The Squid Game Cast Reveals All Including Origin of The Red Light, Green Light Doll | Tonight Show

添加 2021年10月 6日
Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon and Jung Ho-yeon talk about starring in Squid Game, the show’s massive popularity and the origin of the Red Light, Green Light doll.

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The Squid Game Cast Reveals All Including Origin of The Red Light, Green Light Doll | Tonight Show


  • phony jimmy laugh @ 4:52

  • The show is alright. I get the hype behind it but I mean its meh

  • God I cant stand this guy, wish he took a part in the squid game...

  • Cho Sang-woo went to SNU! I swear to Jebus!

  • this is so awkward i hate this

  • She’s so beautiful omg 😍

  • No spoilers lol spoils it before saying that -.- lol

  • Ail abdul helped him, he did such a great job in this entire series

  • Omggg!!!!!I love squid game!!!even though I didn't understand anything because I'm not English :( ARGHH YUO ARE SO CUTEEE ✨✌️🌈❤️I WANT SEA-BYEOK >:(

  • Lee, Jung-jae's best moments in Korean TV and films Hourglass (1995) : @ Maid (2010) : @ Thieves (2012) : @ New World (2013) : @ Compilation : @

  • They deserve Emmy award

  • I loved this show! Although I was kind of bummed when I heard that the translations were way off. Both in subs and dubs. It was still good, though.

  • It's my first time seeing kdrama actors on jimin show.... I love kdramas 😍😍❤❤💜💜🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • 4:50 such a fake laugh

  • The fake laughing and loud "OAAHHHH" feels like torture to hear - but it also just sounds insulting to the cast because it just sounds so disingenuous.

  • I hv heard abt chulsoo from a comic lolll

  • i've never seen such a perfect show like this one. seriously, i'm in love. the cast is perfect and amazing. netflix, i'm beggin u for another season

  • I have the sudden urge to punch Jimmy in the face because he never tried to interact with Jung Hoyeon. Even when she answered a question she wasn’t even asked, he just said “yeah” arrogantly. If I was her I would feel irrelevant

  • Jung Hoyun, She is very pretty now When she was 'Sebyuk, she was very cute!!! She is global top model!!!

  • Where Is Ali

  • We need part 2 already

  • I have watched the entire episodes and I am so impressed. Looking forward hopefully for season 2 (if there is)

  • Jimmy why not interact with the female? She had to speak on her own you didn't even ask her anything

  • Fakest laugh award goes to..........

  • Prize money was 45.6 Billion Won. Guess who win it? Player 456 !!!

  • why is ali so less recognised?

  • This was a little awkward but lol

  • I just watch the Series

  • From the first second of the first episode, to the last is just pure acting and keeps you wanting more. I haven't enjoyed a series in a long time well done.

  • Kool-rea!

  • It is a perfect show for America Some socialism, some communism, some anti capitalism, some anti whiteman-ism, and some multiculturalism. It was very settled though but I binged it in two days.

  • wasnt the protagonist to be unlikable?

  • Serious question there, why does half Korean sentences end in ''mida''

    • @silva neymar I see. Thank you for your answer !

    • It's an honorific. In other words, it means respect for others.

  • I love how Squid Game literally reminds us that everything you need to learn in life... it all starts with us as kids messing around on the playground. Or with bullies in the school cafeteria. It's all relevant!

  • 오징어게임 ftw

  • I’m sorry but why did Ho Yeon the only woman here not even get a question about her character? He just asked what the doll was. I feel like everyone got an actual question about the show where they could elaborate on their artistry. Kinda disappointed in that tbh.

  • I finished the season of Squid game in one night !

  • Where is Ali?

  • He didn’t even ask the female actress a question!!! She was great in the series!

  • I guess I’ll watch squid game tonight

  • 안녕안녕~!

  • Their skin, they’re all glowing lol

  • It's funny bc this show was rejected originally

  • Jimmy is so over the top!

  • Onde está o senhor e o estrangeiro nessa entrevista?

  • they betrayed my boy ali even in real life...

  • I was cracking up, so hard when Gi hun (don’t know his real name) was re-enacting the accidental laughing scene

  • Jung Ho-yeon is so beautiful

  • I can't explain it but this interview has Caesar Flickerman energy 🤣 Probably the "I love it!" at the end.

  • If you're wondering whether to watch Squid Game or not, then dude, listen to me, fucking go and watch it. It's the best of all time. Thrilling at every single second. And the ending was just goddamn good. Believe, give it a shot and you'll cherish those 9 hours of yours.

  • My God Fallon, so fake

  • I hate how everyone is all of a sudden a big fan of K-drama now smh

  • South Korea is famous for BTS,Blackpink,Psy,and many K-dramas,and movies..but the most attractive thing of our country is fantastic scenery of many mountains and beaches..I hope you 2 visit Korea and enjoy travle and eat tasteful Korean food..if you want 2 know awesome places 2 visit,I will introduce you many fantastic places

  • Why did he not ask her any questions? Probably just badly cut but wtf how rude is that


  • wow thanks for the spoilers jimmy

  • I review Squid Game on my channel for the symbolism and mysticism. If you can’t get enough check this out .

  • 0:09 I wonder how long it took Jimmy to rehearse this part

  • I'm in love with this woman ❤

  • But what about Ali???? Rip him for being excluded

  • the way Hoyeon says “thank you for having us!” is wholesome

  • jimmy fallon fake laugh 4:52

  • just wandering why isn't the actor that played Ali not in this?

  • I don't care what others say about it, but for me Lee Jung-jae's portrayal of Gi Hun was one of the most impressive acting performances I have ever seen. Gi Hun's character (next to Sang woo) was one of the most complex and multifaceted and I'm glad the director was able to win such a talented actor for it. Lee Jung-jae played Gi Hun so masterfully and believably that I suffered with him for the entire series and rarely have I been so emotionally moved. .

  • Is Jimmy on drugs? LOL


  • I LOVE THESE ACTORS!!!!! I have watched 'Squid Game' 4 times. I'm obsessed with these characters.

  • Jimmy fanboying as hell

  • Where's Ali?

  • This Horror Show Shows Who We Are A student of mine told me about a new show called “Squid Game.” It is a South Korean “thriller series,” as they call it, which has become a pop culture phenomenon and is the no. 1 show in more than 90 countries. The show presents several hundred people who are all in great financial debt and in dire emotional states. The producers pit them against each other, even if they are very close, and make them hate each other. The winner takes millions of dollars, and the others are killed. This show wouldn’t be so horrifying if it didn’t portray our true nature. The very fact that we watch such a show enthusiastically is proof that underneath the “civilized” façade, our nature is as the show depicts. It works like a magnet. We love to watch the struggle between good and evil, as long as we are safe from the consequences of the battle. The thing is that in this show, there is no good; there is only evil. Indeed, humans are the worst being in reality. What makes us so uniquely evil is the fact that we explicitly want to harm others. We do not want to eat others because we will starve unless we do so; we want to see them suffer! We derive pleasure from others’ pain, and derive the most pleasure when we are the ones inflicting it. We often say that reality is like a jungle, where the strong eat the weak. However, in the jungle, the strong do not want to destroy the weak; they want to eat. Once they are full, they want to sleep and play, and not kill or hurt for fun. In the human jungle, we do not want to eat other people; we want to see them hurting! This is why the natural jungle thrives without any laws while the human jungle, which we mistakenly refer to as “civilization,” is disintegrating despite the laws that strive to limit our barbarity. If we had any hopes of finding goodness in human nature, “Squid Game,” and mainly its popularity, proves that we have nothing to hope for when it comes to human nature. If we can create such shows, and if they can be so popular, then we can do such horrors in real life. The only possible good that can come out of such a show is the realization that it is not fantasy, but an authentic depiction of who we are. Maybe if we realize this, we will be willing to do something about changing ourselves. The current trend is to dull our awareness of the human horror show we live in by making cannabis available and legal. Indeed, the more we learn about human nature, the more we realize that perhaps it is better to numb ourselves through life until it’s over. For now, we’re cheering at the sight of other people suffering, much like people used to cheer at the sight of poor men fighting against lions in ancient Rome. Only if we realize that it is not okay to be like that, our minds might open to other options. If such a diabolical program can be the no. 1 show in more than 90 countries, it means that the entire world is immersed in unhinged viciousness. There is a solution, but it is demanding and must encompass the entire world if it is to succeed. To change who we are, we must initiate a worldwide educational process where such programs are forbidden and pro-human-connection programs are produced and aired. Even if they are not popular, at first, we cannot allow ourselves to be exposed to the violent poison and culture of narcissism that we consume today. They may be sweet, but they are lethal. If people don’t want to watch shows about human connection, they can put aside their media devices and simply talk to one another. This will already be a major improvement to the current situation. It may not sound like fun, but what is the option? To live out the “Squid Game.” Besides, after some practice, we will discover that connection and care are far more rewarding and pleasant than destruction and cruelty, and do not carry the negative side effect that is our current culture.

  • 이정재를 94년도부터 좋아했었는데 "느낌"이라는 드라마부터... 그리고 "정사"라는 영화를 보고 아주 열렬히 사랑했었고... 이제는 "오징어게임"을 보고 인간적인 정에 이끌린다~

  • 4:50. Jimmy's laugh is so fake and creepy. He could be the brother of the psyco woman in Squid Game....

  • Where is poor Ali? I think he should have been included.


  • Should've talked more to Jung Ho-yeon

  • what i really sad about this interview is, they never come back for squid game seaseon 2.

  • Why would you tell people they get shot?! Wtf. Just say they get eliminated.

  • Another stupid tv show for Future psychopath Thanks to Netflix 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jimmy Garbage Fallon

  • No production company would pick it up then Netflix took a chance look how it blew up

  • Nobody…….subtitles: SPEAKING NATIVE LANUAGE


  • It's not only squid game that went big, parasite and train to busan are also really high at the top. And there are many hidden gems for the internationals to find out about.

  • Thanks alot for showing Ali who is an indian, as a Pakistani player 💖👍

  • The fact that the girl only speaks English 😂 Though The series are so delightful and very creative

  • I cannot watch something where people are being tortured. I think it’s sad that’s the number one show. It goes to show, the world has too many sociopaths who find torture entertaining. It’s the same sociopaths who watch The Bachelor and Housewives

  • God damn the comments show how ignorant and stupid most of you are. Acting like this is the first good kdrama show ever. Just because you don't watch shows from other countries doesn't mean this is the first best one. And to say their acting is amazing is a reach. Some of the characters acting in this was as bad as the acting in 90's jackie chan movies. If you little children even know who that is.

  • I find it messed up they are calling only these members the main cast members.

  • Where is gi hun??

  • This is actually first time I heard someone introducing Korean names right… 🙏

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  • 218 is fiiine, but Park Hae Soo damn!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 2012 Gangnam Style, 2021 Squid Game, once in a while Korea always takes over the world

  • Prison playbook is also good.

  • Jimmy's laugh...