Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

添加 2021年01月 8日
Chris Hayes: “It is entirely possible that there were people in that crowd, looking to apprehend, possibly harm, and possibly murder the leaders of the political class that the President, and people like Mo Brooks, and even to a certain extent Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have told them have betrayed them." Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC


  • And they call themselves… civilized? Really!

  • Trump said nothing wrong

    • It caused a mob to raid the Capitol.

  • I thought it was ok when we watched people rioting and breaking into banks??

  • Your news agency is a pack of liars. You make it seem like the cities and businesses burned were not worse than a truly "mostly peaceful" at the capital.

  • 7:35 your in gear and equip and your crying for help bruh manup Even a citizen can deal with all the pain

  • Did Tucker Carlson wannabe just call John Sullivan a “civil rights activist “?

  • Look at the evil in this dudes eye's.. nothing but TDS and hatred from this guy.

  • “We finished the wall, fam. Don’t worry - this one’s on us.” - Mexico

  • OK. Now that this SHRINE is desanctified , where is the new one going be ? Weren't the mobs actually unmasked Muslims? And why is the report hiding the number of covid deaths?

  • Just a left propaganda. Where were you to condemn antifa?

  • That's one way to get famous.

  • Trump not only destroyed the system, he also made people crazy. Stupidly crazy

  • What about last year and the year before that and your calls to do VIOLENT riots not even 6 months ago MSNBC?

  • Time to call in Snake Pliskin.

  • Your stupid show the video of the cops opening the fence and letting the people in

  • Antifa is serious.

  • That person who got shot I don't feel bad about it at all got what they deserved

  • Goodnight america

  • Lets just boycott life until God finally releases an update with balanced adjustments for a fair experience. If we get lucky maybe he will consider removing the P2W system as well.

  • You remove their statues, their flags, you riot on their streets, you water down their history..... and you wonder why their mad

  • This guy reminds me of Eggy the blackpilled incel.

  • Americans....

  • Maniacs

  • It's amazing how the media cares about riots and the police all of a sudden.

  • Too family police officer i hope and pray God comfort 🙏 for u

  • It was a set up, probably involving you MSNBC, and CNN, Pelosi, and all the other left wing crap America has to offer. You guys are a disgrace. Maybe bring John Sullivan from BLM for an interview as well.

  • 2021 definitely started with an bang

  • We have nothing like this in the UK. On the whole we are a very peaceful people politically. We may shout and vent our feelings verbally but never react with violence. After viewing these scenes I can't imagine how scared Biden and Harris must be.

  • why werent the antifa riots reported like this?


  • 7:25 😆😆😆😆😆😆 such a lady...

  • He was bad since the start, now he commits treason, shame


  • I definitely don't think the presidential election had any credibility to begin with with the mail in ballots allowed. I simply believe an election has to have some level of seriousness, where you actually get in your car and drive to give your candidate your vote. (I don't actually believe in democracy anyway so whatever)

  • “Shot on iPhone”

  • Just imagine how the capitol police would have reacted if this was a BLACK LIVES MATTER riot

  • Just wait till that puppet tries to innaugautate himself

  • Mask are coming off

  • The land of freedom and opportunities.... Hmm very accurate...

  • Trumps traitors. Hang em all

  • They should have shot them all. This is our country too.

  • See I don't think I'm right leaning anymore at this point

  • When will rioters learn to just stop

  • The guy speaking looks like his name is timmy. I think we might be Carl tuckers brother

  • There was a police officer pulled into the rioters and almost killed him smh

  • I thought they would've shot more people, like the police had the right to do so.


  • Domestic terrorist attack that was a long time coming and the president didn't do anything because he wanted it to happen... this president is unfit and must be removed.

  • Freedom isn’t free, your not entitled to destroy what I think is important

  • Ew who’s this creepy incel on the news lmfao

  • The crooked dill consequentially float because faucet perioperatively succeed by a uncovered soy. broad, testy jam

  • Was Chris Hayes born a female?

    • @Tracy Lynn Thanks, that's all I was asking.

    • @Susan Gehler He was born a man. He is married with kids.

    • @Tracy Lynn What is rude about asking the question?

    • Don't be rude.

  • If everyone believed in Jesus none of this would be happening, red blue, or any color in-between!

  • Trump will go down as the most idiotic person in history!

  • I have a dream................. I have a dream that the military will take orders from Trump and not from those that stole the election. I have a dream that the military lives up to their oath to the Constitution and rounds up the traitors within our govt. and start military tribunals.

  • This is propaganda

  • I hope everyone looks to Rumble and sees on Jovan Pulitzer's page the conversation the election workers were having down in Fulton about rerunning the ballots through the three machines later that night, they were worried about whether they'd be able to do it, they knew they were going to have to stay all night and they spoke of the "set up close down so they could run the 30,000 ballots through" they also spoke of "speaking quietly" because there were people around It is INSANE the massive evidence of a completely fraudulent election. Gov. Kemp has been kept in a bubble by his handlers and family, he does not even know what is going on since first of Nov (@/harrisondeal @/jaimeo'Brian) and past deals with CCP make him hush hush. Geoffe Duncan the Lieutenant governor and Brad Raffensperger are being paid off to steal this election. BTW Ruby said she was being paid 100 dollars an hour to steal Georgia's votes. From their own mouths. ....

  • Sad that the BLUE LIVES MATTER folks murdered Capitol Hill Police Brian Sicknick....😒. These "people" acted in concert. Has the Fraternal Order of Police issued a statement as of yet, just asking for a friend ??


  • Y’all dumb, like that’s all I have to say. Grow up, can’t believe some 13 year old is more mature then this.

  • Lies

  • Trump is truly toxic. He riles up the worst of both the right and left. He absolutely needed to go.

  • Sorry Trump. U messed it

  • People: wHy aRE We gEtTinG kiLleD¿ Hmm I wonder why?

  • The news should always have full disclosure to the public and should not be told what to do by anyone's industry that's what they're there to expose the truth.

  • You guys are liars. The people that incited violence was antifa. Not the president. It was premeditated and planned out on an underground antifa online chat. The president has wished the violence would stop all summer. Not his fault. Stop pointing the finger of scorn. Cities were burning all summer and Joe Biden was saying they were peaceful protesters. I'd doesn't matter if antifa burns down cities to Joe Biden but if the infiltrate a peaceful protest the capital building then its a problem for some reason.

    • @Kevin Bias I'm not going to argue with you because you're choosing to be ignorant and refuse to look at the facts. Antifa instigated it and they plotted it out on a underground antifa online chat. It doesn't matter what they were saying or what they were dressed like. Because they were dressed seeing it talking like black lives matter support as well they were burning down cities all summer. So don't even try.

    • Trump’s diehard supporters literally and openly talked about doing exactly this for 2 months after the election. ‘Take our country back’ ‘stop the steal’ ‘this will be our 1776’ ‘Lock and load’. It was 99.9% trump’s fans and if they’d succeeded y’all would be bragging about it instead of trying to blame it on everyone else but trump’s fans.

    • Yeah those people in the silly costumes are known antifa members. One of the standing next to guy with the horns has the communist symbol tattooed on his hand. ✋ that is antifa not a trump supporter. Trump supporter are the opposite of communist antifa.

  • Cant wait till these news company's go under...fakest crap ever...research truth urselves ppl....this crap..

  • Liar! Stop taking everything Trumps says out of context. Pathetic!

    • If Trump walked on water the MSM would declare "Trump can't swim". There is nothing they can't spin.

  • I'm scared living beside y'all, no offence.

    • I'm scared here tbh,worried for how things are gonna turn out for this country in the future

  • The spooky voice gratifyingly chop because yard explicitly discover along a unequaled wednesday. laughable, confused balinese

  • Can't You see that is all cinema show, People ?!.....

  • Where’s the military

  • Precious little truth around these days...

  • If anybody still supports Donald Trump after this, get them out of your life. Even if they are family drop all ties with them. They are too far gone.

    • I think this was a great display of the peoples feelings toward the politicians that should be there to represent them. The real Americans.

    • Shows what you think about family.

  • Shouldn't the news report facts not give their opinions on "possibilities" of what was possibly going to happen. Doesnt make sense.

  • Double cuffs is something that Ben Shapiro apparently walks around with as well.

  • While protesters continue with the protests, the rich continue to pocket cash from stocks. 🤨😔 What about the poor, jobless, sick and helpless?. They can only pray.

  • I cannot believe the evil you news people put out there. you are the dark. You lie you brainwash your followers you're even worse than North Korea ever was. You guys are all atheists. When Revelation says Jesus is coming is at the very end of Revelations. when I leave and go back to heaven my angels will be singing Jesus is coming. For I can't stand it watching you evil people lie and steal and cheat the American people. Omega

  • These mobs are zombies..

  • thank u Chris hayes

  • Mostly peaceful

  • When are you going to show the videos and photographs of Trump supporters putting themselves between law enforcement officers and people who were trying to harm the officers? Those Trump supporters were protecting the officers from harm. When are you going to show the footage of Trump supporters telling non-Trump supporters to STOP trying to break windows and then they pull the people away from the windows to stop them from continuing? When are you going to show the footage of capitol police letting people in and one officer says, "if you don't agree....." as in "so what just deal with it"? When are you going to report the TRUTH?

  • I was out of the country and come back to this lol. I was telling people I was British lol.

  • Why is no one talking about how the officers stepped to the side and let them break down the door....

    • You saying you'd have taken on the countless bloodthirsty idiots with a jacket and baton?

  • Over 500 billion dollars in Damage Done by BLM countless people killed including police officers and innocent civilians you never heard one of their names the media says nothing and calls it peaceful protest because it was all left-wing agenda. All violence is unexcusable weather your left or right but the hypocrisy is what is driving our country apart not Donald Trump

  • Clapped like dirty erasers

  • It's crazy that Trump told them to do this. He will go to jail for this.


  • "Just people being people." -Nancy Pelosi

  • Bet they find out it was ANTIFA that killed the cop. Bet the ones chanting "hang Mike Pence" was started by ANTIFA. Bet this will be the last you hear of it.

  • BULLCRAP!!!!

  • I am here for the comment section

  • I would of shot in the ground and would of been yelling at them real loud and crazy to keep them back from that capital

  • You know...🤔 I was really hoping 2021 will come in quietly and sit down. I also thought trump would leave quietly. But noooo I was wishing for too much. 😠

  • Hearing this speech. Yea...he's still on TV SHOW. NOT A PRESIDENT. How shameful


    • White people riot at the capitol, blacks riot at Wendy's.

  • America is destroying America.

    • In other words, the real Americans are disgruntled with the system and their politicians.

  • The longer I live, the more I want to move to alaska and live off the grid. Yes it's still america, but I still adore this broken country. Even if it's citizens are degenerates.

  • this guy is like if pearl clutching was a person. fk he can fear monger.

  • It is mind boggling that police did not use lethal force or apprehend these terrorists on site. We all know why.