13 Types of People in SQUID GAME

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During PE lesson, the students play Red Light, Green Light from Squid Game. Who will win? Who will lose?
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Director: JianHao Tan
Producer: Amander Liew
Editor: Hakim
Cinematographer: Danial Ron, Hakim, Yanz
Sound: Sam
Written By: JianHao Tan, Vincent Sin
Set Design: Erica Koh, Eileen Cheah
Production Assistants: Kevin Foo

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  • Who's excited for the REAL PE class? (aside from Mr Dan)

  • Juan has he cheat why would he do that and the teacher didn't see that

  • P

  • I like how this vid has some similarities to the show, .Rainer and and the first blonde player dont really take the game seriously .Terry and the blonde player run while everyone walks .Chloe tells Crystal that she has to keep moving forward even if she's scared like how sangwoo tells gihun .Tasha hides behind Hakim Like how saebyeok hides behink deoksu .Madam soot beng says right light green light for a longer time for vicky to cross similarly there is a theory saying ilnam [player 001] wasn't being tracked .Kenin holds on to ridhwan's leg like how a player who might have been shot held on to gi-hun's leg .Debbie was about to fall but ben catches her like how ali caught gi-hun .Jasmine grabs vincent by the hair and pulls him back and moves forward like how saebyeok pulls deoksu back by the hair and moves forward

  • How did they not know red light green light before squid game

  • I’m a BIG FAN

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  • She face crack me up 3:25

  • She face crack me up eh !!!! Hahahhahah

  • 7:09 lol they recreated the scene

  • I just love Madam Shoot Beng just sings like a whole song for Vicky-

  • When are you gonna upload its been 2 weeks are u guys ok? Im not hating

  • As someone who has played RLGL a few times before, I can confirm this is what it’s like

  • Jian Hao looks so angry

  • I want a part 2.

    • Why does it gunna mean he is getting a ”👩🏻‍🦰 friend ” just bc he saved her?

  • Squid game that kill people

  • *I think all content creators can use the music of **#erastusdamerae** for full free without any Restrictions*

  • I was a kid and i love this channel,now that im “cultured” i now know whats is the meaning of t1t5

  • Pls the way juhi is still posing even she got hit

  • 4:48 Who is the girl here?

  • Someone is from the Philippines 1:41

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  • When are you gonna upload again on the Jain hao Chanel it’s been 2 weeks

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  • I liked when ren xi cian fell on the floor

  • Wow nice vid✨

  • Hahaa Vincent it mean's green light, red light 123

  • everyone gets old when they grow up but debbie grew more beautifuller

  • Why does it gunna mean he is getting a ”👩🏻‍🦰 friend ” just bc he saved her?

  • no hate just correctung the korean subtitles (무공화 꽃이 피었습니다)

  • At last when the PE teacher ate the whole honey comb whatever I laughed sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nowadays, Ben became too smart (looks)😍😍😘😘

  • Do a part two of this

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  • hi please do candy chalange with same people pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • i starting to feel bad for Sunny since it was just a dreapm

  • I love this

  • 14 million views ɕσηցяαтѕ ι ωαтɕнєԃ тнιѕ тωσ тιмє вɕ тѕ ѕσ ηιɕє

  • Korea : squid game (2021) Japan : kamen rider decade vs zio - decade mansion death game(2020) & kamen rider ryuki (2002)

  • Are you dumb,can you make the honeycomb?

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  • 3:16 JianHao’s face (disgusted) 3:17 JianHao’s face (looking ahead)

  • Kevin's expressions were so evil though 😈

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  • Its Actually Mugungwa Kkochi Pioetsumnida Or The National Famous Korea Flower Name's Has Bloom

  • I swear there isn’t one famous youtuber that didn’t do squid game yet💀

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  • Ben

  • Bet

  • Tha

  • how many siblings do u have vicky ???

  • how did they not spot tasha or kevin when it was red light

  • I do like the sound of madam soot benh

  • This is actually how the movie looked like

  • What do you guys think what was on Dans Bisket?

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  • Ben isn’t even popular he is a loser


  • 무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다

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  • 16k

  • The girl with glasses she is so cute well but she look like a nerd but am not being rude ok and that girl is my favorite

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