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添加 2021年02月10日
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Tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve!
We put up lanterns, paste Spring Festival couplets, and do shopping and stock up for the new year!
Another year is dawning!
Chinese New Year’s decorations, goods and snacks are ready for the big day.
Melon seeds, peanuts, candied haws, Sanzi (fried dough twists), and fried prawn crackers, to name a few.
A big hug for those who can’t get together with their families back in the hometown.
I’m convinced that infinite hope and luck
are sure to come in 2021!
瓜子 花生 糖葫芦、馓子 虾片走起来!

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  • I'm your big big big fan Liziqi You are encouraging us I really like you , your hobbies ,your living style , your personality even your affability Love you yar From Pakistan 🇵🇰


  • Srsly what else she couldn't do? I love her sm.

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  • 子柒加油,你是中国的骄傲

  • Hi Liziqi. Love your show. Can you do an episode on how to get rid of pests? What do you use? Any natural herb remedy you use to get rid of cockroach, mice, mosquito, cricket, ants, termites, spider, fruit fly, hornet, bees, and centipede. Love to see it.

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  • I love her Chinese Lantern so much, the red color theme really makes the atmosphere warm.

  • wow, so many things this girl can do, she has many skills and knowledge

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  • You probably won't see this comment since there are too much of them, but I want to thank you for all the efforts in making all of the amazing videos, thank you for sharing Chinese cultures and the your beautiful rural life. Your videos are so amazing, they really heals me when I am down and sooth all the pain. I with you and your grandma the best! Love Liziqi, Let's make sure we like, comment and share her videos to protect her and share our love to each others!

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  • 很多童年的回忆❤️

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  • Kimchi is Korean food. Everyone around the world. China is a country that cannot do CNlinks. To operate this channel, it is managed by the Chinese public security. Why do you watch channels that steal cultures from other countries and make false information called Chinese culture? You're free to watch this channel, Someday, China will say that your country's culture is also Chinese.

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  • Happy Chinese New Year! So beautiful those Chinese decorations!

  • 原来酥馓、虾片、肉铺还有蛋酥花生是这么做的!真的是童年的回忆啊!谢谢你让我重新怀念起有年味的童年

  • 拔丝糖葫芦这个技术真的震惊了!

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  • Oh I missed the New Year. Much great luck to you 🙏🥳

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  • where are honor in china ? Hang on Stalin&袁世凱 picture instead of 毛澤東 face in 天安門. Where are 周恩來 思想 ? Remember that myanmar military administration is short and myanmar People are permanent.

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    • In ancient times, the vassal of the Ming Dynasty; modern times, the vassal of Japan; now the vassal of the United States; hahaha~~~

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  • 还有什么是你不会的?

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  • I know my love will be watching this someday hopefully! I just want to say I love you buzubuzu ❤️ you will remain the only girl I wished to marry and I and everyone here kept trying to make you understand that 🙏 I hope you will realise it . I love you my buzubuzu ❤️

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  • Not Chinese new year but lunar new year!

    • Stupid . The Chinese agricultural calendar is a combination of the lunar and solar calendars, and the agricultural New Year is the Chinese New Year, not the so-called lunar New Year.

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  • I want marry her! Who can introduce this angel to me? I can do any tiresome work to help u

  • عزيزتى الجميله اولا كل سنه وانتي طيبة و بخير وصحة وسعادة ثانيا انا معجبه بيكى جدا ثالثا من فتره لم يصل منك اى فيديوهات اتمنى تكونى بخير

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  • Did she make all that stuff in just one day? If I'm lucky in one day I can get up and take classes. She's amazing. Kisses from Ecuador.

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  • happy new years!liziqi!牛年快乐,新年快乐!李子柒!

  • Kimchi is korean food

  • She should use subtitles in the first recipe what did she use when she was making Doug. Is it rice flour or starch or wheat flour. Please if someone knows should write it

    • it named 年糕(means New year pastry),made by rice flour.

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  • No matter what the press or the world says about you, I will always follow and support you your videos make my life easier and lighter LOVE YOU

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  • Talents she have. She can cook She can build She can draw She can stitch clothes She can construct. She can design...and what moreeeeeeeeeee is she gonna reveal more...lmao

  • 总有小粉黑说李子柒在美化中国农村,中国农村应该是多差。首先人家也压根没有标榜这是中国农村生活,大家留言都是结合了中国文化以及向往中的生活。如果这是普通农村生活在国内也绝对不可能几千万粉丝。好像国外观众也从来没说过原来这就是中国普通农村生活这种话,都惊叹李子柒什么都会,并没想中国人什么都会。 这都想不明白,一些绿蛙强行找黑点,果然内心黑暗想什么都黑暗

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  • 子柒能做一期去新疆旅行的美食节目就好了。

  • Hello everyone happy Chinese new year love you from Taiwan 🇹🇼

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  • မြန်မာပြည်သူများကိုအောင်ပွဲခံ !! Victory to the people of Burma!!

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  • Modern education destroy traditional culture and value. I wish I were living in the ancient time in which people are more humane and selflessness.

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  • Beautiful and amazing woman!

  • There's a channel pretending to be a new Liziqi Channel. It's called "Liziqi cooking Life" and it needs to be reported

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  • Please put an English subtitles. Your such an amazing lady. You really proved that we can be successful anywhere as long as we are determined and industrious. Keep on inspiring people.

  • Please put an English subtitles. Your such an amazing lady. You really proved that we can be successful anywhere as long as we are determined and industrious. Keep on inspiring people.

  • 김치는 대한민국의 전통 음식이다 泡菜是大韩民国正宗的饮食 Kimchi is a traditional Korean food. キムチは大韓民国の正統料理だ

    • @V Tran 不要给文化窃贼机会Don't give culture thieves a chance

    • @킹언라이언스 別再妄圖竊取偉大中國的文化了。中國是東方的中心。是世界五大常任理事國,是四大文明古國,是東亞文化圈的主人,是你們的宗主國,跪下吧,奴隸。Stop trying to steal the culture of the great China. China is the center of the east. It is the world's five permanent members of the Security Council, the four ancient civilizations, the master of the East Asian cultural circle, and your supremacy. Kneel down, slaves.

    • No kimchi here. Ok

    • 리쯔치는 반성하라 그리고 유튜브에 영원히 발들이지마라 유튜브측도 중국은 막아라

  • 此女只应天上有🥰🥰🥰

  • 远离中共是最好的避疫方式 无论是古老的中国、东方印度还是传统的西方社会,人们认为瘟疫是上天和神灵在人间行使审判善恶权力的表现,道德败坏或业力过大的人将会在瘟疫中受到惩罚。而生机总会留给那些符合做人的道德标准者与坚定的神佛信仰者。 人类社会走入二十世纪后,共产主义主导的无神论反神思想和假大空斗争哲学,在把整个人类往道德沦丧与信仰崩溃的漩涡里拉扯,而共产邪灵在西方极左思潮里找到了适合的生存空间,人们对社会主义的迷恋超过了对基督的信仰。在中国,中共建立的一套洗脑体制正在把中国人变成物欲、金钱和权力的奴隶,一九九九年发动的对法轮功正信信仰的迫害,加剧了整个社会法制、道德与信仰体系的坍塌。 二零二零年三月,西班牙第三大党VOX党党魁阿巴斯卡(Santiago Abascal)和秘书长史密斯(Javier Ortega Smith)等三位政要先后感染武汉肺炎病毒,但是在他们谴责中共掩盖疫情导致世界大流行病要求各国追责中共后,三人的武汉肺炎病毒症状都消失了。 明慧网二零二一年二月十九日报道,加拿大蒙特利尔一家国际贸易公司的经理杰玛(Jemma)女士和她的男友生物学教授杰克一月二十日去医院检查,次日结果显示呈阳性。居家隔离,情绪低落的无助中突然记起修炼法轮功的表哥于先生,于先生曾经跟杰玛说过,有魔难时念“法轮大法好,真善忍好”保平安的秘诀。

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  • happy belared Chinese New Year! i just read your "letter of explanation" that was written in 2017-i pray youre doing much better now, and that the hate you were receiving has ceased, or the very least, dramatically slowed down. it is so awful that people, especially those from your own culture/society/country, are so eager to tear you down, and so keen on finding the "false door" so to speak. to me, it is clear you either work entirely or almost entirely alone-it would be too much work to pretend to do it alone, it is actually easier to just do the work. plus, youd have to have gardeners, landscapers, maids, chefs, etc., if you really wanted to pull all this off while just being a pretty face. it is just evident in the way you work, move, and appear to think, that you are the driving force behind this (with perhaps two or three helpers for video production, i know you started totally alone though). people are just so shocked that you are so talented, and presumably so dissatisfied with their own skill set, that instead of giving you props and appreciating your skills/talents for what they are, these people feel the need to project their insecurities onto you. theyve also gotten so detached from a "natural" way of living, that they dont believe it could be possible to even live like that, even though our ancestors lived like this for millenia, and people still do so to this day. they know they cant do what you accomplish, so they assume you must be fake. there are also lots of impostors online, so that doesnt help either. i also know other people are criticizing you because of your nationality, and are assuming you are (knowingly/willingly) some prop for the Chinese government, which is beyond insulting. even if they support your work cause it falls in line w their ideals, it doesnt mean youre doing anything wrong-it isnt like youve said you support the many abuses by the government. saying youre proud to be. Chinese is different. im proud to be SicilianItalian-American, but im not proud of Mussolini, im not proud of the orange asshole, im not proud of facism, etc. you can be proud of your heritage while still being critical of the government. also, it isnt your responsibility to be a freedom fighter. youre one human being just tryna eek out a living for your beloved family, and thats enough. in conclusion (so this doesnt turn into even more of a novel than it already is), you are so amazing, dont ever let someone make you feel bad about being who you are! i love you, we love you, your friends and family love you, etc., and dont you forget it. i dont say ily often to random creators online, but i truly fell in love with your channel, and wish i could somehow meet you! idk what i would say, cause i cant speak the same language as you, but id prolly smile very excitedly, and motion for a hug, while also saying nonsense. take good care of yourself!!!!!!!

    • Thank you for liking Miss Li Ziqi. If you have a chance, you can travel to China and experience this beautiful country and its culture, we welcome you ~

    • Last but not least, you can visit China, China welcomes you, China is not a dark society with no human rights as the western media, including CNlinks, has made it out to be