KSI - Holiday [Official Music Video]

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I wanna wake up every morning feeling better cos I know you’re sleeping by my side
And every moment we’re together I’ll remember just to keep it all for you and I
I see that body in the sunlight
Feeling the heat and it feels right
I wanna do this for the rest of my life
Oh, I know I know you know the vibe
I wanna stay with you every night
You and me underneath lights
I’m Always good when you’re by my side
I know You know you’re on my mind
You really make me come alive
I wanna be here for the rest of my life

Looking for sunrays
Needing them good days
Fly me a way away, you’re my holiday

Cool like the ocean
Lost in emotion
Find me a way away, you’re my holiday

Whenever you’re here it’s a good time
Strawberry shirts in the sunshine
Ice cold drinks till the moonlight
You’re my holiday

I wanna stay up till the morning with you talking, just listen to the things you say
And everytime I’m in the middle of the city I imagine us so Far away
I see that body in the sunlight
Feeling the heat and it feels right
I wanna do this for the rest of my life
Oh, I know You know you’re on my mind
You really make me come alive
I wanna be here for the rest of my life

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com

Directed By Troy Roscoe - : troyroscoe

RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/

BMG - www.bmg.com/us/


  • He didnt just show straight relationships he also showed gay relationships. The attention to detail in this music vid is so insanely intimate and i love it just as much as the song.

  • More plz

  • Yooo honestly this might be a good hit

  • Wow

  • Wow best song so faw

  • Is that your new girlfriend right at the back of the video

  • Weird goofy be so is he so why not

  • This is a banger

  • this is a song to just listen in repeat and never get boring 🔥🔥

  • Believe.

  • Not to sure

  • Ok this is my honest opinion I don’t think the song is good it reminds me of dreams song and that is ass I mean this isn’t as bad as it it’s just a bit uhh I ain’t saying jj is a bad singer cause he made some bangers but this ain’t it sorry

  • Is anyones 2021 going well especially dis stunner

  • Sheeeeeeeeeesh

  • love it happy birthday jj

  • POV you are a huge KSI fam and you break up with your girlfriend and KSI drops a song about relationships 😭😭😭😭


  • ksi why

  • Goopy poopy

  • What a load of shhhit…

  • Thats the first song I’m hearing, thats so goodd, keep going man!!

  • Banged the chorus, big up JJ

  • this is what I need to get through covid


  • BANGER!!!!

  • Sheesh😳

  • madness

  • This is my 20th time listening this song

  • How have you changed race

  • Yo KSI beats are always fire. Songs a bop regardless

  • I wonder how many guys got laid because they sent this song to there girl

  • KSIs music will never hit. Yall are delusional

  • Mann Murdered this bruh💕

  • 10k joke pool and bryce fall fans in here disliking 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  • Damm KSI is an amazing artist also he is dating Anne Marie

  • Summer Vibes 🎶

  • this is so ass idec

  • just pre ordered the album king👑

  • This deserves well over a million likes and Atleast 50 million views let’s be real

  • this is nice slow, and vibey. i like it.

  • Started watching ksi when he was on 100k

  • Just a reminder that this same man made a song about fucking a horse.

  • it’s impossible to describe how proud i am of him,,he deserves everything rn

  • Wow KSI this is 🙏😇👍🙏

  • I thought you are waiting for Deji ✌

  • Not my type of music by any means but this is chill as fuck.

  • Not something we expected, but exactly what we needed at this time

  • Did we just see who his gf is

  • Rudimental and KSI would be legendary!

  • fireeee

  • He defo got a ghost writer for this but is he didn’t he still done his thing still😂

    • I mean you can see his evolution musically, it’s publicly documented

  • 🏝🔥☀️

  • Any one feels like this could be a song on fifa ?

  • No features yet such a vibey song

  • Not my kind of music, but it’s pretty fire🔥🔥🔥

  • Shut the duck yo

  • kilamanjaro can never be topped

  • Yeah this deserves 300 million views

  • Alright I wasn’t going to listen to this but i just saw simon reaction to this and SHEEESH this is a banger absolute head on

  • This video was legit perfect.^-^

  • *This song hits different*

  • yoooooo

  • I love this

  • Jidenna vibez i swear

  • That’s is fire

  • Watching him sing in this music video is so hard cus all i can see is him screaming 🤣

  • Amazing diss track 🥶

  • Tbh this is a banger but I prefer his rapping 😬

  • this deserves some PLATUMMMMMMMM

  • 🔥🔥

  • Mans on chunkz level

  • Who is that girl at the end

  • Ksi's girlfriend is fuming rn

  • When an artist can switch gears like that it’s genuinely remarkable

  • that one couple keeps wasting the mixture

  • This video is cringey


  • Catchy, good story, good melody, what more can you ask for

  • time to be lonely...

  • Thank you, needed this 🤗

  • I’m obsessed!!! 😍🙌🏻 the song the world needs right now 👏🏻👏🏻

  • U know this song is gonna be on the last episode of Love island

  • this song is good and all but it does NOT sound as good as KSI’S rap songs

  • Sounds white

    • Might as well say every pop sounds white lmao 🤣

  • his girl kinda looks like Simon but this song a banger

  • Tbh I don't think you should go this way jj

  • Those singing lessons have helped well done jj

  • Man's looking to be on the FIFA 22 soundtrack❗ Love to see it

  • 2:17 Why is jj going for his weekly shop in the middle of his music video?

  • Simon lookin kinda different

  • Kai keeps showing he can do anything 💯 watched him since fifa 13 with Deji he’s proof no matter what you want to do if you work hard you can do anything big respect ✊💯

  • Banger

  • this song is so nice to listen to cos today has been traumatizing this bring up my mood

  • This is his best song in my opinion

  • who else can't believe how good this was. The lyrics are empowering

  • From rapper to singer

  • Keep this on trending so we can forever shut up ricegum

  • Um, this is a BANGER! Wow. I'm so impressed. I better find this song playing atleast during the credits of one movie.

  • sheeesh

  • Oi bruv! I did not expect this when I clicked on I thought it was gonna be like that aggressive Lamborghini song, but this shit is so vibes and bangs! Got me excited for the album keep up the good work