The Story Of A Cow Who Became His Grandpa's Stalker

添加 2021年03月 7日
Calf 'Da-haeng' abandoned by his mom upon birth
The reason why he could stay healthy until now is..

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    • His bestfriend from another life came back as a cow.. and he doesnt undertand it, maybe they made a vow in last life, but things are very different now

    • Wow, such heartwarming and awesome story!!

    • А потом они съедят его

    • А потом они съедят его

    • Somos los únicos animales que sabemos dar amor, y es evidente que cuando das amor recibes amor, no he visto a ningún Perro o vaca o elefante o incluso tigres y leones dándose amor entre ellos… sin embargo a todos los he visto dándole cariño y amor a aquellos seres humanos que antes les proveyeron como algo que ellos en su medio carecen, el milagro de los animales domésticos es ese el amor que un ser humano les dio en la prehistoria

  • Que hombre más cariñoso🤗😘

  • Que. D amour...

  • Que hermoso 🤩

  • 와, 소가 ​​주인에게 이렇게 가까이 있는 건 처음 봐요, 마치 아버지와 아들의 관계 같군요, 매우 흥미롭네요.

  • So sweet

  • 소를 농사에 이용하던 때도 있었는데


  • So sweet and the photos of them together were so adorable.🥰🐄

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  • I hope they will let da-haeng live and not get slaughtered..

  • Very heart touching.

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  • Que coisa mais linda o amor é a inocência dos animais pelo ser humano temos muito oque aprender com os animais

  • Translating the brazilian love: they're all saying things like "mother and father are the ones that raise you with love", "lovely calf💝💞", "animals are our friends"

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  • 나는 이것이 행복한 이야기라는 것을 알고 있지만 그렇게 특별하지 않은 다른 소는 어떻습니까? 소는 먹이를 위해 사육되기 때문에 송아지는 태어날 때 얼기 위해 태어납니다. 우리는 그들의 고통에 관심이 없습니다. 특별한 송아지에 대한 예쁜 비디오는 그것을 바꾸지 않습니다.

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  • This cow understand old pa is not going to hurt or harm him, so he continue to 'stalk' old pa for milk. 🥰

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  • Very cute, thanks for the English translations!

  • Gente, n existe coisa mais linda de ver, viver do q o amor verdadeiro dos animais por qm os trata , convive ou socorreu na hora difícil, livrou eles de alguma maneira... Eu tenho muitos bichinhos, tenho abdicado de muitas oportunidades ,corrido risco de vida, morando em sítio em lugar rude, mas n os abandono....até casamento com receio deles sofrerem, abrir mão..e eles te olham, te acariciam, enfim....uns amores insubstituível.. chorei....

  • Ow has benome big baby to grandpa

  • Out on our rural home, we raised a number of animals from babies (not a cow!) and they always looked to us as parents. It is only natural. He has a kind smile and gentle hands, he provides care and comfort. I think he's a GREAT mother!

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