地中海燒劍魚扒配Couscous沙律 - 英國搞劏房 Grilled Swordfish with Couscous Salad - House of Multiple Occupation

添加 2021年04月30日
[分享喜悅] 想唔想增加你嘅被動收入?
In this video I'll be making a beautiful summer dish and today’s topic is about sub-divided flats (HMO) and why HongKongers should avoid such investment.
二人份量 For two people
劍魚扒兩塊 - 2 swordfish steak
孜然粉一湯匙 - 1 tbsp of ground cumin
甜椒粉半湯匙 - half a tbsp of paprika
辣椒乾一茶匙 - 1 tsp of dried chilli flakes
蒜兩瓣 - 2 cloves of garlic
鹽一茶匙 - 1 tsp of salt
黑胡椒一茶匙 - 1 tsp of black pepper
橄欖油¼杯 - 1/4 cup of olive oil
以色列 Couscous 150克 - 150g of Israeli Couscous
橄欖油三湯匙 - 3tbsp of olive oil
法式芥辣一湯匙 - 1tbsp of Dijon Mustard
砂糖(或蜜糖)一茶匙 - 1tsp of sugar (or honey)
檸檬汁一湯匙 - 1tbsp of lemon juice
薄荷葉八片 - 8 mint leaves
蕃荽五克 - a small handful of parsley
小蕃茄10個 - 10 cherry tomatoes
青瓜¼條 - 1/4 of a cucumber
去核橄欖10個 - 10 pitted olives
希臘羊芝士20克 - 20g of feta cheese


  • 您好,您的影片好像被中國大陸的媒體盜了,在西瓜視頻app@時行,自己看一下。

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  • 你每都話帶太太去什麼什麼地方。但片中都都是太太在前面帶你去多些 哈哈 Good luck. Good health

  • 片尾嗰度講得好啱, 八九十年代嘅加拿大, 當年我除咗買一間畀自住, 仲買咗一間出租, 真係好煩, 就算唔係做劏房都覺得做唔過, 後來賣咗層樓, 將啲錢擺落個stock market, 乾手淨腳, 自負盈虧, 仲開心, 仲搵到錢, 所以奉勸各位如果唔諗住瞓身去搞嘅話, 真係唔好買

  • 多謝Bob叔良心發言,網上老千多過牛毛。好以你咁真心說話的人不多。感激🙏🏻👍

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  • Right ingredients there you used. Just so you know, the white "sugar" granules are not sugar, it's just a depopulation tool that looks like sugar. It gives you heart disease and cancer like vegetable oils. Use brown cane sugar.

  • Concerning the HMOs, we call them student flats in the Netherlands. I would never want to rent out to students because unlike the average HK student, the Dutch (and no doubt the UK) students will trash the place. They drink and hold parties and are just absolutely terrible in keeping anything clean. I know because I used to live in one when I studied in Amsterdam. The place I rented was infested with mice and the communal kitchen was absolutely disgusting, one of my friends burnt the electric stove and I accidentally broke a window when we were holding a party to celebrate queens day, but we were young and free and (stoned) and we didn’t care. We lied to the landlord that we had no idea who caused the damage and then we basically bullied him away by complaining about the rodent infestation and arguing that we should get a rent reduction because the place was such a shit hole 😂, god I miss the 90s! So no, don’t ever rent out to students, unless you’re prepared to have your blood pressure levels up.

  • Hey Bob, for the normal couscous variant I use the dim sum steamer on a piece of baking paper, and Add a little highly concentrated fish or lamb stock and a bit of butter or olive oil for flavor. It makes the couscous drier and fluffier. If you boil it it will stick together and be way too wet. My Arabic roommate used to steam it too, she also used her hands to rub the grains to separate them. It really makes it taste much nicer!

  • Taste good with avocado. 香港人唔鍾意香港有擋房,但又去搞外地,唔係仆街真係唔知係咁。

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  • 三流國家,二等公民,一等享受!

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  • HMO 第一樣野一定要睇地方 . 地方面積 , 人口方面 . 香港HMO成功原因係因為地少人多 , 投訴少呀 . HMO 外國玩法煩到嘔 . 唔查背景欠租 , 大把煩野 . 信FB ? FB咁多大陸人或者班所謂專業人士 , 只係想濕你個頭奶你家產 . 都係果句 : 同得你講點解自己唔搵益你 ? 一講錢老豆都有得出賣呀 ! 你估柒,捌拾年代 ? 唔好傻啦 !

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  • Could u be more environmental friendly & avoid using plastic bags for marinating the food? Thanks.

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  • Logic Test - The UK locals sacrifice their opportunities to Hongkonger?! Please bloody remember there is no free lunch in the world.

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  • Good advice for not invest in a house of multiple occupation. Have you try coucous with merguez sausage and steam vegetable with harissa sauce? It's delicious!

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  • Bob叔, thanks for sharing the video. Be aware of the mercury in swordfish, try not to eat too much specially if you plan to have babies. www.fda.gov/food/metals-and-your-food/mercury-levels-commercial-fish-and-shellfish-1990-2012 (swordfish is at the bottom -> highest in the list)

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  • 話時話 劏房係英國是合法......??

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