It's Mindblowing How This Man Has Done The Difficult Work of Armature Rewinding

添加 2021年08月13日
It's Mindblowing How This Man Has Done The Difficult Work of Armature Rewinding...
It's mindblowing how this man has done the difficult work of truck starter motor armature rewinding without sophisticated tools.
If you've got a vehicle, you might want to get its starter motor rewound. It's cheaper than buying a new one. I'm sure you've all seen a lot of rewinding done, but this is the first time I've seen it done this way.
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  • That just means your tiny mind is way too easily blown...

  • Woowwww i can’t believe! Good Job, well done! 👍 ❤️❤️

  • 這才是修理..真正的技工..

  • А, что если ИМ "дать" просторные, светлые, тёплые, с соответствующим оборудованием цеха, да с перерывом на обед в заводской столовой за 70-80 копеек, да тарифный отпуск, да курортно-санаторное "лечение", да соответствующую, с 13-й зарплату, НО, без профсоюза ....... !!!

  • A craftsmen I love it

  • Incredible hands of another talented and hard working *Pakistani* 🇵🇰

  • Các bạn thật tài giỏi

  • when i lived in sanberndino ca in 1964 there was a man doing the same thing in his shop. he was 100% blind and worked by himself. i had a few swamp cooler moters rebuilt by him. $25.00 back then.

  • One mm iron on the paper and iron bains on the solder too success tray this theory

  • Thread bains on the armitur two said fails only one mm iron wair on the paper solder leave after starting because armitur gear system high ampear in 24 volt this faild 12volt in success

  • Superb videos ! 👍

  • It is the great worker. India is the best manually machine.

  • Esta clase de trabajos y manera de embobinar la he practicado desde hace más de 35 años, en Colombia, con uno de los pioneros en reconstrucción de piezas de motores de arranque y alternadores, de toda clase, he embobinado toda clase de inducidos de cualquier marca de coches, y de todos los motores eléctricos que tiene un coche

  • jesus man, dial back the endless on screen popups, we get it. its cool, but also very common in india, people ca see this done in a million youtube videos, that dont have popups through the whole video.

  • I hope the profits from this youtube video go back to these people doing the work

  • The western world throws it into a recycle bin and melts it into something else, these people restore old to new again. Better recycling than our method for sure, must be cheaper to buy a reclaimed one. I think our so called recycling just keeps retailers happy, and the resources sector that keep digging up the ore.

  • А балансировка не нужна? Обороты низкие?

  • is it balanced? I did not see him balancing the reworked part

  • Helal olsun Türkiye'de olsa git yenisini al eskisinide hurdasına atar onda da alır

  • Коллега 💪☺️

  • Нельзя обжигать .теряет свойства металл.

  • Umwelt verschmutzt. In Indien Normal. Die wollen Industrie Nation Nr 1 sein???

  • Mantap luar biasa...saluut🇮🇩

  • Adam yaptıgı işin hakini fazlasıyla veriyor aldığı paranın her kuruşunu sonuna kadar hakkediyor bizim ustalar Bunu bu şekil yapsa o armatörün yenisinin üç katı kadar insandan para alır bizim sanayi esnafi alışmış bu artik çalışmaz yenisini takalım diye

  • And somewhere to cook his kebabs!

  • Один минус, в том что обмотки бъют сильно и при высоких оборотах это перфоратор 😂

  • Great 😉👍

  • 회전 발렌스를 확인하고 잡아줘야 마무리죠

  • Very good job amazing

  • ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن. تحياتي ناس باكستان يخدو الحلال ناس طيبين الحمد لله مسلمين

  • А как быть с балансировкой ?

  • Are you dazzled by bs in a stone age shop?

  • Thank you

  • How much is a new one and is it worth all the trouble to repair an old one

  • My Allah bless him with his talent Aamiin . Love to watch from Singapore

  • Интересно, как мастер центровать этот ротор будет. Дизбалланс обеспечен. Долго такой генератор не проживёт.

  • Денег нет но вы держитесь, вот люди и держатся, а по факту ничего тут нет, простая кустарщина по восстановлению изоляции подручными средствами!

  • Я думал коллектор новый отольют хотя-бы

  • 한국인들도 이렇게 재생해서 썼던 시절이 있었죠. 정말 대단합니다.

  • Я один вижу ебейшее биение во время токарки?

  • Of course, totally unusable coz it aint balanced

  • a true CRAFTSMAN

  • Такие маджахеды и взорванную бомбу перемотают и взорвут не хуже новой

  • Lucky for them white people know how to build the first product , for them after it's easy to ""try"" to do something with it !

  • MDR ils n'ont surtout pas le choix , ils ne savent pas , enfin se sont pas capable de les fabriquer donc ils sont bien obliger de les rafistolé comme ils peuvent de toute façon ils ont du temps car n'ont rien d'autre a faire..

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  • Asalamualaikum

  • Allah karobar me barqat den ❤️...Ameen.

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  • Aku ra mudeng tenan. Nggawe opo to kui

  • Does it come with a warranty? :D

  • Excelente video solo q hoy en día es más fácil y práctico comprar q arreglar

  • 저게 원래 저렇게 수공업으로 만드는건가요?

  • AMAZING :-)

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  • Не сказал бы что очень сложная работа . Мужик молодец. Руки ровные . Но уау эфекта нет . При необходимости , любой деревенский мужик это сделает. Говорю так , потому что сам живу в деревне . И у нас мужики и не такое вытворяет . Вот тока снимать все это нет ни у кого желание и времени . А так , было бы хорошее пособие для молодых . Ставлю лайк , только для того чтоб , молодежь краем глаза увидели . До чего нужда доводит ...

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  • Сколько стоит в этой стране такая работа?

  • I want to understand how these things work... A very beautiful piece and a lot better when he was done

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  • Western governments and companies are hypocrites when talking about climate change! How much the West waste? And why products long time ago used to last decades and can be repaired too, now products don't last more than 3 years and are non repairable! For western leaders addressing the UN climate change summit these days are hypocrite fat liars working for big corporates, and climate change will hit the ordinary working class through higher taxes and higher energy and food bills!!

  • Make no mistake, the majority of the Saturn moon rockets were built buy hand with not much difference to this. Don't believe me? Research the Rocketdyne F1 engine. All the plans are there but it can't be replicated. the secrets died with the engineers

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  • Лучше чем оригинал! Только вот заработал ли мотор с этим ротором?

  • 'Necessity is the mother of invention.' Thank you sir, you are genius!

  • खुदा ho तुम armature king

  • WOW that's cool

  • Превосходная работа с минимальным набором инструментов.

  • That’s what you’d call, “A Lot of Patience.”

  • Whats it used 4??

  • Gazab

  • I would never use anything of that quality near anything that can put in dainger anyone. burned weak copper not balanced but shine

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  • While also working customer support for microsoft at the same time. Impressive!

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  • Первобытные технологии...

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  • Like fallout

  • Goodness 🥺 this man is Tech angel !

  • Why do I have to keep seeing these stupid videos of people in backward countries working by the roadside in poor conditions, just get a new motor, problem sorted.

  • OK MAN!!

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