Tutankhamun's Treasures (Full Episode) | Lost Treasures of Egypt

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New technology reveals why Tutankhamun’s tomb remained hidden in the Valley of the Kings, Tut’s treasures take a once-in-a-lifetime journey and archaeologists open a 4,000-year-old tomb.

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An immersive, action-packed and discovery-led series following International teams of Egyptologists as they unearth the world's richest seam of ancient archaeology - Egypt's Valley of the Kings. For a full season of excavations and with unprecedented access to the teams on the front line of archaeology, we follow these modern-day explorers as they battle searing heat and inhospitable terrain to make the discoveries of a lifetime. Using innovative technology and age-old intuition in their quest to uncover the secrets of these ancient sites, can the team's discoveries re-write ancient history?

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Tutankhamun's Treasures (Full Episode) | Lost Treasures of Egypt

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  • What was the most interesting thing you learned about Tutankhamun’s tomb?

    • @Doctor Midooo plpppppp

    • Bring duct tape when transporting ancient chariot...

    • Maybe the reason why people at the time of Tutankhamun didn't rob the tomb is beacause they respect him enough to keep his tomb sacred and kept for a long time without people discovering it. But as the time passed, people are discovering things to know more about the ancient egyptian life. Eapecially the life of Tutankhamun.

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    • Your channel is interesting 😀😀

  • I still get goosebumps while watching this

  • We Humans can even destroy our own history, well done!

  • Hey must say,Michael Cera nailed the egyptian archaelogist lady role to the coffin.

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  • 3:31 hmmm interesting nice information.. i can't read arabic, wait there are letters i can read by myself...

  • Funny how nothing was found in one of the wonders of the world ( Pyramid of Giza) but many a treasures of one of the famous Pharoah were found in a valley deep in the desert buried under rocks and gravels. Giving a point to the old stories about bandits in these types of valleys especially the one like Ali Baba and the Bongo bandits, what if this was a hideous place of the bandits like a safe house where they kept all of there loots and could've marked the site in their way to come and collect it after sometime but was not able to find it and these treasures were actually looted from the near by pyramids. These archeologists are too star struck with the findings that they are not relating the findings with sites they were found. Kings and Pharoahs didn't worry about the bandits back then and every one wanted the best piece of pyramid for themselves. Just like in the starting of the documentary like they said Egyptians thought about their death from starting. I'm no professional in this kind of stuff but relating the findings with the mindsets of Kings back then and relating them to sites it's a little bit of awkward. If I was the Pharoah I would've definitely ordered to built something like Pyramid of Giza and not just something below a mountain of gravels. It's funny how they are saying that building a pyramid was suddenly stopped and they moved the burial site to a deep end valley. My guess is the building of pyramids were not stopped rather most of them were destroyed and looted and then taken to the valleys to keep them safe by the bandits for themselves. Also if the reason for that much rock on the entrance was a flood may be the bandits and thieves were not able to recollect most of these items after a flooding.

  • Please respect to people's graves! yes, they are ancient figures but still they are all human! respect their beliefs, their graves and memories. put your dirty colonial hands away from the other cultures, societies and their treasures!!

  • This history of ancient Egypt is so fascinating

  • The name of the land was Kemet not Egypt. When the Romans conquered Kemet they changed the name

  • Cute show.

  • In the meantime, in the afterlife universe, Tutankhamun's tomb too listed in robbed category.

  • imagine Anubis just waiting for them inside the pyramid and chambers

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  • That it was all fake and the most largest joke pulled on not only Egypt but the world

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  • They wanted him forgot, and that's what saved his tomb

  • Have you found the Stargate yet? It's either in Tutankhamun’s tomb or Pyramid. Don't give up your hope. 😑😑

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    • I just watched that movie few minutes ago

  • as much as the history always amazes me i find it disrespectful to remove bodies let them be

  • Bunch of camels chilling at 17:00

  • I got to see TUT'S exhibit in New Orleans. I will never forget !

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  • Long ago, when the pyramids were still young, Egyptian kings played a game of great and terrible power. But these Shadow Games erupted into a war which threatened to destroy the entire world, until a brave and powerful Pharaoh locked the magic away, imprisoning it within the mystical Millennium Items. Now, 5000 years later, a boy named Yugi unlocks the secret of the Millennium Puzzle. He is infused with ancient magical energies, for destiny has chosen him to defend the world from the return of the Shadow Games, just as the brave Pharaoh did, 5000 years ago...

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  • So they're transporting Egypt's greatest treasures and when the heat tarp on the chariot falls off no one has duct tape...

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  • These are all grave sites and they have no remorse digging them up

    • And they steal our history and put up the artifacts in their museums

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  • Not real. Fake tomb full of wood that should have perished under floods. Not all art from same era and knife left on the boy king by Carter is his way of saying he was no fool.

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  • Re-Write History, that's all that's happening since world war 2

  • That disappointed face when they discovered Boat pieces inside the box instead of Gold...Lol...

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  • Imagine how annoyed King Tut for know he was to be well known as the boy king. Just imagine

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  • Ancient Egypt gold seemed to be really plentiful.

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  • Wait I have a concern.. how did king Tutankhamun die of malaria? Malaria is a disease prominent in mosquitoes that bite an unlucky victim.. but mosquitoes live in moist environments such as rainforest; swamps to be more direct. Mainly a large source of standing water with a warm climate to hatch their eggs in. The pyramids of Egypt are in a desert terrain.. how could he contact such a horrible disease? Unless there's another way to obtain it that I don't know of.

    • Tell me please this is a joke. lol!! If not you really-really need to do a bit of light reading. Moral of the story: the Nile is the largest river in Africa. Further it each year for several months overflows its banks to create floodplains on both sides of it where coincidentally the ground becomes = marshy. Finally it has at its terminus at the Mediterranean = a massive delta which again is marshy area. So Egypt has oodles of mosquitos the same as lots of other places. lol!! p.s. - no one says Tutankhamen died of malaria. They say = he suffered from it. In his tomb was boxes of coriander seeds which was an ancient treatment for fevers such as malaria causes. He died from traumatic injury as his leg and chest were badly damaged and the most likely cause was a chariot accident and/or battle. He likely died far from Egypt given the way he was haphazardly mummified and the most likely cause would be the then ongoing conflict between Egypt and their enemies the Hittites in modern day Syria.

  • This is amazing

  • This should be called legal robbing of Egypt.

  • Aliaa has to have the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. It almost looks like fire when she moves. Aliaa is a solid 8 just for the hair.

  • I like the information, but National Geographics delivery is like watching a magazine made for people with the attention span of a gerbil.

  • Hey guys I have an idea let's quit digging up people's resting places before you find something we dont need to find

  • Everyday there is an edcitement in Egypt. The great pyramid builders and the treasure burried underneath unfolds the mystery and they continue to fascinate our world. Great documentary. Thank you NG. It is never enough to watch such documentary.

  • Experience the magic of Egypt where it all begins

  • Experience the magic of Egypt where it all begins🌹🙏

  • Never was a burial tomb anyhow, but, it was all created whilst they were allegedly 'searching' for his tomb. That's why there are so many anomalies around this subject. That's why they never let anyone in to take a sample of the paint. Just like everything else, it's all theatre. Also, they didn't build them, they inherited them.

  • Orbezz science egypt stone moving ice stone or growing stone, the floating table

  • The location would make a sick paintball arena tho

  • history as we know it is a big fat stinking lie

  • u need to learn your history better was the annunaki that did the gold mining not the Egyptians dopey enki was Sumerian not Egyption

  • "3,5 thousand years ago, Pharaohs stopped building pyramids as tombs" That was actually funny

    • @Alex Sabré there was no “Europe” 3500 years ago……

    • @Adventure Capitalist 🤣🤣 you get real.. why do I get the feeling that if was built in Europe we wouldn’t be having this conversation

    • @Alex Sabré yeah…..and the ancient Egyptians were able to build pyramids with such precision using only bronze and copper tools….get real….

    • Ah yes it was aliens who built them right? 🤡

  • Pretty disrespectful to dig out a person out of their grave pretty disrespectful

  • Just like any country that really did not have a real gold mind the Kings and the emperors got gold from the source by buying it or trading it! Was probably gold from the ancient region of Ophir or the ancient region of Havilah

  • The most interesting thing about Tut is that he was not the pharoah of the exodus.

  • Little bro Tut was like little Mommy Nature! Human is trying to steal my toys!!

  • feels like we go back to the ancient times

  • Let the dead rest in peace lest they assult you for dusturbing there grave!

  • as of these year sir ..? there are still there ??studying the tomb???how interesting......

  • as of these year sir ..? there still there ??studying the tomb???how interesting......

  • There were no pharaohs in Old Egypt, there were KINGS that is why the Valley is called Valley of Kings no Valley of Pharaohs.. just think about it.. the word Pharaoh= Great House was giving by the 18th dynasty and after but the original Egyptian people were KINGS.

  • Is there any biography movie of tutankhamun? Pls let me know

  • Just an opinion: but maybe King Tut's thomb was buried deeply because he died of an illness that on the past was still very dangerous and transmittable so in order to prevent that from happening, they rushed the burial and made sure he was covered in solid gold so that it will "cover" his body and prevent a "spread". No hate, just an opinion.

  • Bad information from the start 😆😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Lucky the Europeans found them, if their own people had of found them they would probably be all sold on the black market

  • The ancient Egyptians mined for gold in Australia they sailed up Murray river system into outback N.S.W and OLD they were in Australia for about 1000 yrs.. SEE Mysterious Australia is one of those unique sites on the Internet that deals with the forgotten history of our continent including Anthropology, Archaeology Cryptozoology and Hominology, with an all Australasian Content!

  • this would be so amazing to do i would do anything to be able to explore egypt like that

  • While the people are dying from hunger, thirst and wars these fools are busy on fools errands and wasting time money and resources and long ago dead people.

  • Ah yes, what the British Museum couldn't plunder

  • who dose she think she is a pricless artifact

  • How do they not find this disrespectful ? Digging up tombstones and taking their treasure

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  • I love the fact that there are discoveries, but every discovery feels disruptive to the dead, at least I think.

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  • Great idea. Let's move all of those priceless artifacts to Egypt, where terrorists are known to destroy temples and priceless artifacts

  • The most interesting thing for me was thinking. Don't bury yourself with treasure if you want any peace in the afterlife.

  • License thiefs and grave diggers 😒 disrespectful

  • 43:11 i can feeeeel Salvation, now that we could sail, beyond pleasure, beyond pain and sufferings!! 🌎🌏🌍