Taiwanese Street Food Jingcheng Night Market 2021 / 彰化精誠夜市大合集

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Taiwanese Street Food Jingcheng Night Market 2021 / 精誠夜市大合集
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Jingcheng night market is the largest and most famous night market in Changhua which is a city in central of Taiwan
**Location information**

Food featured in this video from the street stalls of Jingcheng Night Market

1.Spring Onion Pancake
3.BBQ Chicken Chop
4.Glutinous Rice Balls, Sweet Tofu Pudding
5.Fried Noodles
8.Brown Sugar Boba Milk
9.Potato Hot Dog
10.Cold Tapioca Pearl
11.Duck Thick Soup
12.Grilled Squid
13.Watermelon Juice
14.Green Onion Pancake
15.Spring Onion Pancake
16. Ice Cream with Peanut Roll
18.Aborigines BBQ

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