MV Executive Producer: P NATION
MV Director: 김영조 유승우 @ NAIVE
Lyrics by: DAWN, 현아
Composed by: DAWN, 현아, 유건형, 권필립, SPACE ONE
Arranged by: 유건형, SPACE ONE, 권필립
Mixed by 구종필 (assist. 강선영) @ KLANG STUDIO
Mastered by 권남우 @ 821 Sound Mastering

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  • Esse fandom me parece bom,eles são muito bons

  • Fancy

  • back again to listen to this amazing song 💞

  • Sanaol sainyo❤️

  • I wonder how their baby will be like Rap 100% Vocal100% Visual100% Dance1000000%

  • If this isn’t the ultimate Gemini aesthetic …

  • high-toned couple

  • Eles são O casal!! perfeitooooooooos

  • I dont know why, i feel joker and harley vibe on them 😅

  • i am OBSESSED with this song like what did they put in this song i cant stop playing it

  • Big Flop hahahahah

  • I LOVE THIS MV! So much fun!

  • deserves more views this is a bop

  • Wow~

  • im addicted with this song!!

  • 남자건 여자건 벗겨 놓고 훔쳐보는 연출 싫어하는데 현아랑 이던이랑 둘 다 주변 사람한테 1도 관심 없어 보여서 전혀 신경이 안 쓰여ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 0:18

  • Amazing energy يجنننون 😭😭💙

  • The song is nise but not the dresses

  • This song is so addicting.. Can't stop listening to it


  • 1:24 is so natural LOL

  • you'll keep coming back here because this is damn catchy and addictive in it's sound and lyrical genius

  • I've lost count of how many times I've come back here

  • 현아옷 너무 이쁘다 ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ너무 이뻐ㅓ ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 도전은 못해ㅐ ㅠㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • I love this duo ♡

  • 소속사던 사장이던 가수던 다 맘에듦 이집 너무 잘해

  • Hyuna te amoo😨💗

  • A couple that will never be beaten in history of this industry A couple that makes addictive music A couple that can sing A couple that can rap A couple that can dance A couple that can steal hearts as a couple Drum roll please Ladies and Gentlemen E DAWN and HYUNA

  • What a perfect couple perfect for each other...

  • This song is so addictive

  • Billions worth song, MUSIC AND Dance. I literally they kill it. Support them, viewers! Love from India.

  • Eto ba yung tumalo kay lisa?! 🙄

  • Don Omar -Dale на эту песню похожа очень

  • Totally addicted !!!


  • 엠마는 무대에 백업으로 나오더니 노제는 뮤비에 백업으로 나오네

  • 노제언니 사랑해ㅜㅜ

  • 💖💖💖💖

  • Stuck in my head

  • The lyrics of this song so meaningful

  • omg the kissing part 😍 love it DAWM&hyun!!!

  • I was waiting soo long for a duo song and the wait was worth it omgg, it’s soo catchy and matches both of their styles

  • Goals😍❤

  • Best song in September

  • Amo esta canción

  • hyuna te quiero muchooo

  • Best couple ever

  • 🥰🤗🥰

  • Ame la vida loca 😻💗

  • Soty

  • wowo they kill ur

  • "funk romântico coreano"

  • They remind me of Joker and Harley Quinn 😯🌟

  • ❤️+❤️=❤️

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Wo, amo la canción, no me canso de escucharla, esta pareja es lo más♡

  • Parece um pouco com as músicas antigas da anitta

  • Very2 easy listening..

  • 부에나 칸시온

  • El día en que ellos terminen dejo de creer en el amor 😫🤚

  • ✨ la vida loca ✨

  • HyunA made the best decision to come to PNation

  • pnation best agency

  • Acaso es un tests de "Que tan hetero eres" ?

  • Creo que jamás me cansare de hablar de la compatibilidad que tienen ellos y como son libres de expresar

  • Ellos terminan y dejo de creer en el amor.

  • Umm is it just me or does this song sound a little like Snow’s Informer song

  • Korean Harley Quinn & Joker 😳😍

  • Korean Harley Quinn & Joker 😳😍

  • La vida loca

  • Y como dijo Hyuna la vida loca !! 💃 🤌

  • are they going to upload the dance rehearsal??

  • Que hermoso arte 🥰🥰

  • LA VIDA LOCA, AMEEEEEEEEEEEE, los amo, son una hermosa pareja


  • Dawn looks more like a member of Die Antwoord every day

  • 진짜 음악 독특하고 뮤비 독특하고 헤메코 다 독특한데 이게 이제 현아랑 이던 자체가 된 거 같음 언니장난해개멋있어사랑혀

  • "La vida loca" mi frase favorita ✨😭🤙

  • I can't help but keep my eyes on noze :') she is stunning

  • se ha vuelto mi canción favorita

  • Hyuna with the BLUE HAIR????????????? YESSS MAAAAMMM

  • No importa de que Fandom seas, todos amamos a Hyuna.

    • Hi guys I covered " PING PONG " on my channel: cnlinks.info/pic/e46merWKzsd_otY/sh-p-n Hope you like it

  • Best couple

  • Son como esa pareja cool que se droga y todo el mundo quiere

  • 最初のヒョナちゃんの衣装私が着たらただの変態で草

  • soty. they saved the industry.

  • Afff, fiquei carente


  • This song such a bop

  • Adoro todo lo que sace hyuna, es simplemente arte

  • "La vida loca" :3

  • Aw very cutess 😂😂"la vida loca"😭❤❤

  • Best couple loooooooo super cute made for each other!❤❤❤❤😍😍💗💖💓

  • Ayuda, no puedo superar esta canción 😍😎

  • Aaaa se dieron un besito 💖💕❤❤💛❤🧡

  • “LA VIDA LOCA” ahhhh! I luv it😩💗