【ENG SUB】[创造营 CHUANG2021] EP01 Part Ⅱ | First Ranking Continues! Class A Big Alteration 初评级继续,A班大换血!

添加 2021年02月20日
CHUANG 2021, produced by Tencent Video, is a variety show of an international boy group formation. It is dedicated to fully showing the stage performance, vigour and persistence of youngsters of new times. Nearly a hundred boys from various countries, agencies and colleges, with the help of outstanding seniors, will be together to make cultural and professional exchanges, improve themselves by rising to the challenge, explore their true self and chase their dreams zealously.
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  • 这个庆怜说话有股美国白人小孩的感觉 看中国人好像看马戏团一样不够尊重 不喜欢

  • 甘望星给我冲啊!!!!!!!!!!!好好练习争取出道!!!!!!!!!!!宝藏弟弟太多了,我都好爱

  • Amber 😍 Nene 😍 Santa 😍 Nuo yan 😍 Xiao lihuan 😍 Zeng hanjiang 😍 gan wangxing 😍 Yetao 😍 Jing long 😍 Boom star youth 😍 Zhang xingte 😍 Patrick 😍 Nine 😍 Liu yu 😍 Wang xiaochen 😍 Rong yao 😍

  • Братья и сестры, за кого болеем?

  • Vote for nine and Patrick susu❤️

  • When's the next episode coming?

  • 李洛爾 的歌 好聽!!!

  • 想問這還是在做中國最強男團嗎😅

  • 愈更寅上去時何屹繁哭了真的是能體會他們的心情,看著他們從星動亞洲到現在真的是不容易

  • 甘望星有时候的表情好像一个韩国明星朴海镇

  • 男人将女人逼到墙角,一声温柔却充满诱惑的嗓音轻轻吐出几个字:“女人,想要什么都给你,你,没有退路了。代价就是:给@创造营2021-刘宇 撑腰。

  • 周震南不是他家爸妈成老赖了吗?还能参加综艺?

  • Me when my mom starts talking about the neighbor's kid: 1:35:00

  • 曾涵江長得好像陳芳語ww

  • 井胧的声音太好听了。

  • 02:16:22


  • 还是比较喜欢井胧,唱歌真的太穿透人心了!就算唱的只有一两句都盖不住他的实力!我支持他!!

  • Zhang Xingte fighting!

  • 米卡唱的好好聽!!!

  • 甘望星😂😂😂

  • Guys if you want to vote for your favourite trainee head over to the wetv app and make an account! Let’s all try our best for our favourites!

  • 甘望星怎麼看都有點像王嘉爾!

  • 伯远肯定🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥啦

  • Please vote for Mika ❤️!

  • 那两个泰国小哥厉害👍🏻 Those two Thailand trainees are excellent!

  • Poderiam colocar legenda em português né??

  • Patrick ❤️❤️❤️

  • 曾涵江和甘望星,一个村头二傻,一个地主家的傻儿子

  • 那个泰国MM说话声音有磁性但还很甜 好听

  • 这个周震南的声音好像。。老爹, 哈哈 不过挺有个性

  • 鹅厂真狠啊,这是要按着我嗑cp(感叹

  • 米卡啊啊啊啊啊

  • guess i'll be the one to do it. 57:50 Mika's Unbreakable Love!!!!

  • 韓佩泉c位出道!!!

  • Why does it feel like some are lip sync and autotuned

  • MIKA!!!! His voice reminds me of Wang Lee hom

  • Bien... me decidí a verlo... al menos si tiene subs ...en inglés...

  • 刘宇赞多太绝了 这真的是即兴掰头吗

  • I came here for Patrick, Nine, Rikimaru, Hiroto and Ziyue but my heart was stolen by Yetao 😭

    • @Ducky oh my i typed wrong. i meant ziyue! i mixed them up because they were from pdx together lmao sjjdjdndn

    • Tony???? Lmao hes in ywy

  • 不知道為什麼就是好喜歡甘望星喔😆

  • 42:32 amberr

  • I really like Patrick and Nine performances. Her voice is so beautiful

  • 有深深必追

  • 米卡一开口就赢了🤣🤣🤣

  • Where is part I??? :'(

  • 看著甘望星的眼神實在蠻心疼的,感覺是沒自信的孩子,重點是長的太好看了,而且歌聲也很好,聽著我也跟超哥一起哭了!謝謝超哥支持他。

    • 看得出他的害怕緊張,但很勇敢,有一種很赤裸的站在台上

  • 我服了第一期上不能看第二期也不能看搞笑吗

  • My favourite "the gifted" character is here P'Time aka Patrick

  • 1:56:23 it feels like I am watching bl 😍😍 Modern and traditional 😍

  • Where can i watch the other episodes?

  • 建議那五人去網吧

  • 利伯修真的是来搞笑的啊哈哈哈哈他本来是来做翻译的可是被节目组抓进营里做学员🤡 每次直播你都可以看得出他格格不入的样子想早点淘汰下班啊哈哈

    • 利路修啦哈哈哈

  • Mika Kazuma Caelan ! really love these guys!

  • 甘望星♥

  • if you know cai xukun. they were groupmates before pls vote for them and check out swin-s

  • Santa y Rikimaru ❤️

  • 为了刘宇来的

  • 节目组能不能给韩佩泉一个机位 xswl哈哈哈哈

  • 那rap battle雷到我了,尴尬死了

  • 为什么这一季有将近一半的外国选手?我觉得邀请七八个非常出色的外观学员还是蛮合适的。不过觉得还是要更多支持中国的学员,毕竟自家的有才华的学员非常多~

  • For those that are looking for Part I, it is only available on WeTV, the official streaming platform for Tencent. Although there is a video uploaded for Part I, it has been locked on CNlinks (at least in Canada). You can find the link to WeTV in the channel bio, and no registration is required for watching the show. However, if you try to vote, I think you need to have an actual account, and I am not sure whether voting privilege is only available in certain regions, since I have not yet try the voting.

    • Canada is definitely okay since I'm in Canada and I was able to get the Tencent app and vote

    • @# yea we cant see it if we are from the us or canada. it just says this video is not available in your country

    • @Niche Miche there is English sub on the wetv app and website!!

    • Is there English subs on there

    • Wait so you can’t see this video ?

  • 51:43 伯遠唱的日文歌《Blizzard》真的很不錯,青1參加過的選手救救他吧!!

  • 1:48:12 I saw that performance on Twitter and I'm already fan of the all!! ❤

  • 为什么要弄个英文名字?!怎么啦?!不懂用中文?!怎么只有Part II? Part I在哪?

    • 標題語言好像會根據用戶所在地改變。油管的第一期不知道為何被鎖住了,要到 WeTV 看,後者無需註冊。

  • Part 1 在哪里啊?

  • Liu Yu I'm voting for you!! Let's debut! ❤

  • 還沒更新?

  • Intersection❤❤Go Go❤❤

  • Mika voice is so beautiful❤

  • NINE Y PATRICK son mis favoritos ojala lo logren

  • 1:59:23 胡:這基本上都滿票的,沒有誰會不給的 (往旁邊看) 胡:喔.....你沒給(・_・;)

  • Santa, Patrick, Rikimaru, Mika, and Nine its my favorit boys in Chuang 2021

  • Go support and vote for Liu Yu if you really want see his debut! He is capable and ambitious so let’s make his dream come trueeeee

  • Go support and vote for Liu Yu if you really want see his debut! He is capable and ambitious so let’s make his dream come trueeeee

  • 心疼薛八一🤣🤣🤣

  • Where can I vote??

    • You have to register at WeTV to vote, since the number of votes are limited per account. WeTV is the streaming platform for Tencent. However, I have not try to vote myself, so I am not sure whether the voting is restricted to regions, but you can try it out yourself.

    • WeTv

  • 甘也太好笑了吧 開口我就笑不停

  • I really would like them to add more screen time of nene

  • 米卡也太帥😍

  • 完完全全被刘宇圈粉。好惊艳啊!

  • When is the ep2 coming out??

    • It was out hours ago

  • 我覺得小九像尤長靖( 個人意見,不喜勿噴)

  • 我是为井胧而来的但是看完了也爱上刘宇,天呀太漂亮了 I watched this show for jing long but fell in love with liu yu as well after watching, he's too beautiful!!

  • 唱TFBOYS的歌是在哪里?

  • 看完諾言 真心覺得比part1練習6年的回鍋老人強.....

  • 😂好尬呀

  • There is an error!! in the unbreakable love session, 52:45-54:00, this is sung by Yu Gengyin who possesses a beautiful voice. Hope you need to re-edit it. Thanks. And ZhangXingte also sang well with this breakable love. They are both excellent.

  • Aaw....my NINE Babe I came here for you❤️

  • 因為泰語本身也有5個聲調,所以比起其他外國人,泰國人學中文會更容易一些 泰語有一些詞發音也跟中文一樣,雖然聲調不同,但是發音是一樣的

  • 刘宇那段是真的太美了!就好像神仙下凡啊!!!他的舞蹈让我注意并记住他了,真的太厉害了!

  • 赞多刘宇❤️ ··原来这才是创2021正确打开方式。 看了几十遍了,中毒了……

  • 看小哥哥是一件很快乐的事

  • 刘宇 米卡 赞多 力丸 尹浩宇 吴宇恒 加油~

  • 刘宇太棒了,我觉得这就是世界水平。

  • 赞多跟Kai很像,长得像,两个人还都擅长舞蹈,范儿也一样哈哈哈哈哈。

  • 伯远唱跳太稳了,快歌慢歌都没问题,值得挺!

  • I can see the resemblance of Wang Yibo and WangXing

  • WangXing why so cute? hahahaha

  • 来看周深的!然后发现节目也挺好看