💖She showed the last hole card, which surprised everyone!

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  • I love this movie live here in Las Vegas this is Rita erlinda

  • Story of Yanxi Palace

  • Вот это врачи! По пульсу ставят срок беременности!...Современная медицинская техника и то даёт не верные данные..

  • 皇帝は本当は嬉しくてたまらないんですね 態度に出ていてよくわかります💐🥰🥰🥰

  • 那句魏瓔珞到底喜歡富察富恆還是皇上我想他這部應該已經給出了答案。典型的當不了情人就當朋友吧!

  • 太后:來人,把魏瓔珞處置了 皇上:皇額娘,兒臣這就把瓔珞仗斃了

  • can't stop watching this scene that the emperor found out he's having a baby with her weiwei

  • Why does it never show her while she is pregnant?

    • I wish it was also part of an episode her pregnancy journey.

  • Loved this moment finding out she pregnant

  • This is not legend of long fai earned if I dont remember what the name is

  • It says a lot about this emperor's love for his consort if he can actually remember their last encounter.

  • 甄嬛在哪?????