I am a Teacher - Official Short Film

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After getting fired from the academy, Madam Soot Beng is forced to find a new job or risk losing everything important to her; even if it means she has to stop doing what she loves, teaching.
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I am a Teacher.
Written and Directed by JianHao Tan
Produced by Titan Studios
Executive Producer: JianHao Tan
Starring: Amander Liew, Vicky Low, Alex Lee, Keith Lee, Valerie Tan, Sherly Devonne Ng, Lewis Loo, Mandy Leong, Louise E. Donaghey
Director of Photography: Nurhakim Suhaimi
Edited by: Nurhakim Suhaimi
Music by: Daniel Veerapen
Post Production Sound Service by Deroma Productions
Original music "Never Falling" performed by AmanderSings

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    • Ello

    • When I was in grade 5 ,Even in our school some teachers are strict but not like madam soot beng, but we love them , even though they scold, why? Some students who do not do their work on time and get scolding ,they dont like that teacher but most of the classmates in my class love that strict teacher. Because we do the work on time. And now , I'm going to 7th grade, I guess time is going fast.where was I and now where am I ! .I'll never forget my school memories. Missing my school a lot even I dont have friends,

    • It's just like a movie 🍿🎥.I literally cried

    • @freeskyler ur not 4th ur second

    • Ooo

  • 21:11 I cried lol 😭😂

  • When madam soot. Being goes from her to me Sherly xidk what number to put here

  • Yesss

  • That is so sad I literally cried

  • I cried, 😭😭😭😭

  • This almost made me cry😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • This touched my heart soooo much!

  • Hi !!!!!!

  • Jianhao tan your the best director i really loved it

  • Inspiration from Jay shetty is it🤣

  • So now we know who Leanne loh is, because someone mentioned her in the presentation video

  • This acting is immaculate!! Amazing work!

  • #teacherpower

  • I like how vicky is playing with the green pepper

  • WW2 began in September, 1 1938 the cause was the Polish corridor

  • I was going to cry when vicky told her friends ki am not embarrassed of my mom...buy I was in a taxi so I had to control ♡♡♡

  • lol I don’t know but I cried

  • Im so sorry for everything

  • Sorry scoot beng for the way the kid treated you

  • Great job

  • Bro this is like the best short films ever it very emotional this is the best

  • This about to be the new Dhar Mann

  • Don’t worry my eyes are just cosplaying a waterfall🥲

  • Respect our teachers They give us so much, so why cant we

  • I literally thought he would hire her and then this comes 8:24

  • That was the loveliest Movie I have ever seen! Keep up the good work! 😊I almost cried at the part with vicky 🥺

  • This made me cry and yes you should make more short films

  • not me crying because im watching this while my parents annoy me then crying to continue cuz its sad :)

  • I need more of this

  • THIS REAL???

  • It was very funny when madam sootbeng screamed while holding a pillow 🤣 😂

  • 20:16 The Starry Co LOL

  • It’s really a great story👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Madam Soot Beng actually acts like my mom and yes she's a teacher too QvQ I can relate Vicky alot except the part where she gets to go out with her friends but yeah they are huggable Teachers -w-

  • I feel bad for madam soot beng

  • Is this fake?

  • i really creid

  • This made me cry.. AND I DONT CRY MUCHI CRY LIKE ONCE IN TWO MONTHS ( except exam times I cry almost everyday)


  • This sad story :(

  • Im criying in 10mins

  • Make a movie Now

  • She changed

  • Who almost started crying

  • Best short films I’ve ever seen

  • Best. Short. Movie. Ever.

  • the time when she was like "just focus on ur studies"

  • Ok, I admit it. I cried when Vicks stood up for her mom. :’(

  • dude she helped a kid in the movie and still bad karma

  • I just realised that people always say about Indian culture is best in family affairs .😢

  • a question, i dont understand this thing with the 'aunty'. Im from australia, so i dont understand why people do this. Coudl someone please explain?

  • This video made me cry..................... Jin hao tan you are the best

  • I cried hardly for this ;_; omg

  • I love jian hao videos its funny and ridwhan is funny he likes pei shi 😁😂😂😂😂

  • This video make me cry

  • I just wanna cry guys:(

  • i never knew that amander was left handed

  • Jian hao this movie is so cool and almost made me cry make sure keep it up

  • Omg this is such a sad story that i just cry😭😭😭

  • Make another named 'I am a student' from Vicky side of the story plz

  • I really want to press the like button about 100 times this was soooo amazing 😍😍

  • The ending should’ve been like oh yeah heres your phone back JianHao 😂🤚

  • Facts: Leonne Loh was mentionned later on in JianHao tan's most recent school video "Types of students during a class presentation" It feels good to knoe these series have a great plot built up

  • Did anyone else noticed that Amander/ Madam Soot Beng has a really pretty face? Because I think that she is the prettiest teacher in TITAN Academy! 😍😍 I really don’t know how Vicky 's father likes another woman rather than her?

  • Hao

  • Wow cool Film i love it😍🥰🥰

  • " i'll get a part time job if i need to " " just focus on ur studies "

  • Quotes: "Nothing is worth of catching up to your dreams." "Dreams are your success to life." I absolutely love this Short Film for its inspirations of life.

  • This is like my teacher :D

  • 16:12

  • And I love the happy ending

  • Why this short film is on my phone 😢😢😢

  • 15:38-15:53 it's the most saddest titan acedamy moment ever😭😭😭😭

  • this is actually heart warming for a short film


  • That is so 😥 😔 sad

  • Me,eati g pizza and crying

  • I am a teacher a fighter a mother 🥲

  • it made me sad wayching this but its ok 👌🥲😮‍💨

  • AUNTY omg i was so embarresed 🥰

  • Best short film ever

  • This was Soo good and emotional 😭

  • I love it jianHao its soo superr i love itttttt make more of these i was crying the hole time i loveeee ittt

  • so nice story brother

  • *Not me crying*

  • After watching this: oh wait she’s already back? Oh ok- Also me: MADAM SOOT BENG PLSSSSSS BRING MEHHHHHHHH PLEEEEEEESSSSSS or just gib me your phone number but PLEEEEEEZ

  • After watching this, it makes me want madam soot beng back now-- I KNOW SHE IS STRICT but like can you feel the moment you really want her back??

  • there's some water gathering in my eyes Edit : I loveeeeee this🥲😍😍😍💖



  • I cried man 😭

  • its not a short film its 33 minutes

  • i am crying right now

  • Spread the word of God ❤

  • Seriously, this is best short film that i ever watched..This made me cried.. Hats off to Team titan and Madame soot beng!!

  • 15:38 hit different omg- 🥺

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  • This is so sad i actually cried😭😭

  • Omg so sad 😭 😢