arrow from horseback onto the bell and then it will kneel or something and youll be able to get into the building

  • this looks like DS , sekiro , and Middle Earth in one

  • So, I think the reason that the woman takes off her ring at the beginning is to give it to the player. Notice how the first thing we see in the trailer is a hand, presumably the player tarnished's, lying on the ground. And it might just be me, but it looks like after she takes off her ring, she leans forward somewhat as though to grab the hand of the tarnished. It's possible the ring is an essential item on the tarnished's quest, perhaps something that allows you to command spirits (like your horse) or enables collecting shards of the Elden Ring. Rings do seem to have more significance apart from just the Elden Ring itself - the giant hand in the trailer is wearing like, 3 or 4? - so it makes sense that a ring bearing some special power is necessary for you to succeed in your quest. But that's just speculation really

  • I don't want dagger quick step :( i wants rolls!

  • I love those hoodies, I bought one and its super comfortable, ive never bought CNlinks merch before, but this was really great quality and I appreciate the love and care you have for your community, this just reaffirms it thank you vaati I love your content ❤

  • Is this the guy that made Dragon's Dogma? This look is very much like it.

  • was very patient up to this point. take your time fromsoft, dont dissappoint us, i know you wont

  • so happy its gonna be on the old gen consoles.


  • souls of the wild

  • does anyone else want to ring that damn turtle's bell? I know in sekiro it made the game harder but it is so tempting.

  • I can't wait to explore the SWAMP KINDOM

  • This wouldn't be the first time that Miyazaki was inspired by Miyazaki

  • We need a Miyazaki x Vaat interview 😤

  • Anyone else feel like this a prequel or sequel to the events of dark souls? The multi arm boss reminds me of Gilgamesh.

  • Did that boss use a faith spell to summon a Giant Miracle hammer?

  • "The giant dong" hehe


  • Guys, imagine if they added Shadow of the Colossus Esque climbing mechanics-

  • ah yes a ps4 release too, this will go well

  • I may not end up buying or even liking it but one thing I can guess is that it will be difficult. Something lacking in much of today's fantasy gaming.

  • Who else noticed that artorias double 9:32

  • I wonder if anything from the art competition was added

  • that hoodie looks amazing , its a shame im broke

  • So what if the first Elden Ring trailer we got is similar to the Dark Souls 3 opening cinematic where it explains and shows the main Elden Lords, just like it explained the Lords of Cinder? So the Valkyrie lady, multi armed king guy and the huge boar tusk warrior are all Elden Lords and the cinematic is showing the war that happened after the shattering of the Elden Ring? Just a thought.

  • I am sold.....; take my money Fromsoftware.

  • Never even played a souls game before but my friends really want me to get this and try this! I usually suck at games like this but your video has kinda got me on the hype train! Thanks!

  • That “hair” might just be a helmet, it’s not the first time helmets have built in hair.

  • I just want a dark souls with "normal" npcs, cities and inns just like a usual fantasy rpg game.

  • Gotta be honest, the animations look... weird(?) to me, and I'm also not sure if bosses in any order will be good. I'm probably wrong and I hope I am, either way still hyped but yeah, not as blown away as most people I guess.

  • Shit graphics

    • Ya just got shit taste

  • I’m excited but as a PS4 owner I gotta see how it performs first. If the version is reported as stable I’ll be buying it

  • I always loved how each game was making you fight for a different reason. Dark souls was fighting against the odds in a world which was stagnant and dying. Bloodborne was fighting for a greater good while the world spat and discredited you for being an outsider. Sekiro about fighting for honour and not with honour.

  • giant dong? haha

  • 9:32 Wolf form instead of dragon form?

  • Oh..thats totally not the bell of awakening..nope..

  • I hope they make the katana combat similar to Sekiro. Same with all weapons, really. Have heavy weapons feel like you're swinging around... A heavy weapon, ect.

  • welp looks like im gonna have to buy ps5. Its been few years and no game caught my attention after ds and bloodborne but now, this appeared.

  • As someone said : Definition of Games nowdays either it Breath of The Wild or Dark Souls Miyazaki : Make them have a baby!

  • Intersting, i dont see a gameplay! FAKE!

  • Is the King in the painting Lord Gwyn?

  • 12:20 This is why we haven't had much news or progress the past few years? Not enough arms.

  • Very Cool.

  • I'm literally just saying "OH MY GOD" the whole time I'm watching this video!

  • Probably gonna be more of a proper game than cyberpunk at least

  • Callin it, the Elden ring will be a literal physical thing that holds the universes or the 6 worlds of Elden ring together in reality. And when shattered it sends out a curse that turns people into metal to sacrifice themselves and repair the ring, though you can’t die, and the more you do the more tarnished you get.

  • I hate it when people act like old gameplay concepts are something new.

  • The graphics are not very good looking.

  • Its dark souls with horses and open world? I'm not a super fan so.....

  • I believe I have found the inspiration for the horses look. Vampire Hunter D. 1980’s.

  • I love watching your videos keep up the good work as you always do.