Understand Native English Speakers with this Advanced Listening Lesson

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Hi guys, it's Keith from English Speaking Success. Today, I am going to show you how to understand native English speakers and how to really improve your listening skills. What's more, I will show you the biggest mistake students make when trying to understand native speakers, and also when doing the IELTS listening test.


Topics covered in this video:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:08 Test your listening skills
00:02:00 The biggest mistake students make
00:02:35 Dropping letters
00:03:53 Linking sounds
00:04:07 Adding sounds
00:06:18 The 5 Essentials for Improving Listening Skills
00:06:30 Word stress
00:08:15 Tip for practicing listening skills
00:09:36 Chunks
00:12:42 The Fluency Gym

00:13:05 Weak forms
00:17:14 Contractions
00:18:44 Connected Speech
00:22:45 Summary - Understanding a Native Speaker


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Remember to practice everyday!
Practice intensive and extensive listening!

Keith O'Hare


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