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Fenghuang Ancient City, also know as Phoenix Ancient Town, is located in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, in southwest of Hunan Province.

It is one of the smaller counties in Hunan, but now it is known as the most beautiful ancient town for its long history and well-preserved appearances. The name of Phoenix (Phoenix in Chinese Pinyin is Fenghuang) town mainly derived from the Phoenix Mountain which is in a phoenix shape.
★★ Fenghuang Old Town ★★
Fenghuang Ancient City has basically maintained the layout and original appearances of the Ming and Qing dynasties to this day.

There preserved in the ancient town zone over 200 ancient residential buildings, some 20 large or small streets, 10 ancient lanes and alleys, as well as ancient town walls, ancient town gate towers, ancient leaping rock, ancient wells, ancient rainbow bridges, ancient temples of literature, ancient temples of poems, ancient ancestral temples etc., all of which are by and large preserved in their original state.

The residential environment featuring harmony between human and the mountains, waters and the town has been preserved in its original form up to now.

Fenghuang is a well-preserved traditional village in the western Hunan province. Also called the Phoenix Ancient Town, Fenghuang is a fantastic place to visit for a long weekend trip or a stop-by on your way through Hunan.

With beautiful riverside buildings, old temples, traditional Miao culture, picturesque mountain surroundings, and an amazing night-time atmosphere, there’s so much to see in this little town!
★★ Introductions of Fenghuang Ancient Town: ★★
The ancient town of Fenghuang also means the Phoenix Town in China; it was described as the most beautiful town in China by the Zelanian writer Louis Aileen. The town is the only path between Huaihua, Jishou (Hunan province) and Tongren (Guizhou province) and a must-visit place to enjoy the real amorous feelings of the west part of Hunan province.

The town is very small with only a main street; however, it is a green corridor and charming place. It is located on the river bank of Tuojiang River, the small town was once the rallying point for politicos, warlords, bandits, and the local Miao minority people, we should say it was once a standard "barbarian" land.

★★ Main Attractions and interesting things to do:
★★ Tuojiang River:
Tuojiang River is the mother river of the ancient town of Fenghuang, getting on the local black-awning boat (pronounced Wupeng Boat in Chinese), enjoying the folk songs sung by the helmsman, watching the featured Diaojiao buildings all along the river bank, boating downstream and crossing the Rainbow bridge, all make guest feel like touring in a scroll painting.

★★ Gate towers:
Four ancient city gates exist in the town, the East Gate Tower was built by red sand rocks and it is of the same importance as the North Gate Tower, the gates protected the town a lot in ancient time.

★★ Former residences:
People started to know the Phoenix Town from one famous Chinese writer - Shen Congwen. Mr. Shen was born here in a classic ancient quadrangle courtyard at Fenghuang town. Except from the Former Residence of Shen Congwen, visitors may also look around the Xiong Xiling’s Former Residence, Mr. Xiong Xiling was called ‘the wonder child of Hunan province’ and he was elected as the first elected Prime Minister of the Republican period in 1913.

★★ Ancestral hall:
The Ancestral Hall of Yang Family was built in 1836 and located in the northeast of the ancient city wall of Fenghuang, people may marvel at the fantastic designing and work of the hall.

★★ Hongqiao Wind and Rain Bridge:
The bridge has three arches, the height from the river surface to the top of the bridge compares a couple of floors. Mr. Huang Yongyu’s (born in Fenghuang and famous for his print making) left his antithetical couplet on the bridge and left the world with imagination and wonders. The second floor of the bridge is used for receiving importance guests and exhibiting calligraphies and paintings.

★★ Guys, I'm looking forward to know what you get from the video.★★
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    • 湖南省 湘西州 凤凰古城(凤凰镇) 坐高铁到怀化,一个小时车程到这里,很方便 欢迎过来游玩!


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