Amazing homemade school lunches in Japan! Real public elementary school life in Japan 2021!

添加 2021年02月12日
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Today's video is a tie-up with the city of Izumi, Osaka Prefecture, which is known for its enthusiastic efforts in food education, in order to convey the "excellence of Japan's handmade school lunches"!

I've always been interested in how school lunches are prepared, and what school life is like for the elementary school students at corona vortex.

The video itself was completed in January 2021, but due to the number of people involved and the time of year, it took a lot of time before the video was released.

Now that we've decided to release it, I'm hoping that many people will watch it!

I'd love to hear everyone's honest comment.

Thanks always.

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  • Japão eu te amo

  • Wondervoll, in DE Kinder haben nichts...

  • That's the cleanest tap water I think I've ever seen. We should be washing our produce like this.

  • Khi quay phim làm màu đủ kiêu

  • 확실히 매뉴얼대로 실행하는 일본 학교네요. 협동을 가르치는건 좋은데 코로나 시국이라 각자 책상에서 먹어야 하는 현실이 안타깝네요..

  • すごいね

  • Watching children puts a smile on my face.

  • めっちゃ懐い食べたい

  • They should be able to listen some music or talk at least.

  • فكرة التغذية في المدارس جيدة جداً .

  • الفيديو جميل لكن ماان دخل لحم الخنزير اصبح🤮 ... اليابان بتطويرها لكنها لازالت تحرق الميت وهذا دليل على عدم تأثير التطور على معتقدات الشعوب وعاداتها

  • Какая чистота и порядок!Дисциплина зашкаливает!Первоклашки !тягают тяжести,и никто не считает это рабским трудом!С малолетства приучают к труду ,порядку и уважению!И наши детки-"нежные,ранимые",избалованные,не приученные ни к чему!Знают только свои права,а обязанности не для них!

  • That is cool. Honestly! They seem respectful and it is orderly. Manners

  • LINDO 🤟🏻

  • Top.

  • This is why i really envy japanese school

  • 19.58 НЕЗУКООО

  • Aqui no veo ningun distanciamiento social

  • Everytime I see things like this, I get so jealous. I wish we could have this in the US for our children.

  • Esta es una de las cosas que amo de los asiáticos, Japón y corea enseñan mucha disciplina y orden desde que son pequeños y eso los hace más responsables a medida que crecen…!

  • Интересно, как они суп палочками едят

  • None of the kids wasted food, nor are they speaking anything while eating . Such discipline!

  • 19:53 nezuko-chan ♡ 21:18 adiós niñita-chan

  • 귀여워ㅎㅎㅎ

  • It's so clean!! , My school is dirty . The kids there are just so ugh . especially the toilet I just cant-

  • Japan is 500 years ahead of other countries.

  • Очень удивительно))

  • 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  • 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  • 29歳だけどまた給食食べたいなー めちゃくちゃ美味しくて給食の時間楽しみだったなぁー 大人になって食べると味覚変わってるのかな…

  • Amazing culture.

  • No Cabai? No life.

  • アルコールしてる時の男の子可愛すぎん?

  • 給食って美味しくないよねw

  • Well discipline mga estudyante sa japan

  • 귀여운 아기들~^^*

  • Chicos no transpiren

  • Mean while in America our lunch is a slab of beans or something old and disgusting

  • Türkiye de Ali ata bak ilkokul 😑anlatacak çok şeyleri sadece şu cümle ile izah ediyorum

  • What was that thing fried in oil

  • Les restaurant ici devrait prendre exemple une cantine scolaire fait mieux et niveaux hygiene aussi

  • Cuál es el personaje principal ?

  • هدا ، الجيل ، هيك ، بطلب ، جسمو

  • Бедные только, в маске по самые уши .....эх

  • Дети - они везде дети

  • 후쿠시마산 농수산물 먹입니까?

  • 80년대 부속초등학교 급식 모습이랑 똑같네요. 헐~

  • This so so much better than the trash we get fed here😭

  • Que lindos se despidieron ante la cámara.

  • 나도 먹고싶다ㅠㅠ 맛있어보여ㅠㅠ

  • Dont like the idea kids so young serving and carrying hot food accident waiting to happen. No aparant lunch room eating where they do school work.

  • I’ve never seen a video like 👍 this of Japanese elementary. I’ve cried and laughed 😂 of so much joy. All those babies, cooks and teachers so disciplined. Amazing culture indeed. Thanks 🙏

  • People who are disappointed in American school, remember that in France 🇫🇷, we always finish school at 5pm or 6pm when you finish at 3pm :) we can’t have our own lunch box, we eat at home or in the canteen. We start school at 8am ( it’s depending because our timetable always change ) Exemple : Monday : i start at 8am and finish at 4pm Tuesday : I start at 8am and finish at 5pm etc etc So don’t be disappointed about American school because I would love be in American school and French school aren’t really good.

  • wow

  • Очень понравилось приготовление пищи в стенах школы. Порядок, чистота, профессионализм целого коллектива столовских работников. Подразумевается разнообразие, полный обед. Посильное участие детей в обслуживании, подачи. Посуда настоящая, не разовая.

  • No entiendo ni papa 🤦pero me gusto hermosso video de estos niños q ayudan 🙏



  • I swear to god, if these japanese kids eat my school lunch, within 1 week, they will get sick n they themself will self expel out from my school.

  • خل يجون للعراق ويشوفون مدارسنا ليكول معركه بدر 😂🥺😤

  • At the school I went, students will receive original recipe book written by “Lunch planning teacher” when kids graduate. I was very excited to get that recipe book until my parent decided to move to United States when I turned 6th grade… You know how it went,

  • 애기들 보니 귀엽네. 한국하고는 다른 풍경이라 색다르게 느껴지네. 젓가락으로 먹는 모습은 좀 불편해 보인다.

  • Cute ❤️

  • At least we know the food is clean and fresh

  • 好羨慕日本的學校午餐,看起來都很好吃~

  • Salud. Ojalá en todas las escuelas fuera así.

  • Ah mano queria ter nascido no Japão, que incrível lá 😓

  • Me as an arab student watching this : Wallahi this is 💖perfect💖 and 💖sweet💖👁👄👁

  • 14:20 are these background lgbts flags?

  • 小学生は給食嫌いだなーとか思ってたけどなんやかんや中学生あたりには大好きだった

  • ?

  • 이왜 알고리즘

  • 애들 진짜 쏘 큐트하다... 이게 모성애..?

  • ㅋㅋㅋ저 아주머니들한테 K-대량조리 맛보여주고 싶네ㅋㅋ 1000인분 급식 한 번 만들면 배춧잎 세 번 씻기 처하고 있는 일본으론 못돌아가는 몸이 되버린다고wwwwww

  • 👍👍👍👍

  • This feels like they're cooking for a giant 😗 Edit: the ones cooking really did a good job! Especially the fact that they made those kids happy 😊 Also, at 19:56 there's a girl drawing Nezuko ☺

  • 갑자기 이게 알고리즘뜨네

  • It must feel like home for kids.

  • I love the schools in japan how they cared and teaches our little ones .our future ones.....I wished every school do the same for our little ones

  • A organização é perfeita..Tenho grande admiração pelo Povo Japonês..em Disciplina .Educação ..ESTÃO de Parabéns. 👏👏

  • Omg💛💛

  • Impressive, maximise potential. Good sleep good eat good education. Every adult is designed to be a parent to every child. When you have a focused leader you have focused citizens. If you import crap you export crap.

  • This is amazing and gives me hope... The way American children especially in public schools are fed and treated is abuse. Too many greedy politicians and drugged out city councilman worried about making sure not to help and share too much. This place looks awesome. It makes the school environment a healthy, happy place. No narcissistic, prejudice staff and teachers being condescending. These people actually care. I bet it feels like heaven there.

  • 19:58 Aww, the kid's drawing Nezuko, so cute

  • Por que no nací en Japón :(

  • Algum brasileiroo

  • こんなん毎日やってんだもんな。 給食のおばちゃんへの感謝足りなかったわ。

  • カンボジアにも学校が欲しいです🌚

  • If we had this in my high school days, I would be so excited to come to school to learn and eat everyday 😅😄

  • satélite na lua.

  • kids growing up w lunchables be like: 👁👄👁

  • The best Kids education the whole world look upon 💗

  • Wwwwooooowwww very different with school at Indonesia😱👏

  • 👌🏻 perfect

  • 아이들의 활기찬 소리를 들으니 좋네요. 코로나 상황인데...기분이 밝아지는 느낌

  • 식사시간인데 되게 조용하다....우리나라 초등학교 애들 식사할때랑은 전혀 다른듯 ㅎ 저런걸 가르치나봐 .

  • my old school would hand make food, I dont know if it’s the same everywhere or what. however they would have veggies delivered every 4 days. our classes has students go to help the people in cafeteria every Fridays. even after making it with healthy and good ingredients it would taste like shit, and mind you the milk turned into pudding sometimes. and that’s what exactly made me bring home lunch.

  • in the us you get trash lunch food

  • مشاءالله عليهم نضيفين مره.

  • aaa私はそれをしたことがない、私は感動した🤧

  • みんなが黙って前向いて給食食べてるの見て涙でた