DAY6 "You make Me" Band Performance Video

添加 2021年04月29日
DAY6 "You make Me" Band Performance Video

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  • JYP has such gems fr. Only if he paid attention to his boy groups as they deserve. That man makes my blood boil istg.

  • Let's streaming my day..our boys deserve more

  • Who's excited for EOD Comeback? #DAY6 rlly K-Band : kabjagi band


  • I love this song sm

  • I miss jae and sungjin again 😭😭😭

  • Sungjins yellow guitar is so pretty-

  • Suka banget sama lagu ini

  • I love this song

  • Cool

  • os amo os amooo

  • dear day6, im a new myday. its just three days ago that i decided to be part of this relationship. im fallin in love with you guys, with mydays, your music, the way you guys express yourself in real life or in the stage, anything. by the way, im an Indonesian myday. i just think that now one of my dream is to attend day6 concert in Indonesia^^ keep healthy and always be happy Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon^^ mmm, actually, im little bit sad that i just know you guys in 2021, but i guess its okay. at least i found you^^ YOU GUYS ARE JJANGGG

  • great as usual

  • 왜케짧아!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It's just a song, it won't hurt you The song : .....

  • i like thm

  • Who's also scream in the YOU!!! MAKE!!! ME!!! part? Or it's only me?

  • I love you so much

  • gogogogogo DAY 6

  • gogogogogo DAY 6

  • gogogogogo DAY 6

  • gogogogogo DAY 6

  • gogogogogo DAY 6

  • gogogogogo DAY 6

  • I love this song. Actually, I love all the songs on the album. ❤

  • berawal dari denger lagu "i liked you" dan nontonin jae di dive studio jdi penasaran sama day6 dan akhirnya dengerin lagu nya, dan nonton performance stage mereka. Jujur day6 keren bgt!! lirik lagu mereka rata2 deep, semua membernya punya ciri khas vokal masing2. ASLI GA NGERTI LAGI SESUKA ITU SAMA VOKAL MEREKA, syg bgt gw baru tertarik sama day6 pas pandemi kayak gini pdhl day6 udh beberapa kali ke jkt, pls semoga ngadain konser di indo lagi.

  • My boys are the best

  • This song is more than anything 😭 people need to hear this....♡ ITS AWESOME

  • Berawal dari iseng pencet jadi addict banget lagu ini setiaphari :'

  • Its a beatiful song UwU

  • I'm not a fan, at this point, I'm the wind

  • I miss them so much I teared up at the first few seconds

  • kim wonpil ily

  • 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️

  • 𝔻𝔸𝕐𝟞 𝕚𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕓𝕖𝕤𝕥

  • NOT EVEN 3 MINUTES???????????????????

  • You make me is the best

  • I MISS DAY 6

  • I really hope for them to perform live

  • Antes de morirme necesito ir a uno de sus conciertos 😎

  • Tangina ang gwapo nilang lahat, walang latak!!💛💛

  • I can't stop listen this song very very like

  • New fan here💗

  • Im not a fan. This is the first song I got to listen from Day 6 and its really dope. Now I think I might stan them. I love their song and the band

  • wish them goodluck

  • Perfect voices! Perfect melody! Perfect band 😍😍😍😍

  • sa mga nag unlike, sana hindi masarap ulam niyo.

    • ✨sana kung ililibig kayo nakasako ✨

  • Stream this!!!

  • i love this song sm

  • They always performe with instrumental

  • Bagus lho ini lagu kenapa blm.sejuta yaa

  • young k 🥺


  • A perfect song with perfect guys 🎵 😍😭💛❤💚💙💜

  • WOW They are so handsome when they play instruments 🥺🤧 I Love DAY6 💗🖤 live performances will be amazing!!!

  • Selalu menunggu karya2 terbaik kalian

  • Semoga sukses selalu

  • Kenapa sih ga full aja gituu!?

  • sungjin sungjin sungjin sungjin sungjin

  • jae look so pale :(

  • The Best Band!! Thanks Day6 for this beautiful song!!!! 🥰

  • the fact that they meet where the sea sleeps makes me so happy

  • You make me feel happy ☺️🥰

  • 何から何まで本当に大好きなのに衣装がどこまでもダサい……

  • If i lose Day6 ,there is no tomorrow. Day6 is my healing

  • I got overwhelmed that they did not tour with it and I was so sad that I can not wait 😭😭

  • I like ur voices😭😭

  • Oh, I just found out..How could I miss your concert??? Please, come back to Moscow!!

  • i live for this


  • believe me when i say that i listen to the whole album atleast 3 times every day ㅠㅠ i love negentropy so much


  • Miam

  • no doubt, day6 has no bad song.

  • I really need the full version of this. It's too short.

  • If only we got 2 different performance video since it takes on 2 different places. But it's studJ.. i dont expect anything lol

  • I can't say anything to Jae's vocal, Jae's guitar and Day6 performance🔥

  • DAY6 los amo la mejor banda (ARGENTINA)

  • Hh

  • Wonpil is a good kid, so Enjoy Streaming.. ;-) Happy Sunday Mydays & Day 6

  • Kpop bands needs more recognition!


  • This is really so beautiful 😍 I m sad , why couldn't I search up such talent earlier ?? Just consider me as a new DAY6 Stan !! ✨

  • it sounds like the rock band of the year ~


  • How are they all so attractive, talented, and good ppl

  • I love the lighting n mood it starts off with

  • Jae looks so good with his hair


  • Pleaseee pengen banget liat mereka tampil live tapi apalah daya 😭😭 Cefatt balik ya mas Sungjin 😢

  • I'm falling in love with Day6's music. Omg, I can't hold Jae's charm 😀

  • The song attract me from the start,it is a very great song

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I love this song

  • Lagu lagu mereka udah ga usah di ragukan lagi, enak² semua pokonya