添加 2021年04月25日
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In this Clash Royale Video we'll play the most disgusting Deck in Clash Royale right now!
People just hate this Electro Giant Deck in Clash Royale right now! But how good is it currently?
Thats what we will find ouit today inside Clash Roylale!
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  • What’s your most hated Deck right now?

    • @PolarBear are u like a 4000 trophy first year noob

    • I HATE mega knight, its requires no skill you put it down at the bridge and I start sweating . Even tho I know how to counter it, its just too op and I don't have it

    • @Obicht gell Sparky is kinda easy to counter

    • The chinese Spell cycle

    • Overly used meta decks. I.e. Pekka Bridge spam, 3.0 xbow, 2.6 hog, classic log bait, basically insert a deck that we have seen time and time again with little to no changes. Just to be clear, I’m not bashing any one players who excel at a certain archetype. I just personally hate facing overused decks. That’s my opinion, take it how you will.

  • Hey morten could you make a vid on playing your old Decks like for example the 1 u used in the Match vs surg when he won with 1hp would be really interesting to watch.

  • Nah the most hated is golem clone

  • never say well played to a graveyard player, they don't deserve it

  • 규ㅕ ㅁㅅㅁㅇㅁ 개ㅏ 믐 개ㅏ 햐냐ㅜ 규구ㅕ 규기

  • 져겨겨겨겨겨겨겨겨겨겨 채ㅏ 혘디 가ㅐㄱㄷㅊㄷ

  • ㅇㅁ깋ㅁ ㅎㄷㄷ그교ㅐ겨ㅡ ㅁㅎ기믐

  • 규ㅕ 촘샤 가ㅐㄱㄷ교ㅣㄷ 갸ㅣ햐히ㅑ 교캬ㅣㅁㄱ김 애ㅣ역ㅁㅊㅁㅎ갸ㅡ 곰ㅍㄷ갸ㅜ 기녀ㅜ hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • 고미개 걏 규구 굠흐ㅕㄱ

  • 규ㅕ 교ㅕㅋㅇ두 ㄱㄷ구그 hahahahah

  • 냐딛갸ㅜ 개ㅏ ㅍㅁㄱ 믐 개ㅣ녀ㅜ 교굳ㅇㄷ 교마마냐ㅜ ;기

  • 고ㅑ 고개 혀ㅛㄴ ㅇㄷ귿 ㅁㄱ샤ㅏ 굠?!!!!!!!!

  • well played royal giant make me really mad, especially with e-barbs

  • Most annoying decks are spam decks and NS guys deck

  • The NS what ever guy hes not really good when hes useing the graveyard constantly to damage a tower that just to show he uses a lot if throw able items to damage towers which only trash players use them for this is to get that easy one crown and not go for a two a skilled player would out play his cards by not spamming or over useing throughable items that's what a pro player should be doing.

  • By one with Jay tv 🔥🔥

  • LOL love the thumbnail, keep up the good content morten 👍🏾

  • How the subscribers doubeld from the time, when he did the Intro...Time flies...

  • I play it with bomber to get even more hated😂

  • I just realised he has a english youtube channel,i thought hes only got a german one and was wondering why this video was english

  • Im korean, that graveyard player always top 10 in local. great player

  • pekka counters him

  • This deck sucks against someone that knows how to use pecka

  • thats my old deck ._.

  • Im using it right now, its so fun to play with this deck! I was about to quit the game, now Im vibing again

  • Heeeeeeey what's up guys!

  • the thumbnaiö is just EPIC

  • E-Golem with Healer still most hated combi in a deck

  • Why is dark prince better in this deck instead of elite barbarians?

  • gy pro players hätte ich schon bock drauf

  • Warum redest du Englisch

  • Why did you decide to put dark prince in the deck instead of prince?

  • Why you did BM in Germany match?

  • can you do something about midladder? its toxic. filled with star level cards. the new matchup system completely broke the midladder. tower level 11 but cards are all star level. please make a video about a deck or strategy to counter these over leveled cards. i'm tired going up and down at the same place for years.

    • im lvl 9 that has 3 lvl 10 cards facing a lvl 10 that has all lvl 11 cards and some lvl 13

  • Most hated deck: Mega knight, tripel win condition and double spell

  • My most hated deck is golam spawner clone mid ladder be like

  • THE BEST THUMBNAILS 🤟🏻🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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  • The thumbnail keeps evolving

  • Great video as always man!

  • Most definitely needs a nerf

  • I saw the Best NA video and at the end where he saw you had bad matchup and gave you the dub because he was just messing around. I love the CR community when it’s not toxic and like this honestly! Great people

  • Decent card too much health

  • Gggggg

  • Only for the thumbnail 😂😂

  • soy el unico que habla español y cada dia lo ve xd

  • You're voice is amazing

  • Lightning needs a nerf!!!!

  • Egaint will deal massive damage if he reach tower but it is hard to reach him to tower, like golem is almost guaranteed tower damage

  • Nice! The Hulk 💪

  • 4:05 "Netflix starting "

  • The analysis Morten did after he lost that Graveyard match is what makes him so great...

  • Tbh, everyday I watch for the creative thumbnail, than the actual video. My fav was the Valkyrie version of Morten 😭😂

  • this thumbnail hahaha wtf😂

  • Splashnado with 5 splash cards Why doesn't this die super hard to Pekka, Gol... ok ok maybe there just aren't enough singletarget units in the game

  • It’s like an unkillablle zappy golem

  • Egiant insanely strong.. i cant

  • Bin ich der einzige Deutsche hier ?😂

  • Video Idea: Winning w decks that aren’t good in the meta

  • I honestly prefer playing against egiant than golem

  • Morten are you copying frases from Tag😂

  • His thumbnails make me laugh so hard

  • Pls bring the graveyard guy on the channel

  • And here we go, hulkroyale is born.

  • Don't say that, I've been building this deck for 2 months, once I build it to level 13 it will be nerf... for sur

  • Shrek Morten 🥵

  • Yes, e-giant definitely needs a nerf or rework!

  • King of thumbs kkkk

  • New Card: Morten Cage Morten Giant (Thumbnail is OP😂😂😂😂😁😁)

  • 15:53 five seconds in front of the tower and the disgusting Egiant do 1200 hp damage tower this deck is the worst

  • 9:30 I would love to see you review NS' pro gameplay on your channel!

  • I think e giant is good atm. I don't really want it to be nerfed all that much since doing that would probably kill the card. I don't play egiant but i think its a very cool concept.

  • How do you beat those pussy ass 2.6 hog decks?! It feels like the cannon counters E Giant

  • The Thumbnail really got me l

  • Not sure I agree that the highest skill decks should be the strongest, but I will agree the defensive cards in egiant are broken.

  • The e giant is a major pain in the bottom.

  • I think e giant should be able to reset sparky

  • I am liking your videos so much morten. Kepp it up.

  • Why does Morten’s face look so good on the e giant

  • Yo morten would firecracker work instead of ice wiz? She synergize with tornado

  • Thumbnail on point😂🔥

  • I love Electro Giant just because of the fact that there is too much swarm in mid ladder. This thing destroys them.

  • 1:20 GWATE

  • dek haram🗿

  • absolutely love the EG, i used all of my tokens to get it max lvl as soon as possible, it's even more fun to play than expected, afraid supercell is gonna nerf it into oblivion

  • 04:48 makes it look so easy damn

  • love your thumbnail and your videos Morten brawler

  • Morten brawler looks like the grinch

  • I would have to say for me its tied between Goblin Giant, Sparky, Rage and Xbow

  • I love Eiswizzard-BabyDragon-Tornado Combination

  • The editor deserves a salary increment lol

  • bro you are legeng in this game im watshing many players but you are #1

  • 9:35 I will now forever call Tombstone by Thompson. Lol Keep up the content Morten, we love you boss!!!!

  • Best thumbnails in history of youtube here in this channel

  • Sparky needs a damage buff

  • I don't care for egiant much... As it is kinda good matchup for me. That's what shockra and bestna said😇😇😇

  • Morten tombstone wird tuhmbstone ausgesprochen, denk an tombraider :).

  • Just try switch to the dark side :))

  • Who agree that egiant need a little nerf

  • 🥰