13 Types of Students BACK TO SCHOOL

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After a year of online lessons, Class T1-t5 finally returns to the Titan Academy. Things have changed for the students and this is only the beginning of something bigger.
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Vicky: yklvv
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  • I feel like this is the best T1T5 episode so far. As a huge Titan fan who's been watching for years, this just shows how far that everyone has come. Coming off of the same concept as the "Types of" videos, it never gets old as you keep watching. It just keeps getting better and better. I feel like JianHao, who is the Director of these videos are way better than even some professional movie directors. I know this may not mean much, but I'm not exaggerating. The background is so detailed, making it like you are watching an actual film, the small details count so much, I like all of the props he adds. He gathers the most likeable people, the acting is on point, and we see so much character development. One thing I liked was how he branched off of the short film, "I am A Teacher" on how Vicky broke up with Hakim, I would like to see how that plays off in the next episodes. Watching this emotional episode leaves us with many questions, "Why did Ms. Sherly quit?" "Who will be the next teacher for class T1T5?" "What will happen next?" An extraordinary thing was Vincent's character, I beleive we all hated him at first for acting toxic and arrogant towards the characters, especially Denise, but now he's someone we can all relate to. This pandemic has struck us all, but the people who bring us up together from this tough time like a supportive teacher like Ms. Sherly helps us alot. Thank you for the work that you do for us, Titan Team, and especially JianHao. I like how far you have come with your videos, it shows how hardwork can get you anywhere. Keep up the amazing videos. Thank you for reading.

  • 13:11 no offense but that arabic was messed up, and yes i am an arab......egypt to be exact

  • :( noooo-

  • Vicky turned emo ?????

  • debbie: i am i am i am i am i am i am *bell rings* my mind: i am the bell

  • Ok ik this is like fake but the part when he had a flash back I legit cried

  • Im so glad that class t1 t5 is back

  • Is ms Sheryl relay living if she is I will miss you ms sherly

  • That girl yell MS SHERLEY MS SHERLEY NO!!


  • Is no one going to talk about how even though density doesn’t fail and some students do fail they all end up in the same class again.

  • Vincent is a tantrum-

  • What class is vicknesh from N4T1 or T1T5

  • i have been watcing ur titan academy series for like a few years or sum shet, and the series has gotten better

  • 13:07 the arabic one 😂😂😂😂

  • Who liked only hamza and ben

  • I dont know why but i suddenly teared up and now i cant stop crying 😭😭😭

  • Only ogs remember GONG GONG

  • Denise looks cute with ponytails

  • I like Denise and juhi and Tasha

  • this has to be my favorite video bc its on my bday

  • 16:02 a boy in my class has acted like that but he screams so loud and walks out of the classroom, slams the door and leaves 16:20 he would do that too

  • I only have 1 question WHERE DID Mr. Muthu Raja GO?!

    • He became thanos

  • Omg denise I... I just don’t know what to say you have done th syllabus for next 3 years 😱

  • i feel sorry for the plushy sheep :(

  • I like the addition of vicknesh sweating showing he is still nervous (and in a different class) like before

  • They’re class is like a family

  • So funny how Vincent get rejected 🙅

  • So whenever my humor is down this is what I come too

  • Vincent: *takes down all of the plastic coverings* Me: ah yes. now we can see the papers that say "subscribe."

  • 9:40 poor plushie If he didn't want it, I would've taken it

  • First madam soot bang now miss sherly 😭😭😭💔💔💔

  • Debbie :I-I -I am the The bell:Yh imam make u say that u are the bell agian

  • 14:51 My ears

  • Starley is so cute

  • Was "Jangan pegang" Indo cuz i speak indo

  • When Vincent had the temper tantrum, me: feels bad for him. then Vincent: "Or like yesterday, before we even had to go to school." Me: LMFAOOOO

  • Hindi op botlle hai

  • I think I know why Kevin called jianhao himself and Nicole a team because they are brother sister

  • This is why n4t1 is the worst class >:(

  • 4:52 cReEp mOm

  • Noooo I'm gonna miss Ms Sherly!!

  • i died when rainejan did the test

  • Oh nooo!!! MS.SHERLY🙃😔

  • Jian hao direct way more better than Dhar man the music is just so perfect if Jian hao like Dhar man music I just trash

    • I mean is between music and just

  • The one who did the swab test properly might be Denise and Vickey

  • Ms. Sherly LEAVES?!?!?! WHY!!!

  • im not happy cuz ms sherly well leave

  • *starts having swab test* "I really hope I pass this test" "I hope you pass this test too

  • Miss shierly

  • Ms. Sherly: Today will be my last day in Titan Academy The students: MS. SHERLY NOO!!! 1 student: Yes finally Me: Bro don't you even know that Ms. Sherly is leaving tomorrow?

  • Why isn’t anybody wearing masks? 😷

    • It’s staged + it’s so you can hear them better

  • i feel just like Vincent, my grandma just died I want to rewind time to the end of 2020 when she was still well

  • me

  • When I heard that ms Sherly said it was her last the in titan academy I cried


  • I will miss ms. Sherly

  • Potatoe potassium

  • คิดถึงภาคไทยจัง

  • At least they didn’t have to wear masks

    • It’s staged + it’s so you can hear them better

  • i hate denis june jasmin tiffany and pei shi donot film with them

  • 10:44 - I thought for 1 second hamza was a girl 😁😁

  • I hate Ben Debbie is best

  • 7 years watching this guy, man

  • Denise is literally smarter than the teacher lmao-

  • Knew it! I saw Denise’s backgrounds in the zooms!

  • Jianhao make Ben fall in love with Debbie again 🤣🤣

  • When Debbie's mom said:Now you are talking back to me Me:That's how a conversation works😑😑😑😑

  • is miss sherly just leaving in this epesode or actally in real life. either way i ma sad :( nooooooooooo

  • 15:17 it was curtently funny that the boy curtently snatch like: HEY PRINCIPAL IM AM SUPA 3947341273 LEVEL SUPA MEGA IQ LEVEL HANB ME OVER THIS GODAMN THING LOL

  • Title: types of STUDENTS One of them in the video: principal This is not a big deal just something funny i wanted to mention

  • 5:15 "i am the-" *BELL*


  • noo not mr sherly


  • and next that was so sad i was look ms sherly almost left the academy i was so sad

  • i was just here the principal say a list about toilet paper i almost laugh🤣🤣😂😂

  • Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • They said sh**

  • ooh this is awesome :D

  • I really like Denise’s hair!

  • I like the new ridwan more than the old one. Edit: The new one looks chill/cool.

  • It's awesome that ridwan is so tall. Love his height.

  • E

  • "Potato and Pottasium are the same thing" Thus the war between chemistry and biology started.

  • I'm arabic

  • آل

  • 14:14 and use some masks

  • “Are you disrespectining me?” Gottem.

  • I kinda ship JianHao and Denise for some reason 😅 (IN THE SERIES ONLY)

  • You neet to.... Subscribe now

  • Roses are red voilets are blue i subscribed and you should to

  • I like kevin he safe the teddy bear :) respect kevin

  • Does T1T5 sound inappropriate

  • Nooooo Ms sherly :(((( 19:15 Ms sherly is leaving :((((

  • will ren yi xang fight pe shi's boyfriend

  • ms sherly is retiring????

  • Ren ix yang gone way more cooler then the old one😎

  • A

  • I actually feel Vincent during the ending

  • I also hate the social distancing and also online class I also want it to go to the same way it was before like with no masks