Playing SQUID GAME in Minecraft!

添加 2021年10月 9日
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Playing SQUID GAME in Minecraft! with PrestonPlayz 👊


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  • you are bad you can’t do this game

  • As a parent and grandparent, I am disappointed you are trivializing the effect of desensitizing children to the act of “killing” the show squid games depicts. And I feel the age group of children who play Minecraft, who follow and look up to you; you could be using your influence more responsibly and reflective of your faith and relationship with our Heavenly Father. I’m sorry to say our grandchildren will not be watching your channel in the future. We will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer that His Light will be shining through you🙏🏻

  • 5:5 u cheater preston is a cheater preston is a cheator

  • now do it irl

  • Worst youtuber ever

  • im not surrvive in roblox squid game

  • not fair at all

  • The user names of inforcers was Noob1234 GaterRoo and more

  • 2 step now other side 2 step

  • I'm 6 years old but have a phone

  • Wowfactorinthe🕗thebestway00

  • i am 7 this is amazing

  • Yes I wish I coulde

  • The rare olive univariably injure because celeste worrisomely appreciate from a daily stream. living, elastic theory

  • i love your vids

  • Your evill

  • Preston is the old man cheating lol

  • The magma-cream part remembers me when ali got betrayed

  • If you turn your also out 0:30

  • XPmaster deserves better :(

  • When you told me to subscribe I just looked at the subscribe button red And I wanted it to be gray

  • 😘😘😘😘😘

  • In Christ Jesus Victorious name, may every ingredient in the stab, with perfect alchemy be changed to water... and that manipulated DNA be miraculously converted back to God’s perfect design. May any evil plans of tracking and control via AI short circuit and any 5geee interaction with these ingredients be intercepted by the mighty hand of Jesus. No ill health effects on anyone. Perfect almighty protection and broken evil alterior motives in Christ Jesus Holy Name. All evil spirits associated with anything against humanity be bound and cast into the courts of heaven for the ultimate Judgement and if no repentance be thrown into eternal blazing fire. AMEN❣️🙏🏼

  • When I played this everything was so sketchy 😁☠️

  • Did he just "sangwoo" that guys magma creams? 😭😭😭😭😭😭💀

    • The government is slowly introducing us too futer games that allows death

  • NICE


  • I felt like presten kinda cheat.

  • Love ya videos

  • It's tug-of-war first not the glass one first

  • Preston is mean hes betrayed this is why i dont subcribe

  • 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏚🏚🏚🏚🏚🏚🏚

  • Preston go vs dream

  • Are you sure you didn’t do you know stage this with the mango cream that’s sus my dude

  • I’m officially mad at preston

  • This is a secret in squid game you probably didn’t know about The old man is the owner of squid game he owns the game and the neighbor is the old mans neighbor that he used to live in And the bot things the shapes on they mask actually mean something And the doll is a real doll you can see it at the mall And the old man takes over 4 steps and the doll only lets you take 4 steps at a time

  • i laughed when preston picked up the magama cream

  • What server is this

  • Ur mom

  • Nope

  • The government is slowly introducing us too futer games that allows death

  • Hello marls

  • CNlinksr plot armor is real in this video

  • 娣竹

  • 竹月

  • Preston how do you get the suid game guard skin

  • Noob1234 is one of the guards!?

  • Sorry Preston that not that many people liked the video

  • My youtube is full of squid game its not just taking over netflix and tiktok its also taking over youtube

  • Why

  • I hat squid game

  • In the first to 5 magma cream round XPmaster got 4 and then 3

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • But today I play ok

  • No

  • You made a 100 squid game player

  • One of the enforcers was noob1234 I saw in the chat

  • Gotta admit u were a but mean

  • i am subscribe

  • Haha

  • bro i did the same thing i was so anoyed red light green light was my fav

  • Xp master should have lived preston should not have cheated

  • At 3:59 Preston cheats he has 4 but he gets 4 again when he pressed it. So XPmaster would have won.

  • Squid game.

  • Wait Was that noob1234 who just killed Preston's marble friend at 5:11

  • Hmmm wonder how the guards didn’t see you cheat?

  • MY name is bowen

  • i love wolf

  • In the real one i like honeycomb.

  • First guy dead died by NOOB1234!!!!

  • I like you

  • Bro I felt so bad for xpmaster 😂

  • Preston you a re my best player

  • Yes I can

  • bruh....... preston is the old man dude

  • Cheater

  • You are chitting

  • You stole his magma creams.

  • When you took that guys magma creams off the ground it reminded me of when Sang Woo betrayed Ali also when you said you had an agreement with Owen you were meant to help him out instead you just watched him die

  • jelly 😊 😇😈

  • Preston is the sang woo of the Minecraft squid game

  • I saw an ad where preston plays glass scene j started searching up. Edit: when jt was like the magma scene i feel like Preston is the sangwoo role and XP the Ali role

    • i would hate to go against preston he has something powerful called plot armor its broken

  • The way Preston took that guy's magma cream and gave it to the guards reminded me of sang woo ,like how he acted with ali

  • The cute trapezoid hepatosplenomegaly rinse because donkey energetically imagine along a valuable point. ill-fated, lewd watchmaker

  • Hi Preston I want you to go to Minecraft and settings and type Muhammad I mean bovard are you going to go to my surprise

  • hi I like your videos

  • Bro pulled a Sang-Woo 😳

  • This aint drama and sad anymore like the real squid game this is hilarious🤣

  • I want to do

  • bro why does he yell

  • I really hate you in marble so sad that guy being honest and you scammed him :(

  • I feel bad for XPmaster(

  • That was evil

  • I feel bad for xpmaster286, I didn’t expect Preston would do that to him

  • Yeah this is definitely bad taste on prestons part he should publicly apologize and delete any squid games videos he posts thought he was a Christian and kept this kinda thing off his page

  • 5:12 GET OUTTA MY WAY *kills