《贺先生的恋恋不忘 Unforgettable Love》EP1 Starring: Wei Zheming | Hu Yixuan [Mango TV Drama]

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"Unforgettable Love" is directed by Li Yulei and co-starred by Wei Zheming, Hu Yixuan, Sheng Huizi, Yu Yijie, Shi Qingyan, Wu Chongxuan and others. The play revolves around He Qiaoyan, CEO of Heshi Group and Qin Yiyue, a child psychologist. It tells the story of a rational and indifferent tyrant and a soft and meticulous psychologist, from acquaintance to love.

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    • Why Mako translated into Arabic 🥺🥺🥺

    • @Sumi Rah u can turn caption on to english in setting

    • Thank you mgtv for the sub.were waiting this hoping till the end we ca watch here 😊😍more dramas ..keep safe everyone👏😊❤

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  • 5:50 "you are late" 5:58 "3 principles" 8:38 "i'm angry" "i protest" 15:14 "i am xiaobao" 37:56 "please don't get too close to me Thank me later

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