Playing an RPG for the second time

添加 2021年01月12日
Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series -
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  • This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -

    • yeah I watched them in reverse order, but oh well

    • Yes

    • this is hilarious

    • Please make a long one or two of these rpg a week and youll become a youtube legend

    • Please make one of these every week to twice a week and youll become a youtube legend

  • i think there is a trapped soul inside these costumes..

  • It's the little details that propel this series from entertaining to engaging. Like the "not that corrupt" description of the king almost missed in the first episode but highlighted in this one; and using the same sentence when encountering Marshall the Rat, only changing the emotional tone of the words.

  • I used to live with this guy who once said " I don't like The Life Aquatic because I don't know whether I'm supposed to find it funny or sad and I don'' know how to feel" and I thought "what a fucking idiot" but then I'm all not know what the feeling I'm getting right now is and I guess I should call that guy because I'm feeling things I don't understand.

  • So which mod did this guy use to add a gun to the leveled list.

  • I love his short breathed "what"s

  • I am equally passive agressive in rpgs

  • Man the shell was like 1/3 the size of the gun

  • I felt the "oh fuck..."

  • These two videos will be held dearly by me for quite a long time. Thank you, for allowing me to indulge in this piece of art. The animation, the character designs, the character's voices, the sound design... Everything about this just fills me to the brim with fulfillment. There is no need to mention the brilliant plot but I'll do so anyways. The subversion of expectations is a common occurence in every great story but this takes it to a next level, it's just mind blowing how some commong troupe could be twisted so easily and cleverly like this. I want to go on but i just can't find the right words to describe it but if i had to simplfy it into a single word it would be delectable. Sincerely, some random dude.

    • ​@wunkus i didn't see that one ty

    • There are three videos in this series.

  • Oh by the gods. I love everything in this series.

  • didn't know I needed to watch this until I watched it


    • I feel like this phrase needs to be said loudly in public. Often.

  • Can't sneak that peace of akatosh past this guy

  • Re:zero but not really

  • This feels like a DnD campaign that was completely derailed by the party

  • I like that all he needed to become evil was just a gun

  • Bro adult swim is probably looking at you like👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • ... I hate to admit it, but THIS would be a great series to follow, lmao

  • I love the reference to Endgame at 3:10

  • ADVENTURE AWAIT 가즈아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아

  • 0:17 I dont know why but that head turn is the most funniest thing ever

  • This could have episodes

  • Ah yes Skyrim

  • he was just a lil corrupt 👌🏾

  • I just noticed on my third watch that spot is taking a nap

  • why do I get the feeling that the fight with marshall supposed to be longer

  • I wasn't even that corrupt!

  • The adventurer left the dungeon the same day marshal freed all the worst criminals hmmm interesting

  • This sequel is even more powerful than Shrek 2

  • Also I guess the giant guy on the hill was just a really tall guy and the blue dude offering him stuff must have been super tiny, seeing how Jacob is almost the same size as the giant haha. Either that or Jacob and the people of townton are smaller giants :)

  • I love how you made the rat evil and would very much love to see more of this noobs story unfold it would be great fun. Thank you for the time you spent on making these, they put a smile on my face and make me laugh so thank you for this:)

  • So glad i stumbled upon these videos

  • "A healthbar does not show who is an enemy to you it shows who is an enemy to themselves"... bloodbornes secret message with dark souls obvious ascetic... GENIUS!

  • I dont think I will ever get over I AM SO SICK OF DOING EVERYTHING WRONG kakslflslalahshdh, fucjing MOOD Jacob. Idk about yall but I would totally play a game with mechanics like this :]

  • Literally love these

  • The oblivion music was so good

  • A fitting end

  • That delivery of the "Oh fuck..." line is pure gold

  • I really should have watched these videos in order

  • The title does not match the video. But in the end, nothing in this video matches anything.

    • Have you watched all three videos? It's a series.

  • I love it

  • This is fucking genius

  • the true ending

  • I fucking died at 2:30, the second little scream when he ran out of breath. Joel, you’re doing great man! 👨 keep it up!

  • Adventure awaits, HUZZAH!

  • most shocking anime betrayals

  • A new CNlinks legend in his making...

  • Adventa (Heavily breathing) Awaits

  • Marshal is top 10 villians. Up there with Remy when it comes to rats or maybe even the gangsters from flushed away

  • Do you want any water?" Ha

  • Can your next animation be a brief but extremely epic and triumphant clip of Jacob running into the King's chambers and delivering the killing blow on Marshall? Please and thank you

  • The emotional payoff of this arc was surprisingly poignant. Also eternal love for oblivion music

  • Truly one of the best redemption arcs in cinematic history.

  • I am looking more forward to this then ATOT

  • This should be in Adult Swim lmao

  • Man that oblivion music gets me going

  • The fact that this story is over actually felt like my favorite show coming to an end.

  • wholesome,

  • I saw again the second part and he asked the giant that what if a savage dog didn't have a health bar, it seems in the first run he killed spot

  • why was that ending so wholesome xD

  • I’m getting massive adventure time vibes and I love that.

  • Plot twist: Jacob is the corrupt king and this is his origin story

  • The sequel we all needed

  • 4:02 anyone else noticed the mouse cursor on the bottom right of the screen ?

  • y u do this marshal

  • 4:07 This is going to be lofi video art in no time

  • "A health bar does not show whos an enemy to you, it shows who's an enemy to themselves". That line is the best

  • such a masterpiece, such an inspiring story :'(

  • Third playthrough: the Old Man is evil now. He has a rocket launcher.

  • "I wasnt even that corrupt"

  • Fucking full circle

  • _F9 again_

  • Loving the Oblivion music in this.

  • Huzzah!!!

  • 2:00 I love how he moves like a high templar in starcraft ... lol those after image trails xD

  • kkkkkkkkk i love this shit kkkkkk

  • What I would pay to get a real game of this

  • I like this guys’ mindset about art

  • Love it

  • omfg! the town!

  • Marshall Law

  • 2:33 hello windows loading symbol

  • “Marshall has no moral compass. He is a rat”

  • the redemption arc we needed

  • I love how at the end of his epic journey, he's still rocking his early game gear. I guess he chose to do a no looting run.

  • Aww man, I want a friend like that giant :(

  • This gives me re zero vibes lol

  • It turns out that he is the ancestor of Dad and Son.

  • This is amazing...

  • This is some back in the day MTV type shit

  • So realistic. As if it’s drawn after some motion capture. It’s so good!

  • The Redemption Arc!

  • IM SO SICK, OF DOING, EVERYTHING every video game ever where YOU gotta do everything for everyone

  • Man I love your videos. Keep up the good work and the good comedy! HUZZZAAAAAAAAAAHHH

  • The feels when he's confronting marshal, oof. I got seriously immersed in that moment especially when he gets calm and says "adventure awaits". The ending was also such an amazing way to finish it and a great throwback to your previous animation.

    • Legit same... Hollywood take notes

  • Somehow we forgot that 'jacob' is the strongest character in the series..

  • I thought this was going to be a rick roll what the fuck is this

  • the redemption arc

  • Is nobody curious what song plays when he fights the rat?