17 Teachers You'll Meet in Every School

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New teachers have joined the Titan Academy. Here are a few teachers you'll see in every school!
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  • Do you guys like the new teachers? 🤣

  • 3:07 here face is like bish wtf -

  • the ads are cancerous

  • we have classes until 5:20 pm even in school with online classes

  • I thought soot beng madam would help us...it doesn't seem that way.. 🙁

  • Miss Shantay

  • I know who emcee Siti is it is jian hao because siti wasn’t in the principles office but jian hao was

  • Go to MBS

  • Just a theory: madam soot beng wants to take revenge after what happen in "I am a teacher-short film" where she got teased by the students. She plans the revenge with alan and regna!

  • my name is sandy

  • How long is Mdm soot bang gonna be pregnant ?-

  • You have 3pm? We have 4:35 pm

  • I’ve never seen the confused

  • i love the chill teacher

  • HOLD ON what if they put a ball in madam soot beng's tummy KDKSKKS

  • °o° I uhhhh have nothing to say••••


  • I miss clevery

  • Legend says that class T1T5 still doesn’t know photosynthesis is related to plants..

  • Love how there is someone from the Philippines

  • When the teacher slammed his hand on the desk it reminded me of yesterday.

  • How are babies made Ask madam soot beng She will definily now this because she's pregnant like 2 years Hahahahahah

  • My teacher's name is actually Miss Natalie Mohammad

  • I definately met the funny, eye candy and the chill teacher for most of my school days

  • m class ends at 4 pm there ok

  • 1559 is new

  • Regna:Says extended by 1 hour to 3 Me:I live with that


  • Legend says tzat if u say a name 3 times you,ll get pinned Jianhoa tan Jianhoa tan Jianhoa tan

  • 2

  • When Madam Soot Beng finds out she's the one who called her cuz Vicky ate brownies she'll be roasted brownies (・_・;)

  • Mr Mabuhay is basically one of those practice teachers we have in the Philippines. They are all really really cool.

  • Is the "chill teacher" filipino? Lol :>

  • Miss Sherly is Joseph confirmed

  • The fact that the prinicipal name is the same as the old principal

  • 4:48 so funny I busted out of laughing, it made me happy

  • Seriously some teachers should be banned cause they ruin the holy Devine of learning

  • Yay madam soot beng is back.. Woohoo

  • Nicole: "I swear this feels like Deja Vu" Me: *Is anybody gonna tell her she was the first confused teacher-*

  • Ms Sherly: "Vicky stop eating." Vicky: *"it's not fair. They took all my chicky naggits this lunch.."*

  • If Mr. Dan was not a boomer he could have said hello you are Mr Fakkah who is your mom the Mother Fakkah

  • My name is p-lip

  • Who miss the old group of the jian hao tan?!!

  • 6:30 a remake of a old video :D

  • Filipino teacher

  • I like the ending its like infinity war but its school

  • i like miss sofia and miss natlie or whatever it is

  • They have so many interesting teachers.. can I go there? (≧▽≦)‼️

  • 16:44 did you all noticed how Vicky smiled when madam soot being came

  • madam sootbeng is still pregnant 🤣🤣🤣


  • when jianhoa said infinity war i was literally relating so much

  • Filipino teacher?

  • Nicole just said the wrong pronounce to mr mabuhay

  • Another uniform🤣🤣🤣

  • Can you do This for you next video. 12 types of people that watch Anime

  • Ha 2:43

  • Me being a filipino watching the The chill Teacher 👁👄👁

  • Do they still tell the romioe and juliate

  • The teachers is so feni

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • THis is dope more of this type of content pls

  • Pare~

  • When will mister mabuhay come back

  • I like Mr. Damian

  • WTH is unorthodoxed🤔🤔

  • Madam Soot Beng is back! Lol!

  • Hi

  • Whats the 2nd lqst teacher name?

  • 1:44 : does anyone else remember why said that??

  • for those who dont know mabuhay means happy who else heres a filipino?

  • I like Mr mabuhay

  • Madam Soot Beng!!! Ejjsudjsjd she's my favorite character ever!!!

  • Mr. Mabuhay is my fav!

  • aye welcome back mdm soot beng!

  • Rip Mr. Mabuhay Im Filipino

  • 13:07 Jasmine Face Be Like:👁👄👁

  • Seriously, Mr. Mahubay and Mr. Fakkah was the best teacher of all. They're so dope. Who agrees, leave a like down.

  • I Like Mrs Sofia


  • I love the new Filipino teacher because im Filipino

  • I love mr fakkah's shirt

  • damn the funny teacher DESTROYED dan

  • Ms. Sofia is nice



  • Welp that’s a long one class for me is one hour

  • "is that how babies are made?" "Actually, How are babies made?"

  • dude i stay at school till 5pm

  • Mr fakkah

  • Pngs a picture without a picture lol

  • Oof! Am I the only one who was whispering Hamlet and then he mentioned it? Poor Ophelia T-T

  • Him: *looks at me* Me: *dies inside* him: late Me: oh s- Him: it's ok

  • No I am wrong 6:46 best teacher

  • Happy grave!

  • The Grumpy Teacher part was the best that he said *WHY YOU TALK SO LOUD IM NOT DEAF YOU KNOW PHILIP PHILIP PHILIP MY NAME IS NOT PHILIP MY NAME IS P-LIP UNDERSTAND P-LIP UNDERSTAND NOW* this was the best part ever 😂

  • 1:48 somehow best teacher

  • Mr mabuhay is my favorite its mean a lot to me because i am a filipino

  • the ending was PERFECT

  • Madam soot neng is back.. And still. Pregnant