《贺先生的恋恋不忘 Unforgettable Love》EP2 Starring: Wei Zheming | Hu Yixuan [Mango TV Drama]

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"Unforgettable Love" is directed by Li Yulei and co-starred by Wei Zheming, Hu Yixuan, Sheng Huizi, Yu Yijie, Shi Qingyan, Wu Chongxuan and others. The play revolves around He Qiaoyan, CEO of Heshi Group and Qin Yiyue, a child psychologist. It tells the story of a rational and indifferent tyrant and a soft and meticulous psychologist, from acquaintance to love.

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    • plz add the cards meaning also for sub

    • where's Indonesian subtitle for ep 6 etc :(

    • 為什麼又不更了

    • 反正第三集开始 就不能看

    • @Chyehuat Ooi 这里有,可是好像是区域限制,看不到

  • The acting is incredible! Loving it!

  • 13:50 haha 😆 the girl is like us but difference is she read such novels but we was such dramas 😂

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  • Hi I'm writing this personally to the uploader and also to the management to ask permission to watch the continuation of this wonderful and amazing tv series "unforgettable love". Is there anyway I can watch this tv series for free here since the rest of the episodes are blocked in my country. I'm begging for the uploader of this series can you do something about this? I know I'm not the only fan asking for this but a lot actually. I hope my request be given since only your channel offers the best quality videos when it comes to this tv series. Xie xie love from the Philippines.

    • Try finding it on telegram

  • ايش اسم مسلسل في لاعربي

  • 3:35 I want to be friends with you 4:29 I like her Thank me later

  • QaQ

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  • i love miles but i can't see spark with his leading lady.

  • She sick and head hurts going sleeping bath making shower

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  • This one is based on TT treat and take

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  • This dad has finished complicating his sons' matter. The child likes the doctor, be happy and stop overanalyzing. You have found your sons' cure to grow.

    • But I’m Glad he is still trying for the Son hahahah esp with his awkward calculatibe way of life ahhahaha

    • Then again these only make it easier to get the 2 main lead know each other ahhahahahah

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  • ممكن تسامحوا بالترجمة العربيه

  • does anybody know when is the next episode

  • 這戲如以關閉 還放上兩集戲播出 倒不如不用播放出來

  • Where can i watch the other episoded with english subtitle?

  • 身為一位醫生或護士。然到不知身體不舒服傷风是不能泡澡的吗?醫學讀到那儿 如要.做到這樣就不應演是醫生

  • 這部戲是做小寶才幾歲 如小寶是5到6歲 請問5年前發生的車禍 小.寶才几歲 止不過是個婴兒。嬰兒𢤦什麼 那來的知道五年前什仏事 倒至生理有問題。就算是7或8歲的小孩在5年前發生車禍的小孩才幾歲那知什麼事。除非是神童

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  • 3:35 I want to be friends with you 4:29 I like her

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  • 38:44 she said bro😂

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  • CEO have so much free time to look for stupid things

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